Best Skate 3 Trick Guide for Beginners [6 Secret Tricks]

Best Skate 3 Trick Guide for Beginners [6 Secret Tricks]

Do you check the new graphics of Skate 3? It looks stunning and gives you a natural skating feeling in the video game medium. If you are a beginner, you must read our Skate 3 trick guide to become an expert in this fantasy skating world. This practice will help you in the real-world skating scenario as well.

The Xbox 360 Skate 3 is an ideal gadget for enhancing this gaming experience. You can learn skateboard moves with this platform and blast it in real life to show off your skills to your buddies. Here you will be updated with all the newly added features in the game. Read till the end to understand all the updates of Skate 3:

How to Flip in Skate 3 – Tips and Tricks

The basic flips in Skate 3 are great beginner skateboard tips for all skate lovers. They can quickly learn this art from the Skate 3 tricks and apply them in real-world scenarios. The most important thing in all the tricks is your trigger timings. You can perform all these fantasy tricks perfectly with the right timings.

How to Flip in Skate 3 – Tips and Tricks

Here you will learn all these types of flips in this best skate game. Get ready your favorite character in Skate 3 to practice all skating tips for beginners:

1. Front Flip:

You can do a flip in the front direction by jumping your character up. To snatch up the skateboard, just hold down the trigger. The most important concern here is the timings.

You have to hold down the button till the completion of the flip. Isn’t it simple enough? Yes, the whole process is extremely easy to handle.

2. Back Flip:

Now again, you can do the backflip skating trick with the right timing. Just hold the grab button downward; as you see your character jumping from the ground, then instantly pull back the trigger to flip your character in a backward direction. You can practice this fantasy trick lots of time in Skate 3 to be an expert on this trick.

3. Body Flip:

The Skate 3 added new features in body flipping as compared to their older Skate 2 version. This boneless skate trick can be done by flipping your character’s body in the upward direction.

Next, turn the stick to the left so that the body of your favorite character can quickly move. Just give a flick to the stick, and you will see the whole body of your character flipped.

4. Finger Flip:

If you want to flip the finger, you have to push the back of the board in an upward direction. Your character will rise to the top; now, pull off the kickflip with the R2 button when you see your avatar in the mid-range of its height. Never try to release the R2 button until the character completes the finger flip trick.

5. Superdude Body Flip:

If you are a beginner, you will surely call Super Dude Body Flip the hardest skateboard trick. Don’t worry! I am here to make this trick easier for you.

You have to press the B and trigger together to do a dude body flip trick perfectly. Press this B button and immediately down the trigger with perfect timing to complete this trick. That’s it! How easy was it? You just need to practice this trick again and again to learn this fantastic art.

6. Combining Flip Tricks:

Now you might feel that you are a pro skater of basic flips in Skate 3. Practice all these tricks in your routine to be an expert on them. Now that’s not the end of the skating world here. Still, there are plenty of more exciting features waiting for you!

Cool Combinations of Flip Tricks

These flip tricks can be combined to form new gorgeous tricks. Here check out these secret multi-flipping tricks which we featured in this skate 3 trick guide and apply them as per your skating taste:

Cool Combinations of Flip Tricks

1. Hard Flip

You can combine kick flick tricks to form a new hardflip. Apply the frontside push and pop up your character to do a hard flip.

You may be able to practice hard flip by following the instructions given in this skate 3 trick guide but it is tough to learn this trick in a real-world scenario. You may need a long practice session to learn this art. I personally suggest wearing the best skating pads for your safety.

2. Laser Flip

To achieve a pro-level laser flip trick, you have to combine a hill flip with the 360-degree frontside movement of your favorite character. It looks so fantastic to apply this trick in the natural skating world.

3. Nollie

If you are a pro or moderate skater, then surely Nollie is not a new trick for you. You might still not recognize this trick. It is actually ollie’s backward trick which is shortly called nollie.

This Skate 3 trick is similar to the pop-up trick. You have to pop up your character and then take control of it by placing it back on its feet with control. Another eye-catching skating trick which you will not find in any other skate 3 trick guide.

4. Nollie 360 Flip

The pros know how to 360 flip quite well. Nollie 360 flip is also similar to this classic trick. It actually pops up from the front side instead of moving backward.  This is the only difference between the traditional 360 flip and the nollie 360 flip. The steps to perform this stunt are similar, as you can see in the 360 flip descriptions.

5. Nollie 360 Hard Flip

The nollie 360 Hard Flip trick included in this skate 3 trick guide is the sister of the standard 360 hardflip technique. In the case of the nollie 360 hard flip, you have to move the tail part of your skateboard instead of the nose side of the board. That’s all! There is no other difference between these two stunts.

6. Nollie 360 Inward Heel Flip

Yet again, the Nollie 360 Inward Heel Flip trick is similar to the other 360 Inward Heel Flip. In the case of nollie here, you have to move the nose part of your board to flick the character.

