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5 Cool Roller Skating Tricks for Beginners

Roller Skating Tricks for Beginners

Do you want to keep your body healthy and fit? Then you should learn roller skating tricks because studies show that roller skating involves your full body muscles and keep your body strong.

However, roller skating is similar to jogging and reduces your body’s fat and calories and keeps it healthy and fit. When you learn the basics of roller skating, you may want to learn some tricks, and you may want to impress your friend.

Roller Skating Tricks for Beginners

Although you are a beginner and want to learn new and amazing tricks, you should be careful before you start learning roller skating tricks.

Before learning cool roller skating tricks and hacks, you should know what things are necessary for roller skating.

Things you should know:

There are a few things that you should consider before start learning roller skating. Here are many points that you should be aware of it. Let’s get started without further ado.

  • Bring helmet and roller skates, and a knee pad. However, you will also need an elbow pad as well.
  • Don’t forget to use a mouth guard as it will protect your teeth from any injury. Without a mouth guard, you may fall down, and your teeth get broken.
  • Before learning roller skating tricks, you should know the basics of skating. The studies show that many severe injuries occur due to inexperience in roller skating. Before going to the rink, you should learn the basics and then try it on the empty rink.
  • Before starting skating, you should know about skating shoes and how much it gets fixed into your feet. However, it should have padding that will provide complete support to it.
  • Above all, your skating shoes should have brakes. So, when you want to stop them, you can easily stop them.
  • Your skates should have a bearing so they can roll faster. It will give you a smooth move.

5 Cool Roller Skating Tricks for Beginners

After understanding the important things, now, you should learn about roller skating tricks if you are a beginner.

This might seems quite weird to demand that we ask for basic knowledge. However, you should learn the basics of roller skating and become a master at it.

You should keep practicing roller skating and make yourself a master in this field. When you become an expert in skating, you can learn more tricks.

1. Skating Backward:

As we all know that as a beginner, it is quite difficult for a beginner to skate in the backward direction. You need to follow the steps given below.

Make V shape:

With your skating shoes, you have to make a V shape. However, you have to bring your toes together and heels apart. Furthermore, you have to balance your weight on both legs equally. To get a good position, you should bend your knees.

Apply Pressure:

You have to apply pressure on your right toe and lift up your left toe. However, move your left foot backward and maintain your balance. Now, drop your left toe and apply pressure on your left foot. Furthermore, you can easily enjoy moving in the reverse direction. This is quite simple when you repeat the process again and again.

Look Behind:

You need to look over your back, and you can easily do that. First of all, you need to look behind every second. So, you can not hit anything. Furthermore, you don’t need to lean on your back, or you have to move back slowly.

2. Jumping:

Now, the next trick is to learn roller skating tricks. However, you need to follow the steps given below.

Increase Gliding speed:

You need to increase the gliding speed slowly because it will give you speed, and then after some time. After getting speed, you need to jump. In this way, when you jump, you will not lose your balance, and you will not get any injury.

Bring both skates together:

You need to bring both your skates together and maintain your balance. However, when you are in a balanced position, you can easily jump, and you will not lose your position.

Be in your squat position:

Bring your body into a squat position and jump straight up. However, you need to bend your knees when you fall from a height. Moreover, you should keep your jumps small and keep practicing until you become an expert in them.

Keep Practicing:

As you need to keep practicing short jumps and gain some confidence. When you get confidence, you can try large and huge jumps.

3. Zen Position:

To try the zen position, you need to learn to balance. However, it is quite tough and tricky. But you can just follow the steps given below.

Be in your position:

First of all, you need to stand in a straight position. You need to put your weight on both of your feet. However, you need to wear the required safety because you should take care of yourself.

Be in a squat position:

You need to be in a squat position by bending your knees and pulling down your body. You have to put weight on your legs.

Lift one leg:

To get into the zen position, you need to pick up your right leg, put it over your left knee, and put force on it. Furthermore, you need to keep balance in this position because you may fall down.

Move slowly:

Now, you need to move slowly in the forward direction. However, you can do this by applying force in the forward direction. It is quite easy and interesting, but you must perform this technique on grass or places you won’t get hurt.

4. Spinning:

You may love to spin during roller skating. However, you can perform this by following the below-given steps.

Move-in middle of the rink:

To start rolling in the middle of the rink. So you will not bump into any other person. However, this is important because when you start rolling, you won’t see any other person.

Make a 90-degree angle:

In the beginning, you need to bend your knees, spread your arms and make an angle of 90 degrees.

Start Rotating:

Start rotating your arms in one direction and keep them at the center. Keep your core of the body, and the core will play an important role in spinning and rolling.

5. Moon Walking:

As moon walk of Michael Jackson is quite famous and interesting. However, moonwalking is quite interesting and easy when you perform it with roller skating. You need to follow the steps given below.

Take your position:

To start your moonwalk, you need to keep one roller skating shoe downward and the other roller skating on the ground. You need to push the stopper and glide backward with the other rolling.

Repeat the process:

You need to repeat the above-mentioned method again and again. However, this is quite an easy and interesting method, and you need to repeat this process again and again.


Learning roller skating is not a big deal if you have guidance and a path. However, you can easily enjoy learning skating. Sometimes, you may feel unable to learn, but you will become good enough when you start practicing.

I have discussed all the required information regarding roller skating tricks and hacks, which will assist you in mastering roller skating. If you have any queries or questions regarding roller skating, you can ask in the comment section given below. I hope you find this article informational.

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