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Yocaher Drop Down Complete Longboard - 2023 Reviews


If you want to make the best of longboarding, even though you’re a beginner or a pro, the Yocaher professional speed drop-down complete longboards review are the ultimate longboard to have with you.

The yocher professional speed drop-down complete longboard is manufactured by ‘Yocaher.’ This company has experience of many years manufacturing superior quality products and maintaining a proper standard and value. The yocaher speed drop-down is a strong and durable product, and due to its quality and building material, it is also firm enough to hold much higher weights and heavy people quite comfortably. Its unique and stylish drop-down style allows you to experiment with different riding styles depending upon your preferences.

Whether you are a fan of cruising, downhill, or even if you are into freeriding, you will surely want to get on this amazing product and enjoy the art of longboarding.

The drop-down deck allows the rider to perform and execute tricks slides, and leans perfectly. Not only does this board contain all the qualities of a perfect board, but it also contains some highly impressive graphics and designs to stand out in a crowd while you ride on this product.


Manufacturer: Yocaher

Material: Maple

Item weight: 3.86kg

Wheel size: 52mm wheels

Deck length: 41inch x 9inch

Key Features

Durable And Stable Longboard

The yocaher longboards are safe and extra stable longboards. It is made with 9 thick and dense plies of maple wood, making it durable and strong enough to withstand higher weights as well as allowing the riders to maneuver their cruising skills on this longboard safely.

Long-Lasting Grip Tape

These longboards come with strong and long-lasting grip tape, allowing the riders to maintain balance and grip onto the longboard while riding, and performing tricks also minimizes the slips and falls to make it both safe and secure for riders.

Affordable price

These longboards are exceptionally and comparatively low in prices if we look at the other options available in the market, and this feature makes it stand out if we compare it with the different options.

Pre Assembled

One of the key features of these longboards is that you do not have to worry about reading or going through the manual instructions as it takes much time, so, therefore, this product comes pre-assembled, and it saves time also saves extra expenses related to the tools required to assemble the longboards.

Appealing And Attractive Design

The yocaher speed longboards come in unique, compelling designs that are very eye-catching and contain some real abstract art-making these longboards stand out from other longboards.

Great Speed Turning And Maneuverability

The yocaher longboards are best known also for their speed and maneuverability. With its 41 inches long deck and 9-inch wide board, it becomes an ideal board for the lover of longboarding to hop and get on with the longboarding.

Remarkable Wheel Design

The design of the yocaher longboards is remarkable as the composition of the wheels is fully chromed ABEC 7 bearings with HD 7 trucks a wheelbase of 33inch and 188millimeter of the hanger. The dimension includes 70mm by 52mm and 78A firmness level making these boards ideal for riding.


Best Suitable For?

As with the information provided in this article related to the yocaher speed drop-down longboards, you may also know that these longboards are best suitable for the professional and intermediate level riders, because of its design and specification a newbie to the longboarding may find it a bit difficult to get comfortable with these pro longboards. However, similarly, if we talk about the professionals, then the yocaher professional longboards are the best choice to have it with them as the way a professional deals with longboarding varies a bit than the newcomers in this field of longboarding.

Maintenance Of Bearings

The bearing of these longboards must be kept with safety and care in order for these longboards to work for a longer period of time.

So here are some precautionary measures to keep bearings in perfect condition.

1. The first and most thing here is to dismantle the bearing with proper care so that they must not break.

2. Then you must check the bearing separately to check and examine its various parts

3. After dismantling and examining, now you must use either alcohol or a cleaner to soak the bearing into the container filled with mineral spirits or isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes

4. After a few minutes, when you feel that the dirt and grains have come off the bearings, you must now take the bearing out of the container. Make sure you wear gloves to pick the bearings in order to avoid any skin damage.

5. Once the bearing is out of the container, the next step is to get a microfiber cloth to dry the bearing completely before attaching and placing them again with the board and then relubricate using a skate specific lubricant which is easily available in the market; using this will prevent it from early dryness.

6. The final step here is to put the bearing shields back on, which is relatively easier than taking them off. For this, you should just gently press it from the center until they snap back on and you’re done with it.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Is There Any Grip On The Longboards?

Yes,  The yocaher Drop Down Complete Longboard Review come pre-assembled, also with an 80A grip tape which is of high quality and long-lasting grip tape, so it does not peel off even after a longer period of usage.

Q2: Can This Longboard Hold Heavily Weighted People?

Yes, these longboards are made with 9 plies of maple wood, making them quite firm to withstand even heavily weighted people, approximately 240lbs or more.

Q3: Who Can Use This Longboard?

These longboards are specially designed and manufactured for the usage of professional riders and even intermediate riders, but the newbies might not make the most of it from these longboards.

Q4: what is the speed of the longboard?   

The speed of the longboards varies. Typically the cruiser speed is around 6-8mph, whereas if we talk about downhill boards, it usually goes up to 55-65mph.


We have explained and covered almost each and every point and detail required for you to have before you get into the buying of the yocaher professional speed drop-down longboards. We hope that with the help of the given information and guidance in this article, it would be quite easier for you to choose from a variety of longboards that are available in the market and if you are searching for the best professional longboard the yocaher professional longboard is sure to be considered.

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