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Roller Skates Vs Inline Skates (Basic Differences Explained)

Roller Skates Vs Inline Skates

Skating is fun, and one should know the basic difference between inline skating and roller skating. Without knowing the difference, you will enjoy your journey if you know the difference.

Before getting started, you must be aware of the difference between roller skates and inline skating. However, there is a basic difference that everyone knows.

But we are going to share some basic differences between roller skates and inline skates. So, you should know about the difference. Let’s get started.

What Are Roller Skates?

Before diving into the difference between roller skates and inline skates, you must be familiar with the definition of both.

Roller Skates

Roller skates are also known as quad skates that come with four wheels. It has two frames, one is in front, and the other is at the back of the shoe.

What Are Inline Skates?

Inline skates, also known as rollerblades, come with only one frame. It has four wheels in one line, giving you faster speed than roller skates.

Inline Skates

Inline skating is the best option for experienced people. If you are a beginner, you should try it, but we will recommend you to learn skating, you should use roller skates.

Basic Differences Between Inline and Roller Skates

Wheel Arrangement:

Roller skates come with four wheels. They are arranged so that two wheels are on the front side, and the remaining two are on the back side. Above all, rollerskates have two trucks, which mount two wheels.

While the rollerblades have wheels arranged in one line, the wheels are not mounted on trucks. So, you should clearly see the difference between both of them.

Type of Boot and Adaptability:

Rollerskates have shoes similar to the normal shoes that you will wear in your daily routine. It is not made with stiff material because, in the beginning, you need support and proper protection.

On the way, rollerblades are made taller, stiffer, and more supportive than roller skates because inline skates are created for professionals.

Mostly beginner’s comes with more comfort and support, while the expert’s shoes come with less support and high performance.


If your ankle is not strong, you should purchase boots with stiffness because stiffness will not allow your ankle to roll out.

Speed Comparison:

When comparing the speed, inline skates have larger wheels than roller skates, and inline skates have higher speeds than roller skates.

If you are willing to do fast skating, then you must give it a try inline skating. But for inline skating, you should be expert enough to handle the problem of falling.


When it’s about usability, you may ask yourself which skates are best for indoor and which are perfect for outdoor skating.

For indoor activities, you can use rollerskates, but for outdoors, you can select rollerblades. You can perform an artistic activity using rollerblades.

Stability and Ease:

When it comes to ease and comfort, roller skates will win the race. Roller skates have wider wheels, 30-44mm. At the same time, the rollerblades have a width of 24mm, which is smaller than the roller skates.

So, rollerskates provide more stability and comfort as compared to inline skates. If you are going to learn skating for the first time, you should be aware that roller skates will be amazing for you.


When you are flying in skating shoes, you may need to stop at some point. What will you do? Definitely, you have to stop.

Roller skates provide ease to stopping yourself. The brake on roller skates is located on the toe of the shoe. It will provide ease and comfort while stopping the skates.

In contrast, rollerblades have a break on the back side of shoes. So, you should be aware of the thing that you have to stop yourself when needed.

The most important thing you must learn is how to stop yourself before starting your journey as a skater.


Inline skates come with more versatility as compared to roller skates. You can easily use them anywhere, whether in a park, road, or urban area.

But in the case of roller skates, you can only use them within your house or plane area. Because you can not use roller skates in bumpy areas, you may fall.

Things You Need

Protecting yourself will from injury save you from high injury. However, you can save yourself from any big damage. A few things are required to start roller skating; let’s look at the necessary things.

Buy Helmet:

When trying to learn roller skating, you should buy a helmet to protect your head from injury. You may fall backward or forward during learning roller skating and hurt your head.

Elbow and Knee Pad:

Bring elbow and knee pads to protect them because when you start learning roller skating, you may fall, and injury may occur. So, you should not hurt yourself.

Buy Mouthguard:

Having a mouthguard will protect your teeth from outer injury. However, during learning, it is obvious that you may fall. To protect your teeth and gums, you should wear a mouth guard. When you fall, you may hurt your gums or your teeth.

Buy Gloves:

Bringing light gloves will protect your hands from injury during your learning journey. Furthermore, you can easily protect yourself.

Benefits of Skating

Skating comes with many benefits; let’s buckle them together.

benefits of Skating

  • The research says that your mood can change in five minutes if you do aerobic exercise daily. Skating is an aerobic exercise and reduces stress daily.
  • You will strengthen your lower body and get more strength. Skating involves the movement of the whole body.
  • Skating reduces fats. If you are willing to reduce weight, try roller skateboarding. Furthermore, it will increase blood flow in your body. If you are willing to burn calories, you can easily do it by skating, whether inline or roller skating.
  • Roller skating involves your entire body and also involves your heart. When you do roller skating, your heart pumps faster, improving your blood pumping. As blood pumps more, arteries will work properly and never get blocked.
  • When you roller skate, pressure will be on the sideway of your joints. Skating will improve your joint’s strength and power.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Main Difference Between Inline Skates and Roller Skates?

The main difference you can easily see is the arrangement of the wheels. While roller skates are designed for beginners, inline skates are designed for experts.

Which is Safer Inline or Roller Skating?

After much research, roller skating is proven safer compared to inline skating. You will get proper support in roller skating compared to inline skating.

Which Skating is Quite Easy?

Inline skating comes with many comforts, and when we talk about ease, quad skates provide more ease to beginners. So, if you are willing to learn something new, try roller skating.

At What Age Should You Start Skating?

In childhood, most children can not learn how to stand properly. At the same time, adults can learn any time because they have a grip on standing.

You can teach children the age of 4 to 5 years. At this age, they will become stable and learn to stand.


The difference between inline skating and roller skating is quite easy. Moreover, roller skating is quite easy and helpful for beginners. You can easily learn it without any issues.

In comparison, inline skating is quite different and difficult. Besides this, it is faster as compared to roller skating. If you have learned skating, you can try this but learn the basics first.

You can ask in the comment section below if you have any queries regarding skating. We will surely solve your problem without any problems.

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