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Best Santa Cruz Longboards [2023 Reviews]

Santa Cruz – The Best Cruising Longboard Brand

Santa Cruz Longboard 2023 Unbiased Reviews

Santa Cruz – The Best Cruising Longboard Brand

Santa Cruz Longboard Review 2023 - Honest Review

Starting in 1973, the Santa Cruz brand is one of the very few iconic brands that pioneered skating as an industry also have managed to survive and evolve from the history of making new innovative skateboards and accessories to the modern era of skate and longboarding.

Santa Cruz has been a company and a brand that is well known to be popular for maintaining a reputation of producing and offering top-notch quality completes, including skateboards and longboards. With the amount of goodwill this company has gained over the past decades makes it one of the leading pioneers and manufacturers in the world of skateboarding and longboarding. There is hardly a chance you will hear any negative comments on Santa Cruz or its products because of its high-quality maintenance and production.

Santa Cruz longboards are also known to be famous for their two of the most highly iconic graphic. One is the ‘screaming hand image’ on the deck, and the other is ‘Santa Cruz’s, its own logo, which attracted and gained much higher popularity in the world of skating.

Description of Santa Cruz Pintail Longboard

The longboards offered by Santa Cruz are the best choice for beginners if you are looking for high-quality and complete longboards. These longboards are specially designed and manufactured for the ease and comfort of the rider in mind as they the smoothness and firmness of these longboards are one the key features of these longboards.

These longboards feature one of the most unique and highly impressive color prints and graphics on the deck, including the gold pinstripe. This pintail longboard is best suitable for cruising down the local broadway or even the sidewalks parks.

The Santa Cruz pintail longboards can also be customized with an additional feature: the orange orangutang wheels to further enhance the performance and overall design structure of the longboard.

With these longboards being top-mounted, these pintails longboards are suitable for most downhill riding scenarios. Nothing is cheap about these longboards as they are made with pure quality and high standard material.


Brand: Santa Cruz

Deck width: 9.2inches wide

Deck length: 33 inches long

Color: Golden Pinstripe

Wheel size: 60 millimeters

Item weight:2100 grams

Age range: Unisex

Key Features

Unique and appealing graphics: The Santa Cruz longboards are made with unique and attractive color prints and eye-catching designs that stand out from the other longboards brands. The color full golden pinstripe is both sober and engaging.

9.2 inches wide longboard deck: One of the most key features that these longboards have is that the deck of these longboards is 9.2 inches wide, making it really ideal for getting on these longboards for both the beginners and  as well as the professionals effortlessly with ease.

Best suitable for beginners and professionals: The Santa Cruz pintail longboards are best suitable for beginners, but similarly, the pros can also benefit and enjoy the perks of these longboards as the wider look and smoothness this product offers is not to miss out either for the beginner or pro and a must to have in your collection of longboards.

Comes Pre Assembled: The best feature that these longboards possess is that they won’t take much of your time when you get your hands on one of these longboards because they come already company assembled, and you do not have to waste your precious time in making these products on arrival.

9 ply of maple wood: The longboards of Santa Cruz are made with thick 9 plies of maple wood, making them extra strong and durable to use and ride onto these fantastic longboards for a longer period of time.

5.4inch pintail design: These longboards have an impressive pintail design, making them a smoother and best option to have if you’re a fan of downhill skateboarding.

180mm bullet trucks: Santa Cruz pintail longboards come with bullet trucks attached to them, and the benefit they carry along with themselves is that they are one of the most durable as far as trucks are concerned. They have the most incredible hard-wearing materials, including aluminum and chrome steel, giving stability and smooth control for a better skating experience.

5.4inch Tail length: The benefit of having a long 5.4-inch tail length is that it allows smooth turning and board stability. The speed control also contrasts the tail length as you can control and handle the turns, speed, and overall handling of the board while riding.


Why should you buy Santa Cruz longboards?

Because Santa Cruz is one of the oldest and most established companies when it comes to skateboarding and longboarding, therefore you simply can trust and rely on the company but not only that, all of the products offered by Santa Cruz are made according to the consumer’s preference and needs.

By gaining the customer’s trust and ensuring the brand’s goodwill is in mind, they produce every product with extensive care and research. This is what makes Santa Cruz stand out from the rest of the longboarding and skateboarding brands out there.

What size of longboard should you get?

To begin with, learning what size of longboard would be ideal for you, you must first the width of the longboard that is almost proportional to the size of your shoe.

For men, if your shoe size is around 6.5 to 9 inches, you should start with a deck that must have a width of 7.5 to 8 or about 8.5, ideally but if you wear shoe size more than 8.5 or above, then you must get a deck between 8 and above 8 in size.

In general, wider boards allow more stability and control in cruising and even performing flips and tricks, so you must look accordingly when searching for the right one that fits you.


There’s no exact science or measurement of the actual fitting size of longboards, so you must always go for boards that fit best for you.

The Bottom Line

To wrap it up finally, we must say that the Santa Cruz longboards are overall great products and pretty handy longboards for beginners and professionals both.

The built quality these longboards have and their overall design, plus the material used to create them, are of the highest standards to ensure every longboard lover gets the most out of these longboards.

Santa Cruz justifies the overall goodwill and brand name that they have gained over time in the world of long and skateboarding because they provide a relatively enjoyable feel while you ride on to these longboards making it worth investing.

So, we hope that by going through our article, you may find it easy to choose what to choose if you are looking for a smoother, stronger, comfortable, and durable longboard.