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How to Footbrake on a Longboard - A Survival Guide

How to Footbrake on a Longboard

When riding your board on the road, it is very important to know how to footbrake on a longboard in case you need to slow down your speed immediately. Sometimes you will need this skill to avoid falling, crashing, or burning as some things pass across your way suddenly.

How To Footbrake On a Longboard - Best Guide

Following are the steps  through which you can stop footbrake on longboard easily;

01 – This skill is suitable for not only longboarding but also other skateboards. Mastering it and you can be safer on your streets.

02 – Change your feet position as your front foot facing forward. Your above body should also be turned to face the nose of your desk also.

03 – Keep your back led straight when changing your weight to your front foot slowly. Move your back led out of the desk and lower it to the land lightly.

04 – Remember to keep your body balanced with your front foot.

05 – Apply a little bit of pressure by your back foot to the ground at first. Use the bottom of your shoe, do not use this skill when your foot is nude. Then apply more pressure slowly until the speed is slow down enough as you want.

06 – Remember that no one can be successful as the first time. So that you need to practice many times. Try to footbrake at a slow speed first, then increase your speed.

07 – There is a mistake that skateboarders could meet when performing this skill, that is: using too much pressure on your back foot at the beginning. This could make you fall down as your weight is not still in central. Remember to keep your body balanced on your front foot, and use a little of your weight to press down your back foot to the ground.

Once again, try as comfortable speed first, then increase it. And it is very important to practice this skill much time until you master it.

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