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Top 5 spots to start your longboarding journey in the U.S.A

Top 5 spots to start your longboarding journey in the U.S.A

Following are the Top 5 spots to start your longboarding journey in the U.S.A

Top 5 spots to start your longboarding journey in the U.S.A

1. California southwest beach

When it comes to this California southwest beach, you surely will not forget the Dog town crew’s skateboard with the iconic chic that inspire a lot of skating lovers through the 70s. The most charming thing about this place is the coastal boardwalk. No one can resist the magnificence of the scenery around the boardwalk. The lifelong mark of the culture and history lingers on every scene of Venice is something you do not want to miss for your skateboarding. If you still have time, do not hesitate to try some dishes from Venice Ale House off Rose Ave street. Watch the sunset, sip a beer, eat some food, how can’t you fall in love with it?

2. Pacific Beach

When visitors come to San Diego, certainly no one has ever tried to watch the sunrise and eat specialty fish tacos in the north of the border. This place must not be famous just for its beauty and food but it is also one of the famous skateboarding communities of the U.S. Although the excitement of skateboarding comes from the boardwalks, the coastline is a unique attraction here with 6-7 miles starting from the Palisades Park to North Jelly. Along the way, remember to break your time at Oscar’s Mexican Seafood…. one of the best places to enjoy the sunset and eat excellent fish tacos. Why not?

3. Austin. TX

With the name of the city- Austin, you probably will not be able to imagine the creakiness vibes in here. Right in the heart of the city, some of the parking with new-fangled structures will satisfy your passion for skateboarding. I have enjoyed some bars on Dirty 6th Street with live music and local foods. One of the most notable places is the Easy Tiger. And Dirty 6th Street is where you are dedicated to – the lovers of skateboarding. Fascinating cuisine, rad people, the feelings for a skateboard trip is doubled.

4. Clearwater – Florida

One of the coolest places for your longboard cruise in the U.S – Tampa, Florida. As predicted, Clearwater Boardwalk is the best place for skateboarding here. The beach is sparkling, white sand, fresh air, … make it more natural. It is worth spending some time looking at the beach and drinking crystal beer. The weather here seems hot but how can compared with the flaming people wishing to be immersed here with the skateboard.

5. Westside Highway NewYork City

Along the Huston river, the 8-mile Westside highway seems to be reserve for those who love the bustle and hustle. Skateboarding here is often blocked by too many skaters and their fellows. However, it is really worth your trip because of the legendary vibes. Let start your journey on the longboard, depart from Manhattan and end at North River Lobster Boat. The distant skyline, fresh air, natural view along the Huston river, … all are waiting for you!

Top 5 spots to start your longboarding journey in the U.S.A

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