Top Best Spots for Longboard Trails in USA - You Must Know

Top Spots for Longboard in USA

Do you want to grab blooming skating scenes on top spots for longboard in USA?

If you are talking about longboard, you must remember that some spots are better than others. You need a relaxed environment and cool air to breathe on your longboard. You may browse for the best places to longboard near me or want the best spot for longboarding pictures.

Ready to skate on the best longboards locations in the USA?

There are several places to enjoy this exciting sport from Southern California and now quite popular sports across the whole United States. Many pro skaters recommend to enjoy the best longboard wave on longboard downhills, but such paradises are difficult to search.

You are lucky enough to find these ideal landmarks in the USA to enjoy this great fun. It’s time to pick your best longboard and enjoy cruising on following top spots for longboard in the USA.

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7 Best Destinations in the USA for Longboard Skating

 Longboarding is quite a popular sporting event in the United States. Many skaters are looking for ideal downhill slopes or skating parks to fulfil their skating desires.

If you are cruising through natural places and breathing the fresh air, it will also be effective for your health. Such urban sides are better for longboarding than skating in hectic road traffic or busy streets.

Here, let me introduce you to some of the top spots for longboard in the USA, which you will never forget:

Los Angeles, California

Starting our journey of finding the best spots of longboarding with an awesome place called the city of angels. The story of skateboarding is also begun in Los Angeles and now is the paradise of skateboarding lovers.

If you are looking to roam the roads of Los Angeles, then you should start cruising here with your favorite longboard.

You may also motivate yourself for learning the basics of longboarding on these roads; because you will find any pro skaters practicing their skating skills on these roads.

San Francisco, California

Here comes the real birthplace of skateboarding, which is Southern California. I couldn’t recommend a better place than this if you are looking for the best spots for longboarding near me.

The best longboard surf spot in Southern California in terms of downhills is Lombard Avenue. This boulevard also gives you breezing weather conditions, with the best downhill sceneries. If you love downhill sliding, then this will be the best spot to do so.

This one should be your next spot to explore on your favorite longboard. If you are planning for it, then never miss Lombard Avenue.

Washington State

You will be amused to find this great place. There are 3 miles long track that goes all the way for your longboarding around the lake.

Green Lake Park also offers a separate granite trail sidewalk for skate lovers. You can cruise through this track and enjoy the cool sensation from the lake.

Soos Creek Trail is also a location in Washington that covers 4 miles with woodlands all its way. You will find a speedy downhill sliding option for fancy skaters at the end of this track. You can mark this as your best place to longboard near me or longboard hills near me. 

The Indian Creek Trail, Kansas

Check out this longest 17 miles track between Olathe and Kansas City. The Indian Creek Trail is another best pathway for longboarding spots near me.

The locations of these longboards in Kansas City are flat and provide fast slopes in between for downhill lovers. You can enjoy both types of terrains with this longboarding spot.

Beginner skaters!

Watch out for these slopes of Indian Creek Trail, they come suddenly without any indication.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

If you want to cruise on dry land with hot sunshine conditions, you can visit Albuquerque, part of New Mexico, in the United States.

You can enjoy another form of a memorable tour like a superhero by cruising on plane lands in a humid and dry atmosphere.

Many tourists never select such places to visit, so you will find a free terrain to accomplish your dream of skating fast.

The scorching sun’s rays may not allow you to skate more rounds than two or three. A couple of games are more than enough in such hot weather conditions.

Ithaca, New York

The northeast area of the United States is covered by Ithaca, New York, for longboard fans. There is a Lake Street near Ithaca Falls, a quarter of a mile in length.

Never worry about the speed here. You will find yourself cruising on this track without any pushing. You can pick up the acceleration very quickly with no effort at all.

The hilly roads of Ithaca are about 1.8 miles which can easily be attainable to visit this area on your favorite longboard.

Portland, Oregon

Luckily, the most skater-friendly city globally is also located in the United States. The feet of Tom Miller, a really popular pro skater, is pushed on Portland, Oregon.

Portland is one of the largest cities in the United States, and you can plan to tour this place too. You will find skates lanes and bike lanes on almost all the sideways of this city.

The roads of Portland are well concreted surrounded by green lashes, and traffic flow is also very low. So, never worry about acceleration; you can go at cruising speed on these tracks without any danger.

You can enjoy a panoramic view of this state of Oregon. If you plan to tour this city, never miss the Willamette Rivers of Portland.

Our Verdict

I hope you will enjoy all these destinations across the whole USA. You can add these places to your next tour list with your friends.

Many pro skaters still not explore these best longboarding waves in the world. California longboarding is, of course, the best place to longboard, but nowadays, skaters are looking for adventures downhills or longboard parks to enjoy this exciting thrill.

Urban areas are always ideal for downhill cruising on longboards. These natural spots give to steep slope for fast downhill skating, and you will find a smoother surface on all the spots mentioned above.

You will never forget these all-amazing destinations of best places to longboard near me. These longboard waves provide you with the exact sensation of longboarding California, and you might find yourself dancing on your longboard in dreams on these best spots of longboarding. 

Just plan a trip on these top spots for longboard in the USA with your friends and share your experience with me in the comments section.

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