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Top 10 best cities for your longboard cruise in the world

Top 10 best cities for your longboard cruise in the world

Skating lovers are stimulated by all places in the world from beautiful landscapes to unspoiled places (Kabul or Stockport)

However, they still expect something in the destinations which they want to skate. Just a beautiful scenery, a fascinating architecture, or even a perfect weather will make the place different from others. The search has carried on a lot and in our article, I will summarize top 10 best countries to start your longboarding trip. Keep it on your must-go list and plan it as soon as possible.

List of Top 10 best cities for your longboard cruise in the world:

Following are the list of Top 10 best cities for your longboard cruise in the world ;

1. Cape Town, South Africa

The location near the sea has made this place become the center of the surfers. Of course, when they are passionate about the sport, they will not skip the longboarding. Not only the weather is good (get more sunset than Madrid or Athens) for skateboarding, but there are hills and beach coastline around the town that skaters want to try at least once in their lives. Moreover, this city has launched a new skatepark, for skaters who love challenging.


2. Portland, Oregon, USA

The popularity of skateboarding in here has peaked at the highest point when it owns a separate track, right next to other lanes; is called “stake lanes”. You can slide anywhere you want. It is considered the friendly place for skaters in the world. And in Portland, they are also proud to have a head of the Transportation Bureau as a skateboarder – Tom Miller. At some points, the weather is not suitable for skateboarding as the rains last very long. But this is still a hot destination for skaters.


3. Seoul, South Korea

When it comes to Korea, no one thinks that it would be one of the best places to skateboarding due to the unstable popularity of this sport. Nonetheless, you will have a strange experience for the massive roads as well as the fascinating architecture parks if you visit this place.

Moreover, the government doesn’t issue any anti-longboarding laws, so you will never have to meet police for your passion.

4. Malaga, Spain

Despite its reputation as a country of 18-30s debauchery clubs, it still exists as a cool place for skateboarding. This city is expanding the stretches of the sea (and other areas) which will be a great addition to your journeys. The hills in rural Andalucía are waiting for hill-bombing.

Its temperature is another important reason. Southern Spain has an average sunny day up to 11 hours a day in July and August. Is this place hot enough for your longboarding trip?

5. Malmo, Sweden

All you can look for in Malmo are that the daylight is up 17 hours in the summer and this place also contains many smooth sidewalks in which you can roll your skateboard. It is also considered a Swedish boarding culture center, which held many international contests. Except for the fact that Malmo has 169 rainy days each year and snow in winter; that is the same as Portland.

6. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Albuquerque is well-known for its hot and dry, like the big hit series – Breaking Bad has transmitted. The stimulating hills, as well as the attractive smooth boardwalks, will not let you down when you intend to skate here. Since this isn’t an ideal destination in the U.S for longboarding, a unique skateboarding site will be even more exciting than others.

7. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

This place is so popular for those who love football in general and sports in particular. And here skateboarding is also famous as a familiar game of many local people. They have a unique freestyle longboarding that looks like a dance. Deep blue beaches and long walks attract many visitors, but the attraction for skaters is the cycle pathways and roads around Ipanema Copacabana. The hills would also be a perfect place to bomb.

8. Barcelona, Spain

This place, despite the fact that the controlling the skateboarders’ laws passed in mid-2000 made everything more difficult, is still a must-come place in the list of skateboarding destination in the world. The famous spots and the areas around the seaport with large concrete blocks are the ideal places for a skater. Do not miss this exciting destination with the perfect warm weather for longboarding.

9. Los Angeles, California, USA

This is one of the most desirable longboarding spots on the planet. The popularity of skateboarding in here is immense than in other places. There are many famous hotspots and longboarding boardwalks. With the little rainfall (each year, an average amount is about 380 mm), the climate here is perfect for a longboarding trip.

This country is the birthplace of the story of skateboarding, which makes it even more amazing. And one more last words, the police here is not friendly.

10. San Francisco, California, USA

Last but not least, it would be a mistake to not mention San Francisco on this list. Everyone wants to roll the four wheels on the massive hills of this place once in their life. Then do the bomb like in the movie Bullit or escape FBI agents like Sean Connery in The Rock. There won’t have any better place than this one to make your longboarding trip – which, if you can, count only a few places.

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