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5 Best Longboard Wheels in 2022

Choosing best longboard wheels

When it comes to longboard wheels, it is important to understand that the longboard wheel is a product in a consistent revolution, which means there can be endless wheels with a variety of sizes and shapes due to the development of technology and preference.
Thus, it can be confusing to pick out the best longboard wheels.
No worry, we’re here to help you with that. Today we would like to present to you some good wheels from the biggest names in the longboard market. 

Characteristics of longboard wheels 

To those who still have just a little clue about longboard wheels, there are 6 key characteristics that determine how good the wheels perform:

Size (Diameter):

The size of the wheels will affect acceleration, momentum, and how smooth when riding. The common size of longboard wheels is 65- 80mm.


The outer edges of the contact patch have a great impact on the feel of the riders.

Contact patch:

The rounded surface is directly contacted with the ground. It normally ranges from 29- 70mm for longboard wheels.

Durometer (Hardness):

Determine how hard the polyurethane is. The softer the wheels are, the easier it grips. Generally, the longboard wheel durometer is about 75- 88A.

Core size and shape:

Determine the way the wheels interact with the ground and the ability to control at speed.

Core placement:

There are 3 main categories of core placement:

Center set:

Have the cores placed directly into the center of the wheels and help riders get the majority of grips

Side set:

Has cores aligned with the inner lip of wheels, provides the least grips.


Has the core been placed between Sideset and Centerset? This can accommodate many styles of riding because of its flexibility.

Best Wheels for Cruising 

As cruising wheels are concerned, the 2 most important determinants are wheel diameter and durometer, color is considered unnecessary.


Generally, you would want taller wheels for large boards and smaller wheels for smaller decks. Some examples:


The hardness of wheels basically depends on personal preference. You would want the wheels that make you comfortable when riding.

Softer wheels (75- 80a):

Roll over anything more easily and go faster on rough pavement. It provides you more control in the slide because of the grips and it has the tendency to smear on the road.

Harder wheels (83- 88a):

It’s easier to break into the slide because of less grip, and it has the tendency to glide across the ground.

Best Wheels for Freeriding/sliding 

Freeriding is well-known as the style for flexibility and creativity; it’s all about tricks and slides. Therefore, it is more likely to pay attention to the lip profile, core placement, and diameter.

Lip profile:

If you want a slide wheel or freeride wheel, or want something to break traction when needed to, a rounded lip wheel would do you good. Some good suggestions:

Core placement:

Center set might be the priority when it comes to freeriding because you’re going to have a narrow contact patch with your freeride wheels, so with Centerset, you will have more grip to compensate.
Orangatang Stimulus 70mm Longboard Skate Wheels From my perspective, I’m also a big fan of freeriding and I have my own board too. After trying many types of wheels, I think I’ve finally found the most suitable freeride wheels and I would like to share my choice with all of you.

Orangatang may be the popular name with the majority of free-riders for the most iconic longboard wheel shapes, urethane formulas, and videos. There are still many reasons why I am crazy about these Extraordinary wheels.

Designed to grip when wanted and to slide smoothly when desired
Intended to enhance the current caliber of freeride longboard riding
Having wide contact patches to provide dependable grip
Stimulus wheels are intended for grip, hard carving, and consistent, controlled slides.

Best Wheels for Downhill Riding

Downhill riding is all about speed. So we have to take into consideration some factors impacting riders when they are at high speed.

Lip profile:

A sharp lip would give you a lot of control in a fast ride because it provides more grip by grabbing the road and avoiding break traction.


Downhill wheels are commonly 70- 75mm in diameter. The small wheels will run the risk of wearing out (especially in downhill riding), the big wheels may lead to wheel bite.


80a wheels are the most common because it gives you a nice balance of high grip.

Core placement:

I would recommend offsetting wheels because it has a lot of grips, makes it easier to break in and out of your slides, and provides a friendly hook-up.

In a nutshell, there are many great wheels designed to fit with many styles of longboarding. With a view to finding the best wheels for a longboard, you have to weigh up the pros and cons and choose wisely.

I hope after reading our guidelines and taking into consideration many suggestions, you’ve known which one is best for you and I believe you will enjoy riding more and more. And now read how to choose the best longboard bearings !! 

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