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Quest Longboard Reviews in 2023 (Buyer’s Guide)

quest longboard review

If you’re searching for the best durable and high-quality longboards then you must consider the quest longboard as your top option.

These boards are made up of multiple layers of hardwood maple and an outstanding shape deck of bamboo and artisan design with extra details.

The quest longboards are considered leaders in making longboards and skateboards around the California region from malibu to san Diego.

Quest longboard includes authentic components such as genuine ABEC 7 speed bearings plus the 7 layers of hardwood and super-flex bamboo deck.  7-inch aluminum high-quality trucks for better performance and turning.

These longboards are the best of the traditional brands, as they are working with one of the best and real pioneers in the business working with the newest technologies.

Here we will review the top product of the quest longboard;

The Super Cruiser Aqua Bamboo Longboard - new technology

The super cruiser 36 remix aqua blue bamboo longboards are one of the most popular products of quest longboards.

With its ultimate high quality built and durable bamboo and hardwood maple construction, this board has all the qualities that are required in a perfect longboard.

These super cruiser longboards are designed with the best quality rugged 6-inch lightweight yet durable and strong aluminum trucks for a firm and smooth grip and easy-to-maintain balance.

With the 62mm urethane wheels to make turns and curves easily these longboards are a perfect fit for beginners as well as professionals.

The open-wheel design is there to make sure there are no wheel bites for optimal safety and sturdy speed. These super cruiser longboards are perfect for pro skaters to enjoy and make the most of them.

  • Brand: Quest super cruiser longboard

    Deck width: 9.6 inches

    Deck length: 36 inches long

    Color: Aqua blue bamboo

    Wheel size: 62 millimeters

    Item weight:6.01 pounds

    Age range: Unisex

Key Features

High Quality Built: The super cruiser 36’’ longboards are made with top-notch quality material, making them sturdy durable, and easy to maintain balance on longboards.

Multi-Ply Hardwood Maple Deck are Used in Quest Longboard: Along with the high-quality construction, these boards are made with 7 layers of hardwood maple to make them strong and comfortable for skaters to ride.

36’’ Wide Deck: The 36 inches wider deck allows the riders to comfortably maintain balance on these longboards without a hassle. The length and width of these boards allow you to safely and carefully maneuver many different

6 Inch Lightweight Durable Strong Aluminum Trucks: The trucks of these boards are very lightweight yet solid for easy turning and gripping.
These strong aluminum boards provide an extra firm and smooth grip to maintain balance on the board perfectly.

4mm Risers is a Plus in Quest Longboard: The quest super cruiser aqua blue bamboo longboard will make you feel at ease
During wheel bites, it comes with 4mm risers to prevent wheel bites.

Smooth-Rolling: The quest longboards aqua blue bamboo rolls absolutely smoothly without putting much effort and strain on your muscles.

Perfect For Cruising: Quest Longboards are perfectly designed and made for cruising but you may also enjoy doing some of the tricks and flips on these boards.

Concave Style Built: One of the main features of these longboards is that it has a slight concave style deck allowing you to maintain your balance and stance easily.

62mm Urethane Wheels: Quest Longboard also features 62mm urethane wheels to perfectly maneuver flips and turns while riding on these boards.

ABEC 7 bearings: What I love about the Quest Longboard is the 7 ABEC to provide proper performance and balance at higher speeds.


Things to Consider Before Buying Guides

Before you consider buying the quest longboards, below are some of the essential points to keep in mind.

Your Riding Style

If you’re new to longboarding and want to get the best of the longboards to begin and practice your way through longboarding, it would be useful to choose a board that is suitable for cruising and carving to have a better grip on the board.

For a faster cruise, you must go for downhill longboards whereas if you’re a skilled skater you must consider going for free hill or freestyle longboards.

The Shape Of Your Longboard

Consider choosing from directional or symmetrical-shaped longboards. The directional is for forwarding movement while the symmetrical is best suitable for riders who are more into the free-riding or freestyling.

Length and Width Of The Longboard

It is one of the most important points to consider when going to buy or begin with these longboards, as with choosing the accurate and most suitable length and width that you are comfortable with according to your preference because the suitable base will allow you to maintain and hold on to the board perfectly.

Material of the longboards

The material of the longboards is must keep in mind as some of the boards are maple, bamboo, and carbon materials while some also use sheets of birch.

Quality hardware and wheels

If you closely look and observe the longboards, the quality of hardware, and the wheel’s material whether it is urethane or polyurethane as these are durable and provide extra comfort while riding play quite an important role in maintaining the overall balance of the board.

It’s almost difficult for a common person to find the best quality wheels but it’s of utmost importance.

Never ever compromise on the quality of the wheels. Otherwise, your life may be at risk.

Are these longboards worth buying

The quest super cruiser and other longboards are a few of the boards that have managed to gain popularity because of their high quality and crucial features as it is also reviewed by many top riders and none have failed to be impressed by these amazing longboards.

These boards are definitely worth buying. it has high-quality built and stable features.

The quest longboard safety feature is also useful in the prevention of wheel bites. So these points make these longboards worth buying.

Final Remarks about Quest Longboard

The quest longboards are suitable for both beginners and skilled riders to provide them with the experience of riding.

Overall these longboards are considered to be perfect and suitable for both cruising and free riding and once you get your hands on, one of these longboards you won’t regret your decision of buying these amazing and durable longboards.

We hope that with the details provided above you will be able to choose from these quest boards without thinking.

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