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How to Do a Frontside 50/50 Like a pro?

How To Frontside 50-50

Hey, if you already mastered Ollie and are ready to learn another trick, try FS 50-50. FS 50-50 or 50-50 grind is one of the most basic tricks for skateboard riders. It is when both trucks are on the rail. FS 50-50 can be easily done on the backside or frontside, can be performed on a large surface by beginners or on a long rail by an expert rider. Advise when starting to learn FS 50-50 is choosing a ledge that is not too high. And remember to make sure that you are perfect on Ollie’s move.

Now, take your skateboard and start!

How To Frontside 50-50 - Best Overview

01 โ€“ Ride your board at a normal fast speed to reach the obstacle. Do not go too slowly because the trucks could be stopped when landing. The position of your feet is the same to be in regular Ollie move.

02 โ€“ Try to ride the board parallel to the obstacle when approaching. Imagine that you are poping an Ollie and then landing on the grinding edge with both your trucks at the same time.

03 โ€“ Now start the Ollie move, focusing on the obstacle to a level above it in the air.

04 โ€“ Ride your board when ollieing with your front foot. Be ready for the impact between trucks and the surface.

05 โ€“ Try to land the board by both trucks. It means the trucks should contact the edge simultaneously. Bending your knees to reduce the impact force when keeping your body central.

06 โ€“ Keeping balance and locking into 5050 by your wheel edges. The momentum will take you through the 5050 grinds.

07 โ€“ Enjoy the moving, remember to keep your weight in balance.

08 โ€“ When reaching the end of the obstacle, be ready to perform exiting.

09 โ€“ Using the Ollie technique for the dismount. Keep the front of the board up to the air when exiting the surface.

10 โ€“ Leveling on the air and approaching the land.

11 โ€“ Try to contact the ground by both trucks at the same time. Bend your knees to absorb the impact force of landing.

12 โ€“ Keep balance and go away.