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How to Choose the Right Size of Longboard?

Which Size of Longboard Should You Get?

Longboarding is a sport developed from the surfing board idea and is now a very popular activity among the young. And I’m sure many people will buy it, teenagers buy it, small kids buy it for playing, adults and elder people buy it for their children. Many people require it, of course so continue reading this detailed review Which Size of Longboard Should You Get.

But do they know what qualities they need to consider to choose the proper product for themselves? That’s why I bring you this review of Which Size of Longboard Should You Get?  to help you purchase the best longboard that won’t let you down. In this longboard guide, I’ll show you to earn the right sizes. 

Longboard deck sizes

As you can see, there are 3 types of longboard deck sizes: Long, midsize and short. To the combination, there are 2 width sizes that come along. To choose what size is for you, it’s up to your interest. You should choose the width which serves the purpose and the size of yourself. If you buy a board for ramps skating or vert ramps skating, you should choose a wide board. A more narrow board is usually chosen by street riders. 

Assemble a longboard yourself? 

Don’t think that this writing is only for those who mean to assemble a longboard themselves. Anyone who uses a longboard should know about the process and structure of the longboard. In case you need to remake your longboard by changing some details on your board. So catch up on this Which Size of Longboard Should You Get! 

What should be the perfect deck size? 

Longboard deck choice much depends on your purpose of riding: 

If you are an actor in longboard skating and you do tricks like skating on ramps and vert ramps, the board you need is a wide and long one. An 8.5”+ wide and 50” longboard is a wonderful choice. They are stable enough to sustain the hard movement. Or else you can have an 8.5” wide and 42” long deck size if you wanna move more flexibly. 

For other normal purposes like cruising, freestyle riding, or transportation, people usually choose the small width size and the 34” or 42” long deck. For the small advantage, these decks can go far and fast. They can also sneak into a small corner of the street for the compact design, very comfortable. Just see more choosing your best longboard decks. 

Truck size rules? 

You know, the truck is a T-shaped object which lies under the deck to the wheels. So for sure, the truck size must suit the deck to provide the best quality of your riding. 

The width of your chosen truck should be nearly like the width of your deck so the trucks can embrace the whole deck which helps you balance well on it without falling out or ruining the whole longboard. 

There are many sizes of trucks to choose from: 

longboard truck sizes there are full sizes to go with the deck sizes, from 8.5” to above of the deck. Two types with types of deck width can be sorted as bellow: 

 4.75” to 6” :

1. These types suit the 8.5” wide deck.

7” to 7.7” :

1. These types suit the 8.5”+ wide deck.

 The triangle part of the truck is called a hanger. It holds the biggest task in truck usage. It is the part in the middle and it upholds the whole deck, so it should be the proper strong one. For the big deck like 50” length and 8.5”+ width, you should take a big truck, for example, the TRI165 and the TRI166. 

longboard-trucks-sizes-1These are some references to how you can find a proper truck for different purposes and read more about choosing the best longboard trucks. 

How the wheel size should be? 

Of course, the most important part of the longboard is here and we have to choose this material carefully. Without wheels, the board will just be a surfboard and useless on land. So, the wheels must also be suited to the sizes defined. There are 4 types of wheels for each decking size:  

ongboard wheels sites moreover, choosing the right size of wheels really affects the pace of your ride. The bigger the wheels, the faster you can move on your longboard. The big wheels, however, are fast but have very slow acceleration. And it comes contradictory to the small wheels. 


Newbies to this sport should make use of only the 65mm to 75mm wheels. This pace is suitable for them because it’s not very fast and can easily be controlled if something happened.  


People who have ridden this for a time can upgrade their level to a bigger size, 75mm to 85mm. In this reach, they can go at medium speed and medium acceleration. This stage is the preparation for the next turn of their experience. 


This might be the last stage of longboard riding. People of this stage can join little risky sports of longboard like ramps skating or do tricks. Therefore they need very strong wheels to help them complete their doings safe and sound. So the proper size is 85mm to 100mm. 

All the ways of sayings above are theoretical and referential. Of course, everyone can get any type of wheels they want. But they should consider the standards and choose the right one will help proceed with their skills. 

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What is up with the bearings? 

Do the bearings important? The answer is yes! They are the connectors between wheels and trucks. All the bearings are of the same size, but the thing is their quality. The more expensive bearings, the better they will be. Therefore, if you want an enduring longboard and your ride ươn’t be interrupted by rust, you should equip yourself with good bearings. Here are some types of good bearings suggested for you: 

Bearing longboard sizesAbec 1:

This is although pretty imprecise but the cheapest and long-lasting. 

Abec 3:

This product is also quite cheap and nice but not very smooth and fast. You should not buy this if you are a beginner, it will bring you down very soon. 

Abec 5:

Abec 5 gives you every fine quality. Good speed, the wonderful cost is what said bout this product. 

Abec 7:

Abec 7 is even better than Abec 5. It will give you a very smooth and fast ride. However, it’s said to be very expensive. 

Abec 9:

These bearings are only for competition longboarders because they will give you a thrill with speed. Unless you need something extremely fast, do not choose Abec 9. 

Do you want to choose good bearings for the longboard? See more now !!! 

So, have you got what is useful for you? You should choose the size of all the small details in a longboard and combine the factors together to create a perfect board for your interest. You must get the proper deck size to your own body size and purposes by reading this Which Size of Longboard Should You Get. Then the trucks, bearings, and wheels of big or small sizes must stick to the deck you chose in order to make your board work perfectly. Have fun with creating your own longboard! 

Some Warnings When Doing the Hardflip 

Everything you do comes along with a few risks that you should be aware of. To avoid those risks, you should remember clearly the short to-do-list of this hardflip: 

1. Remember to keep your foot at a proper height.

2. Pop your board with a medium strength in order not to ruin your board.

3. Notice the time, too. It is a crucial part that decides your success. If your timing is incorrect, you might be finished totally out of control. 

To sum up, I can say that all the tricks and tips you need to know are up above for choosing Which Size of Longboard Should You Get. Do you feel much more confident and feel that this Hardflip can be much easier? Remember, with patience, determination, and some tips, you will surely master this Hardflip as much as you want. Leave the idea of someone who can magically be proficient in a short time because this trick is very hard. Even the best can not master it quickly. But if you are persistent, you can be a master at it. Have fun!