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How to Replace Longboard Bearings - a Complete Guide

Do you find difficulty in pushing and curving your longboard? It’s time to change the bearings of your longboard wheels

Most people tend to push their longboards even harder or try to turn sharper when they feel stiffness in their wheels. Instead of damaging your longboard components, you need to figure out the problem precisely to avoid any unexpected crash. 

Feeling anxiety! 

Actually, it is the most obvious symptom of broken bearings. Your longboard bearings may be stuck or getting slower. It’s worth getting your skateboard bearings changed. 

Might be you are again thinking of how to take out bearings? or how to put bearings in longboard wheels?

I am here to ease your hardship and give you a quick review of replacing your longboard bearings and installing a new set of bearings to cruise in your hometown.

Keep reading this informative guide!

Why Should you Change your Longboard Bearings? 

Sometimes it becomes necessary to replace your longboard bearings. Your wheels get to slow down, and you have to push harder to drag your board. 

Some skaters think about different reasons for these issues; the road friction or any other problem like wheel bite are flapping in their minds, but the fact is something else. The situation will worsen when your bearings stick at wild speed, and you may fall on the road harder. 

It is better to remove skateboard bearings with your best skate-bearing tool and enjoy this great outdoor activity without any danger.

How Often Should you Change your Longboard Bearings?

There is no specific time defined in documents, but many pro skaters recommend replacing your longboard bearings within one or two years. Still, a few factors about bearing a skateboard may affect your performance. You have to replace your longboard bearings immediately if any one of the elements may be shown:

1. Poor Quality Bearings: 

Sometimes you brought a complete longboard of a top-quality brand, but the quality of its bearings is mediocre or below average. You have to upgrade your bearing press skate immediately to avoid any hurdle in your skating fun. 

2. Bearings are Getting Slower:

If your bearings start slowing down and you feel more friction on flat surfaces as well, then you might need to replace them again. Never think about how to take bearings out of skateboard wheels? Your favorite T-Tool may help you re-install your new bearings in your longboard wheels. 

3. Bearings are Broken: 

If your bearings are damaged or broken, never ride on your board. It is a rational thing to explain but necessary to mention here because it is going to be seriously dangerous to skate around on wrecked bearings. 

11 Steps in Replacing Longboard Bearings – A Complete Guide 

Now I hope you have decided to replace your longboard bearings. Further, you need to understand the procedure of replacing your bearings. You just follow these 11 instructions, which will guide you through the whole process:

1. Get a Skate Tool and New Bearings 

You just need a T-Tool and a set of top-quality bearings to install. The new bearings must be of better standard and quality than the previous one. 

2. Prepare your Longboard 

Rotate your longboard in such a way that its trucks are facing you. You need a stable surface to perform this operation. 

3. Unloosen the Axle Nut 

The wheels of your longboard are attached with an axle. You can use your skating tool to unplug the nuts of the wheels from this axle. 

4. Take Out the Wheels and Spacer

If you remove all the nuts, you can easily take out the wheels and spacer. Put all your wheels and spacers in a safer space. 

Now you are thinking about removing bearings from roller skate wheels or changing bearings on a longboard?

Let’s move forward!

5. Pry the Bearings 

Slowly, start prying the wheels in a downward direction. You will see your bearings popping out from wheels. You should not be excited here; continue gently prying them. If you deal with this with hard hands, your bearings may be broken, and things will worsen. 

Repeat the same step with all eight bearings and place the older bearings or just though them away and look for a new set of bearings. 

6. Insert the New Bearings 

Now you are dreaming of how to take bearings out of skateboard wheels?

That’s done! Let’s move on.

A new set of bearings are in your hands. Now starting putting your new bearings on your wheels set one by one. You can simply spin or push it with your finger and later tighten them with your skate tool. You can stop doing this on the stopper of your wheels. Repeat the same process with your wheels. 

7. Return the Spacer 

Never forget to include all spacers in a vertical direction inside your wheels. Many skates overlook this step. 

8. Return the Outside Spacer and the Wheel 

I hope you kept your external spacers separately. Now put these outer spacers back on the axle of your board’s trucks. Further, install the wheels properly one by one. 

9. Screw Back the Axle Nut 

Now take your favorite skate tool and screw all the nuts on the axle firmly to fix all things tighter. 

10. Repeat the Process 

Just repeat the same process with all of your longboard wheels. Once you have done, adjust the grip of the wheels with the truck’s axle according to your flavor and choice. 

11. Examine the Wheels 

Not but least, you have to test all four wheels by rotating them. If your wheels don’t spin freely, you have to adjust the nuts again. To tighter or looser wheels never turns well. So, adjust them precisely and according to your preference. 

What's Next

Nothing Next, you are done!

How easy the process is? 

You just need a skate tool to do this operation. It never takes more than 15 to 20 minutes but gives you tremendous confidence now to skate around positively. 

You can also re-use your bearings by cleaning them from their inside surface. But many brands are offering top-quality bearings at very low prices. It is better to buy a new set of bearings and forget about sticking in between your skating fun. 

The Bottom Line

This informative guide provides you with all the detail of replacing your bearings. You can enjoy smooth rides with the top velocity with this crucial component. 

Many skaters don’t understand the importance of this tiny gadget installed in their wheels. The bearings are super crucial in whole skating fun. 

You have the option to maintain your bearings by just cleaning them or just installing a new set of bearings of your favorite brand. The option depends on your skating ability and preference, whatever you like!

But remember one thing; you have to follow the steps mentioned above in the same order to fix your bearings properly. Never try to skate around with open or loosened bearings. 

if you want to learn complete guide check this article longboard bearing replacement guide.

Good luck and enjoy skating without any hurdles!

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