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Things Girls Should Avoid in Longboarding

What Should Girls Stop Playing Longboard

When it comes to the term “longboard”, you imagine a boy is performing. But, how do you feel about the player is a girl? In my opinion, it sounds great to see a girl on her longboard.

Girls, you totally can show your hobby, passion or other simple things that you feel comfortable. In other words, those small things do not make a bad influence on others and you!

With the longboard, you should consider some points to do better on your path as you are a girl. Here are a few things you should bear in mind.

What Should Girls Stop Playing Longboard

Identify some certain reactions when people see you on the longboard.

If you own a longboard, you will receive some reactions from others such as rare, wonderful, and…even weird. It means that lots of people can behave different sides when they see something is not frequent.

Do not worry about that because this is a normal psychology platform in human beings. Everything you need to do is that preparing for these reactions and you still focus on things you think you should do.

However, you should find out some reactions in order to deal with them.


Have you ever felt that you have a strong power in your mind when someone encourages to your action? Yes, I am talking about positive reaction…!

No matter they are your friends, your family, your relatives, your acquaintances or anyone; you will have a great movement from their voice with favorable words.

This is also a worthy encouragement for the time you feel bad in your heart about girl longboard. Always keep them and let them become a valuable source!

Revulsion and distrust

This is a worse reaction for most people; especially when it comes to a girl! What should you do when you have some negative response? And this is the reason girls stop playing longboard.

What Should Girls Stop Playing Longboard - Overview

Firstly, you need to let them know that they have to respect you even if you are a little bit different than them. Secondly, you should encourage yourself and stay focused on your longboard.

Practice makes perfect…When you are good at longboard, your ability prove everything! Eventually, you should have a solid spirit of your mind.

Things that you should stop doing in the longboard

Wear short shorts

Although shorts make you feel comfortable to perform, you should not wear these pants; especially when you have quick freeriding or down hilling. Your knees will get dangerous because of your motions on the road.

On the one hand, this will attract some bad guys who want to…hunt you or give you a lot of poor words. And you cannot focus on your job, is it right?!

On the other hand, you should think of the UV rays can destroy your skin cells from the sun when you have simple pants even if you have already put sunscreen

Additionally, you need to wear some protective gears to avoid potential accidents on the road.

Believe that you can compete with other boys in the longboard

How could a girl receive the similar prize like boys when these boys always challenge over 100 racers to the path while girls have a few roads on their hands? In other words, you do not have several opportunities to practice and take the awards!

Most sponsorship often gives the prizes for boys or men only! I do not want to feel a bad feeling, but you should go ahead with the fact. When longboarding, please keep in mind that you could not dare boys in the journey. You do not take advantage in most situations.

I am not mentioning that girls should not be paid justly, but sometimes we probably suffer these points. In all fields like media, sponsorship, budget, girls could not receive a similar amount of money like boys.

Therefore, instead of blaming and getting a headache about them, you should stay focused on your longboard skills and enjoy each moment. By doing this, you feel convenient and free to continue with your hobbies.


Avoid performing with boys

There is no denying that some events and sessions should also have females to take part in like longboard in the outdoor activities. However, girls should not board with boys because this is not gender equality.

Guys can push you in the way that you cannot meet and this is a big issue to make a possible pressure on your mind. The community also often behaves like this which is a negative side effect.


Cannot recognize your ability

It is good news when you have a sponsor for your passion or hobby, but it is a worse point when you think it likes a luck thing only.

In other words, you do not believe that you have the capability to catch new levels and win the prize (once you practice lots of hours). Thus, you should give these stupid thoughts out of your mind and add positive ways to inspire yourself.

Stop thinking you are not good at longboarding, getting your selfies, including your free product, and go with your skills. Leave your attention on longboarding, not the outside polish surrounding your region or your community.

In addition, for ladies who are sponsored for attending the activity or the sport, developing their local communities or using media to your next level, continue to become an incredible ambassador of what it means to be a great woman player in the longboard race.

Always keep in mind that practice your skill is much more crucial than minding other minor things when it comes to playing the longboard. Stay ahead of it!

Closing thoughts

In a nutshell, you completely unable to play the longboard as a frequent action no matter the gender of you is a female. However, be sure to take into account some factors as I stated earlier. I am pretty sure that when you are clearly the main points; it is not big problems to be a girl of playing the longboard. Enjoy your playing time!

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