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Shark Wheels Review 2023 For Longboards

Shark Wheels Review 2022 For Longboards

The rounded shape wheels are not responding well to your skating fantasies; it’s time to bring a new pair of Shark wheels to increase the momentum of your favorite board. This shark wheels review article will provide you with enough information to eliminate all the confusion in your mind.

Top 4 Shark Wheels for Longboards

Must read this complete Shark wheel review with Shark wheel products, their types, benefits, and a few purchasing factors to make your decision easier:

A Quick Tip for Downhill Longboards Riding

As downhill riding is very fast pace allows the riders to gain full speed and a lot of airtime to make you feel like you’re flying.

So to master the skill of downhill longboarding you require a board that is a bit longer in length and wider in width plus many other features so you can handle high speeds and extremely intense longboarding.

To become a skilled and a pro at downhill longboard riding, it is essential to choose a board that can handle the wear and tear and delivers excellent performance side by side.

Here we have listed and reviewed the top and best downhill longboards for you to pick and choose to enjoy your downhill ride safely.

Check out our Top Picks !

Best Pick

Shark Wheel 54mm Skateboard Wheels


Amazon Choice

Shark Wheel 70 mm 78a Skating Wheels


Best Portable

Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Cruising Wheels


4 Best Downhill Longboards

Table of contents

1. Shark Wheel 72mm 78a Cruising Wheels – Best Overall


Package Weight: ‎0.64 Kilograms

Brand Name: Shark Wheel

Color:‎ Black

Material:‎ Polyurethane

Size:‎‎ 72 mm

Started the review section with thin and wide Shark wheels available in a single shape. This model of soft wheels contains a DNA formula. This magic formula is excellent for standard longboard wheels, but the friction will become extremely low when it comes to the Shark wheels, and any rider can reach max acceleration.

The sliding control, approach angle, less friction, and longer life features make these longboard wheels stand out. You will get smoother rides even on rougher terrains with these soft wheels. You can straightaway start cruising with superior lateral grip and sine wave design.

If you are looking for a smooth riding experience with significant advantages, bring these unique shape wheels with your favorite longboard.

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2. Shark Wheel 60mm 78a Cruising Wheels

Package Weight:‎ 0.27 Kilograms

Brand Name: ‎Shark Wheel

Color: ‎Black

Material:‎ Polyurethane

Size: ‎60mm

Here check these Shark wheels set up this time with just 60 mm diameter. You can get adventurous fun on these skateboard wheels because of their perfect angular edges and ideal diameter wheel range.

The superior performance of these amazing wheels allows you to explore the world in your favorite pose. It is easy to skate around on these wheels than on other conventional wheels because they provide more grip on varying terrain. I am personally impressed with these Shark wheel design and color variety.

These wheels continue to move around even on bumpy and rough terrain; however, some customers are disappointed with mold tracks and complain that they get slower on such surfaces.

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3. Shark Wheel 70mm 78a Skating Wheels 

Package Weight: ‎0.66 Kilograms

Brand Name:‎ Shark Wheel

Color: ‎Ice Blue

Material: ‎Polyurethane

Size:‎ 70mm

This sidewinder model of Shark wheels is the best longboard wheel for cruising. It can quickly skate on every terrain. You will get exceptional slide control with less friction. You can check it at an insane speed test and find unmatchable more grip on land tricks.

The Sidewinder Shark wheels act well in rain and gravel conditions. If you are a serious rider and need versatile, regular wheels, bring a sidewinder shark wheel in two pairs and cruise around in style. Most the pro skaters should acknowledge the wave alternating pattern structure of these best longboard cruising wheels.

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4. Shark Wheel 54mm Skateboard Wheels

Package Weight: ‎0.28 Kilograms

Brand Name:‎ Shark Wheel

Color:‎ White

Size:‎ 54mm

Finally, introducing you to twisted skateboard wheels with a lesser diameter than normal wheels. If you read any of the previous Shark wheels review, you will find these wheels most versatile. The beginner riders can easily handle these types of wheels and learn a few tricks as well.

The brand re-designed these skateboard wheels and tested them in real-world scenarios and at rough places such as streets at high speeds. They found the satisfactory performance of these wheels even on less friction terrains. These are an ideal set of wheels for small cruisers.

You can also connect them as regular skateboard wheels with improved traction. If you need more grippy rides, then this pair of Shark wheels is more ideal for you than any other wheels.

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Types of Shark Wheels

Generally, you can differentiate the products of the Shark wheel into four types depending upon the formula used in their construction.

Types of Shark Wheels

Let’s check these Shark wheel forms:

1. Sidewinder:

This form of Shark wheel is mainly used in classic longboard wheels. They are supportive of downhill sliding and long commuting journeys for every rider.

2. California Roll:

These are smaller Shark wheels, ideal for mini cruisers and skateboards. If you want to take a smooth ride, you can trust the California Roll model of Shark wheels.

