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How to Frontside Ollie - Step by Step Guide

How To Frontside Ollie (longboard)

For beginners, the frontside Ollie trick is the next move to practice after Ollie. This is the second step to go on the way to mastering the difficult tricks of a skateboarder. It’s basic, but not easy for beginners, so that, remember to be perfect your Ollie move first, then try it. This would be easier for you when performing the frontside Ollie’s trick.

It is needed to distinguish between front side Ollie and backside Ollie. Frontside Ollie is a little bit easier than backside Ollie when you try to turn your board and yourself also to front. So, master this move, then you can try the next backside Ollie. Be careful to avoid falling down. Good luck guy.

How to Frontside Ollie - Best Guide

Following are the method through which you will learn how to frontside ollie on longboard easily 

01 – Start with Ollie’s position of your feet. Ride slow as a normal speed to be ready for the move. Remember to choose a clear and smooth surface to try first unless you wanna crashing.

02 – Perform just as you are doing Ollie, but when popping, your body has to be turned 180 degrees in a frontside direction. Remember that important point.

03 – When you are ready to pop up to the air, prepare your shoulders and your arms. They will help you to turn yourself frontside.

04 – Pop the board and lift up your body, your board up to the air. When the board begins to get off the ground, use your shoulders to turn your body to the front. Remember that turn your body first, then your legs to guide your board.

05 – Use your legs to turn your board also. At the top of the height, your board reach, your face, and your body should be turning 90 degrees to the front direction.

06 – There is only about one second traveling in the air, remember to keep your weight center and turn more than 90 degrees before landing.

07 – It would be easy after you have turned a half. The last 90 degrees can be easily turned by following your inertia. Prepare to land. Keep your body in balance.

08 – Try to land on all your four wheels. Bend your knee to keep your weight in central.

09 – Reduce the landing impact power by crouching your body.

10 – Stand up then ride away.

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