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Welcome to the longboardaz, we are thankful to you for visiting our site, which is a website driven by Tom Jordan to provide you every kind of longboard that you can easily get by just clicking on the mentioned links.

The longboardaz is an online marketplace that is specially designed for skating boards. Here you can easily get access to almost every kind of skating board. Here you can buy the best longboards that come in one colored, multicolored, simple, printed, and with different designs.

If you are a beginner in this sport. Do not worry, you can also get too much knowledge about the exciting sports like roller skating, cycling, skateboarding, landboarding, and shoe skating as well.

My name is Tom Jordan. I started longboarding about 05 years ago. When I started this, I was nothing in this sport, even I had no idea about how to ride it. So, that I started watching YouTube videos and the people of my place where I lived named “San Francisco” to get more knowledge about this sport.

It was my passion so I really focused on it. Later on, when I started paying too much attention to this sport, I found myself as a very highly talented guy because of too much success in this field. So, I decided to start my own website about this sport to guide the people for better training about longboard riding.

Now, we are achieving our goals that are to provide the best information to beginners about skate and longboarding. Running a longboard is not too difficult but first, you must have to know about how to balance it. Then you can get early success in performing the tricks.

We update our website on daily basis to keep you guys in touch with the latest and new developments in the world of longboarding.

Many sports companies are working hard to provide us different types of skating boards. Our staff deeply review all these new models of longboards and then publish their pictures, articles, specifications, pros, and cons, buying guides, and buying links.

Everything You Need to Know About us.

It is the ultimate longboarding affiliate website.

This website features the latest news from the world of roller skating, cycling, skateboarding, landboarding, kiteboarding, bodyboarding, and skimboarding. This website also updates about the new models of every kind of longboards and the contests of long & skateboarding.


To keep in touch with the sports community with the latest news about roller skating, cycling, skateboarding, landboarding, kiteboarding, bodyboarding, and skimboarding by following the truly sporting values of innovation, culture, and mutual respect in sports and competitions.

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The longboardaz is completely owned by Tom Jordan.


The longboardaz was founded in San Francisco, USA by Tom Jordan.


It is our genuine mission to produce and share the world’s exceptional and most valid information about roller skating, cycling, skateboarding, landboarding, kiteboarding, bodyboarding, and skimboarding while advocating and introducing the new talent of the young generation.

We are on the way to sharing accurate content. We understand and consider the values and principles of truth, honesty, fairness, objectivity, and excellence. So, we are giving the exact and accurate information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and throughout the year.

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