3. DNA Formula:

DNA Formula gives you grippy and flexible rides on any rough terrain. You can take Shark wheels with DNA formula with great grip to the surface.

4. Mako:

If you love sliding with a circular wheel, you can trust the Mako formula of the Shark wheel. These are also better than traditional wheels because of shiver bearings.

Benefits of Shark Wheels

It looks hard to discuss all the benefits of the Shark wheel brand still; let’s quickly go through some of the significant benefits of Shark wheel review:

1. Better Slide Control and Grip:

The three lips structure of the Shark wheel setup provides better grip and slide control. You can move a bit faster with more traction on your favorite longboards. You just need to push these wheels once, and they continue to spin for a longer period of time, especially on smoother surfaces.

2. Versatile Wheels:

The products of the Shark wheel brand are versatile enough to support all types of skating. Whether you are looking for cruising on downhills or carving your boards in tight corners, the Shark wheel setup helps you everywhere.

3. Faster than Regular Wheels:

The two pairs of Shark wheels are 30% faster than traditional wheels. The normal wheel shape allows the rider to maneuver their boards quickly and efficiently. Of course, the wheel touching area is reduced to cause less friction with the surface, and the wheels will accelerate quickly.

4. Improved Traction in all Types of Weather Conditions:

You will find the products of Shark traditional wheel smoother on sticky wet surfaces. All types of riders can enjoy cruising on this regular wheel setup in all weather riders conditions. Most models of Shark wheels can handle any kind of traction; its lesser wheel touching mechanism allows you to move around at insane speed without any risk on greater traction.

5. Variety of Diameters Available:

Once you do a Shark wheel review, you will find great variation in their diameter and durometer. It’s easy for all types of riders to choose their favorite size and hardness from this massive variety. The diameter ranges from 54 mm to 70 mm. You can match them with the dimensions of your skateboard deck or can adjust them according to your skating abilities.

6. Shape and Design:

The six sides’ unique shape in equal length looks fantastic at first sight. You can impress your audience with the sine wave pattern of Shark wheels. The pattern of grooves significantly reduces hydroplaning from the surface of the wheel. The thin contact patch allows you to roll on smooth surfaces quickly.

Who Should Purchase Shark Wheels?

So, there you go; now you have sufficient information to buy your favorite pair of Shark wheel. If you have decided to buy it now, consider the following short points for a perfect collection of Shark wheel according to your fantasies:

Always notice the diameter and durometer of your Shark wheel choice; it should be well-matched with the dimensions of your board.

Closely observe the surface condition where you often want to skate around. There is an excellent variety in Shark wheels as well. You can pick any of them according to the state of the terrain.

The design pattern or color of the Shark wheel should be appealing to your personality. If you choose a perfect design for these wheels, they should be well-matched with the pattern of your board so that you can cruise around like a pro skater.

Also, check the location of your skating! If you want to commute for a long distance on smooth terrains, you should choose harder Shark wheels to reach your destination comfortably. But if you’re going to show your talent in busy and rocking streets or cruising on downhills, you should go for the softer option of Shark wheel.

The price is always an important factor while purchasing anything. Here again, your favorite Shark wheels should be budget-friendly and should be positioned within your price range.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Shark longboard wheels good?

Shark wheels are grippy and provide great cruising speed on any type of terrain. They are good enough as longboard wheels than any other type of traditional wheel.

Do Shark wheels work?

The brand is proven after real-world testing in different conditions. The results of the Shark wheel stand out from most of the wheel’s categories and responded very well.

What are the benefits of Shark wheels?

You will see Shark wheels review on different platforms and learn that they are faster than usual wheels, respond well to road conditions, and are versatile enough to provide grippy rides with any board.

Are Shark wheels still in business?

They are well suited with any type of skateboard, longboard, and cruiser skateboards. They are still in the skating business, and many pro skaters love to use them with their favorite boards.

Can you slide with Shark wheels?

A thin contact patch touching setup allows you to slide your favorite Shark wheels on any type of surface; therefore, less friction of these wheels is a perfect pairing with any board.

Can you put Shark wheels on a penny board?

The Shark wheels are ideal for penny boards as well. The softer Shark wheels give you an excellent grip to cruise on your penny board.

Are Shark wheels good for rain?

Shark wheels are good enough in all types of weather conditions. If you are worried about the wet roads, you can trust Shark wheels review; it works really well on damp surface conditions.

Our Verdict

I hope this Shark wheel review gives you a complete understanding of this skating wheel setup. It is worth buying two Shark wheel pairs for your favorite board cruise in streets or parks with confidence.

They are flawless and provide optimum results in wet surface conditions. With better control, you can freely slide downhills or move on busy roads at an insane speed.

Now it’s time to give just another gimmick to your skating fantasy and get your favorite Shark wheel pairs.