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How to Turn on a Skateboard [10-Steps Guide]

Turn on a Skateboard

Learning skateboarding is not easy because you have to take care of everything. As a beginner, you may try to turn on a skateboard but can’t do so. However, you need to learn the basics of skateboarding; then, you can perform skateboarding tricks.

Some people learn skateboarding in childhood, while others will learn in adulthood. However, everyone will find it turning on difficult.

But you don’t have to worry, in this article; you will learn to turn on a skateboard. So, keep sticking to the end. So you can learn valuable steps.

Things You Should Consider

Before starting, follow mandatory things or purchase them before it is too late.

  1. Before starting skateboarding, you have to gather your courage. However, you cannot learn new tricks if you don’t have any courage.
  2. Bring a helmet to your home when you purchase a skateboard. Because when you fall and your head gets broken, it may injure your health.
  3. You need to purchase skate shoes for proper grip and support. You can easily perform tricks or learn the turning method.
  4. However, you should purchase a wrist guard while using a skateboard because you will never get hurt in this way.
  5. You must purchase a knee guard that protects your knees from any injury. However, you can protect yourself from such great damage.
  6. Keep a first aid box along with you if you get injured due to falling from a skateboard; you can take medicine immediately. In this way, you can take care of yourself.
  7. You can protect your ankle by wearing thick socks. It will assist you whenever you fall down.
  8. You should avoid skating during the rain because when you skate in the rain, the road will be slippery, and you may slip, which will break your ankle or bone. So, you must be aware of this thing. Above all, water is not good for wooden skates and metallic wheels.
  9. You should also learn to fall safely, which means that you have to learn to fall on your bump, which will give you a chance to protect yourself in this way.
  10. You need to learn slowly instead of going faster. However, it will build confidence in you. So you don’t have to worry about it.

How to Turn on a Skateboard?

There are many ways to perform a task, but only two ways to turn on a skateboard. We have performed some research that will assist you in learning turn-on a skateboard.

Method 1:

Learn to Balance:

Initially, you need to learn the balance on a skateboard. Because it is the basics of skateboarding, however, you can easily do it by learning daily.

You can be a pro in balancing by practicing again and again. Furthermore, you can be a pro in the basics of skateboarding, but you need to learn again and again. Otherwise, you will not become a pro in your skills.

Balance a Skateboard

But wait! Where can you practice?

You can practice it on your home’s front lawn or a pathway. However, as a beginner, you need to practice on grass because you won’t get hurt when you fall. So, it will be perfect for you.

Ride on a Skateboard:

First, you must bring your skateboard and find a secure place. Now, what does a secure place mean? It means a place with grass, and you won’t get injured when you fall. However, you have to place your skateboard in a secure place.

Ride on a Skateboard

Now, you stand on it and start skating. You need to push yourself in the forward direction. For this, you have to push yourself to get a smooth speed. Furthermore, you can get a small amount of speed after doing this.

Position Yourself:

You need to position yourself at the center of the skateboard. However, you can do this by placing your skateboard in a normal place. Then you need to stand on a skateboard. After that, you have to maintain your balance.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that putting full weight on one side will lift up the skating board. However, you need to put your weight at the center, which will allow you to take a turn easily.

Lean Your Weight:

You need to lean your weight in one direction. You have to lean your body in the direction where you want to take turns. The skateboard will take a turn when you lean your body in one direction.

However, it is quite an easy and interesting thing you can easily do at home. So you don’t have to worry about anything.

Keep Balancing:

Try to keep balancing while practicing the learning procedure. However, you should practice forward moving along with leaning on one side. You don’t need to apply full weight in one direction.

You can do this by practicing in a place where there is less chance of getting injured because you may fall down. During your practice, keep an eye on your movement. Initially, you need to lean down slowly. Later on, you can adjust your speed accordingly.

Adjust Your Skating Board:

You need to adjust your skating boards to learn to turn on board. However, you may feel that learning is impossible because your trucks are too tight. To get rid of such a situation, you need to loosen your truck.

Furthermore, you need to take care that if you loosen the truck or wheel, you can not balance your weight on a skating board.

Method 2:

In this method, you will need to use a different method that will help you to learn with a different technique that how you can perform the turning technique on the skating board. Let’s dive into the method to understand it.

Adjust Your Position:

You have to place your body in the right direction. However, you can place your front foot at the start and your back foot on the skateboard’s tail. Furthermore, you need to place some weight on the backside of the skateboard and lift the front side up.

You can learn this method three to five times. So, you can master this technique. Please don’t put your entire weight on the tail unless you start turning or think to take a turn.

Push Down Tail:

You need to push some pressure on the tail. However, you can perform it gently. Because if you do it quickly, you will lose your momentum, and you may fall down. Trying this method may seem awkward, but you can easily perform this technique by yourself.

Push Down Tail of skateboard

Learn Redirection:

You need to learn redirection using the nose of the skating board. However, you can do this by applying pressure on the tail of the skating board and turning its nose in the direction where you want to turn.

At the start, you will learn to take a little turn. Later, you will change the direction of your board up to 30 degrees, and you can improve at this thing.

Learn Returning of the Front Wheel:

After turning the front wheel, you need to learn how to return it. However, it is quite an easy and simple task that you can perform easily.

When you learn to take a turn on the skateboard, you need to apply some force in the forward direction.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Turning Work on a Skateboard?

When you start applying or leaning on a skateboard in one direction, the truck of the skateboard will change your direction easily.

If you feel your skateboard can not take a turn, you need to pick up a wrench and change the truck. However, you can easily perform the turning on a skateboard, and there is no hard and fast rule.

How Do You Turn on a Child’s Skateboard?

If your children learn to turn on a skateboard, you should take care of all the necessary equipment.

However, you can teach them slowly. So they will not fall down and break their leg or head. Furthermore, you can teach them a learning process that will guide them in a proper way.

How Do You Make a Skateboard Easy to Turn?

If you find taking turns on the skateboard difficult, you can just perform a single task. However, you need to adjust the kingpin, the nut in the skating board. You can easily perform it at home.

There is no hard and fast rule to loosen or tighten the kingpin. It will assist you in taking a turn during your skateboarding.


Learning skateboarding is not easy. It will make you fall several times when you are practicing it or want to learn a new trick. So, you should wear a kit or accessories when you fall on the ground.

Furthermore, you should keep an eye on learning things and maintain your skateboard during learning. Sometimes, your skateboard’s nut is so tight that you can not take a turn. So, you should also keep an eye on this matter.

I have described all the information in this article related to taking or learning turns on the skateboard. But still, if you have any issues or problems regarding this, you may ask in the comment section below.

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