7. 360 Flip

If you understand the basics of a kickflip, then you can efficiently perform 360 flips. This trick also moves from the x-axis to the y-axis at a 360-degree angle, similar to kick flick.

8. 360 Hard Flip

Another form of hard flip can be done at a super 360-degree angle. You can move your character’s body on both sides if you are more fantasy about this trick.

9. 360 Inward Heel Flip

You can also do 360 Inward Heel Flip of your favorite character in skate 3 and practice it in your streets as well. You can perform this trick similar to a hill flip at a 360-degree angle for your easy understanding. Also, remember that the angle should be turned in the backside direction.

10. 360 Shuvit

Here comes another famous stunt of skateboarding! You must be familiar with Shuvit, even if you are a beginner in this arena.

You can perform this trick by using your foot on the edge of your deck, spinning the board with the help of your ankle, and admiring the action of your character. Keep enjoying more similar fantasy skating tricks!

11. Double Heel Flip

Heel flip is just like the Ollie trick and can be done perfectly to pop up your favorite board and flick it at a 360-degree angle. You have to flick your skateboard from the nose side and allow the whole board to fly in a complete 360-degree circle to complete this stunt.

If you really want to enjoy the fun of double heel flip, then make sure that the board lands on the surface after completing a full circle of 360 degrees in the air.

12. FS Shuvit

Just finishing off this section with another top-quality ollie fantasy stunt named FS Shuvit. This trick can be done from the backside of your board, similarly as explained in double heel flip.

You have to make sure the rhythm of your movement again. Again, the board should be circled and completed in 360 degrees to complete this trick.

What Parents Need to Know about Skate 3?

The newly updated version of Skate 3 contains less violence than their previous versions. That might be a piece of great relaxing news for parents. But wait! there are still some dangerous things for your teen that need to keep in mind to stay safe.

Let me explain these issues to you in detail; must observe them deeply and apply them to your teens wisely:

1. Violence:

You will find much less potential violence in this version of skate3. But when you see the starting scenes where a man has an accident. The player avatar has fallen badly on pedestrians many times, or people walking sideways may be thrown on the road look ugly.

The parents should check these avatar injuries and blood leaking from other game characters. They will surely keep an eye on these issues in natural skating.

2. Language:

If you don’t like the player’s conversation and stop the voice communication, you can also mute other players’ voices. After knowing the decent and friendly conversion used in this skating game, the parents may be more satisfied.

3. Sexual Content:

Another crucial issue for parents is that the players can change the avatar’s clothes. The player may edit the sports bra of a female character or see the topless body of a male character. Parents should closely monitor this type of content.

4. Spiritual Content:

Another good news for parents is that the spiritual content is limited only to tattoos. You will see images of “Christ Air” or “Devil-like figure” are understandable in the skating arena.

5. Misc:

You should also take care of misc vulgar instances in skate 3. You may see a character picking a nose with a hook. You may also listen to one character saying, “Do you need me to bless it with some of my urine?” You will find an image of a marijuana leaf on the skateboard’s deck.

Must tackle these things wisely in this skating game!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How do you do good tricks in Skate 3?

The most secret trick in Skate 3 is you have to do all tricks in the specific order in the right stick to get the best results. For instance, if you apply the backside ollie trick and want your character to go higher, you should pull the right stick back and flick it quickly in a forward direction to get a higher ollie.

What is the hardest trick in skate?

The laser, hard, or backside flip are harder skate tricks in Skate 3. You have to be an expert in skate 3 controls to do this trick effectively. The super dude body flip is the hardest stunt in skate 3.

How do you do a cool flip on Skate 3?

The easiest possible way to cool flip on Skate 3 can be done by pressing the trigger with one hand and moving the thumbstick with the other hand in a forward or backward direction to do a flip.

What are the Skate 3 cheat codes?

There are plenty of cheat codes available for Skate 3. You can apply these codes and check their effects.  With these cheat codes, you can enable your favorite skating modes as per your taste.

How do you cannonball in Skate 3?

You can notice many complex skateboard tricks, and I think cannonball is one. You can practice this trick on Skate 3 by just holding the left button and pushing the right button in any direction to perform cannonball.

Our verdict

Like skating in the natural world scenario, the Skate 3 game allows you to practice your favorite tricks in the best spots in skate 3 environment. Now that you are familiar with the new updates of skate 3, I have tried to explain all these secret tricks with skateboard trick names.

Once you get used to the tricks explained in the skate 3 trick guide, you will start applying these tricks in a real-world scenario. In this informative article, you can understand some new tricks created by combining the classic skateboarding tricks.

Now the situation will become easier for you to practice these tricks by exploring this skating game’s wonders. Keep enjoying skate 3!

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