12 Types of Longboards - Explained in Detail

Types of Longboard feature

Are you new to the skating arena and confused about the different shapes, sizes, and types of longboard?

Longboarding is a great sporting activity; everybody wants to take this outdoor pleasure in their style. But when choosing a dream board, most people get confused and don’t know which kind of longboard suits their desires.

A perfect longboard should be directly associated with your skating skills and riding activities so that you never feel discomfort on your board.

This guide will provide you with detailed information on all these categories so that you can wisely choose the right longboard according to your needs:

A Quick Summary of Longboard Types

Longboards are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. The difference in these kinds is not so huge; you just need to understand a few basic terms for perfect shopping for this gear.

You must choose the right longboard type according to your riding skills and styles. Your riding activities are highly dependent on these forms. All the features of these longboard types are directly associated with your longboarding abilities.

The longboard deck, wheels, and connected trucks are the three key parts of a longboard. You have to choose your favorite option very wisely to fulfill your skating desire.

Types of Longboards – 12 Major Different Forms

If you are an experienced longboarder, you will understand any board under your feet at first glance. The pro skaters are looking for different types of skateboards, and the brands are also introducing a variety of boards in various sizes, shapes, and styles.

Sometimes, it will become difficult to figure out the exact version of the board according to your ability. Here you will get detailed information on all these categories of longboard to enhance your knowledge about this great sporting gear:

1. Downhill Longboards

Starting with the extremely popular longboard type, specifically designed for downhill riding. It can hit around 65 mph speed, and if you are using perfect riding techniques, you can easily reach up to 80 to 90 mph in no time.

Downhill Longboards

You must wear all the safety gear, especially the knee pads and helmet while riding on downhill boards. This longboard has braking potential, making it an ideal option for downhill racing.

It has better stability and turning features than many other skating types so that you can control your board on sharp turns and busy streets.


2. Cruisers Longboards

If you want to ride higher from the ground, you must choose the longboard cruiser. It will give you the luxury of curving sharply and can do deeper turns without wheel bite. Mostly the wheels of these cruiser boards are super soft, as you can notice in the Volador longboard.

Cruisers Longboards

The cruiser boards are mostly used for routine transportations and are suited well on sidewalks. Most of the cruiser decks are made with the finest material, allowing you to use them roughly on any terrain.


3. Drop Through Longboards

This form of the longboard is identical to a traditional skateboard. This category’s major difference is its cut-out deck shape, which gives you a free-riding treat on any track.

Drop Through Longboards

If you are a pro skater, you can consider dropping through longboard to satisfy your skating fantasies. You can cruise at an intense speed and control this board well on any obstacle. This deck always moves lower to the ground, which helps you move quickly because of a lower center of gravity.


4. Freeride Longboards

The freeride longboards give you a taste of cruising and craving in one flavor. You can give on faster acceleration with higher control on curves. You can easily slide on sharp turns without breaking the speed of your skating board.

Freeride Longboards

This board allows you to sit closer to the ground, and the smaller wheels will never lose your grip on the track. The shape of its board is concave and camber which helps you slide on the downhill terrains.


5. Carving Longboards

If you love surfboarding, you can also take pleasure from carving boards. This is another type of longboard cruiser which allow the skaters to pump their boards by leaning onto their toe side and in backward directions with the help of their heels.

Carving Longboards

It is highly recommended to start cruising on these boards only if you are a master of skating skills. This board will allow you to perform any type of stunt and turn sharply on tight turns without difficulty.


6. Drop Down Longboards

You will be surprised to see plenty of wholes on this longboard’s nose and tail parts. They allow you to fit your truck at any point or which suits your skating skills.

Drop Down Longboards

If you need stable rides, you can adjust the baseplates and trucks a bit wider to the board, but if you are a tricky rider, you should fix them closer to each other. These features allow you to learn this art quickly on this single board instead of trying your luck on different types of skateboards.


7. Freestyle Longboards

No need to get confused about freeriding and freestyle longboards as I clear it straight away. These types of longboards are a bit different from the freeride category.

Freestyle Longboards

Freestyle longboarding is a customized form of skating which can’t be learned from anyone. You have the luxury to move your board in any style and do the fancy tricks your way. These boards use tiny wheels which can be tested at insane speed without wheel bite.


8. Double Drop Longboards

If you have hills in your area, you can choose a double drop shape for your longboard. It is an innovative design recommended for advanced riders to move on any terrain.

Double Drop Longboards

This shape of these boards will provide less gravity from its center because of the lower ground nature, and the smaller wheels give a perfect combination to cruise on downhills.


9. Dancer Longboards

The dancer longboards are featuring with both downhill and freeride boards. You can easily maneuver this cruiser longboard in your style and do all the fancy tricks in any mode.

Dancer Longboards

You can spin this board in busy streets and cross-stepping anywhere. All the aggressive riders love to perform their stunts on this type of skating board.


10. Pintail Longboards

Pintail longboards are designed specifically for more stability and to reduce wheel-bite problems. With these boards, you can turn sharply on tight corners because of the sharper taper.

Most drifters can bend these boards to any radius, and the shape allows you to move freely on straight tracks or hilltops. You will get the pleasure of surfing or ice skating on pintail boards and get the skating moments that you will never forget.


11. Electric Longboards

The electric longboards will save your energy, as no pushing, kicking, or motive power is involved in this type of board. You just have the remote in your hands, giving you all the control under your fingertips.

Electric Longboards

If you like longboard tricks, then this board is not for you. It only gives you a comfortable riding experience on single-direction terrains.


12. Fishtail Longboards

Well, you can easily recognize this longboard because its board is crafted in a fish shape. These boards are similar to pintail longboards in nature; the difference is just the shape.

Fishtail Longboards

You can turn even faster than pintails with better control. The steeper radial concave design helps the pro skaters to perform fancy tricks. You can also do classic surf-style skating on this board without any hurdles.


Three Main Components of a Longboard

A longboard mostly relies on three key parts. There are plenty of other gears as well which help you cruise on any track, but these components play a major role in the functionality of the whole longboard. You have to consider these three components of a longboard very wisely while shopping for this gear:

1. Longboard Deck

The core part of any longboard is its deck. The dimensions of a deck are almost identical in most cases; the major difference in deck types is its construction. If you are talking about its measurements, most longboard decks are available in average lengths of 25-50 inches and 10 inches.

The deck is made of various materials showing off its robustness. Of course, the fiberglass or carbon decks are more durable than classic maple types. They are lighter in weight and are more flexible in nature.

You must choose the deck type and shape according to your preference and needs. If you are a tricky longboarder, you need a flexible deck to perform your fantasy stunts, but if you need long commuting, you should opt for a more durable choice.

2. Longboard Wheels

Another essential component is the wheels of a longboard. You have to consider the size, width, and contact patch of your longboard wheels which are generally given in the description of these products.

longboard wheels

The wheel size of a longboard varies from 55 mm to almost 100 mm. the contact patch refers to the area connected to the ground directly while riding on the longboard, which is a bit smaller than the total width of the wheels. These terms also tell you which type of riding style you like the most.

3. Longboard Trucks

The longboard trucks give you the right control while riding on the deck. Its construction will show you the stability and maneuverability of a longboard.

longboard trucks

You will find two trucks attached under the deck, connecting the four wheels together. The additional parts of a truck are its hanger, axle, bushings, and baseplate. All these components move together to give you the luxury to freely cruise on your long skateboards.

The Best Longboard Brands

There are as many longboard manufacturers as fish in the oceans. Literally, you will find endless brands in the current market, and choosing one special type of brand will become a great headache even for pro skaters.

You will find plenty of good longboard brands which contain all the key features and components of a traditional cruising longboard. Some manufacturers offer bonus gears or additional features to impress their consumers.

It is quite tough to choose a perfect model from different types of longboards. The best longboard model should match your skating ability and be selected with your preference. If you are a fast rider, you can pick a freeride longboard, but if you want to learn the basics of this art, you can go for the best cruiser longboard.

So, it’s a great idea to go with the brand that fulfills your skating needs.

What Types of Longboard Should You Choose?

Now let’s talk a bit about how you can choose the right longboard according to your needs? Your riding style matters a lot in this case. How you are cruising in streets or performing longboard tricks helps you find the right types of a longboard.

You have to consider the features of the chosen brand. The characteristics of your favorite longboard model should match your requirements.

The deck height and length, wheels and trucks, mount type, or the board shape should be observed closely while buying the longboard. All the above classifications may have different shapes or sizes, so read these longboard forms and think again about what type of longboards you are interested in.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What Shape of The Longboard Is Best for A Beginner?

If you are a beginner longboarder, you should start your journey from a cruiser to a longboard. It is a bit shorter in dimensions and is easy to control. You will never feel any jerk on cracks or bumpy roads, and you can easily learn the basics of longboarding.

What Type of Longboard Is Best for Speed?

The average speed of a longboard is 50-65 mph, but if you are looking for more speedy longboards, you can trust freeride,  mini-cruiser, and electric longboards.

What Type of Longboard Is Best for Cruising?

A pintail longboard is the best cruising longboard. The flatter and longer board of these boards gives you better stability and comfortable rides on any track.

What Are the Most Common Types of Longboard?

The drop-through, pintail, dancing, and downhill longboards are the most common types of longboards. These boards are preferred by skating lovers and are mostly used in this field.

What Size Longboard Should I Get for My Height?

If you are an average height person of 5.5-6 ft, then a longboard of 32-42 inches can suit you. For persons above 6 ft, they should opt 38+ inches longboard.

How Do You Pick up A Longboard?

If you like cruising very often, you can pick up a longboard by standing next to your board and giving a little push to pop it. Now the nose side comes in front of your head; you catch it with any of your hands to pick it up.

Final Thoughts on Longboard Types

It’s not just the shape, size, or type that matters while picking the right longboard from the saturated market; the key thing is your skill level and riding style, which will determine the best types of longboard according to your needs.

Now, choosing the right type of longboard can’t be too tricky because the quality longboard is capable of fulfilling your skating desires to the best of your riding experience.

I have tried my best to cover the key aspects of various longboard types. It will give you a better idea of choosing your favorite type in a huge variety of longboards.