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Roller Skates Vs Roller Blades: Which One is Best for You?

Roller Skate Vs. Roller Blades

Are you confused about roller skate vs roller blades, or don’t know which skating type will work best for you? You must learn the decisive factors between these two fancy skateboarding forms so you can easily choose according to your skating desires.

There are quite a few differences between roller skates and blades. As a beginner skater, you must understand which of them is easy to maneuver and stable. Or what are the average speed and wheel structure of both these types?

I am sure there are plenty of more queries shaking your mind; to answer all these questions, our pro skaters are always available to help you. Must read this informative guide for complete knowledge and the exact differences between these skating types.

A Detailed Comparison of Roller Skate and Roller Blades

To know the differences between skating and blading, you must understand all the crucial elements that separate them. It is self-explanatory that the roller blades will move faster and should be an appropriate option for long distances, while the roller skates are easier to move and learn.

As a beginner skater, you can’t rely on this difference only; in fact, you have to learn all the opinions of the pro skater to decide which way you should go. Here are pro skaters have compiled a list of these key factors to make this concept simpler for you:

Skating Speed

Starting with an important factor to break down these two skating forms. Most skaters are concerned about the speed of their skating gears or want to know which skating type moves faster.

The inline skates are faster than quad roller skates because of their larger wheels. You may also move quicker while practicing on skates quads, but due to smaller wheels, you can’t reach the speed of inline skates.

The roller blades also help you lose your body weight faster than roller skates due to this speed factor. Therefore, you must choose your favorite option from these skating types wisely and according to your needs.

Boot Flexibility

Whether you are looking for the best rollerblades for women or men, you must check the flexibility of their boots. This will give you better comfortability and style according to your choice.

The roller skating boots are identical to regular shoes and are not very supportive during skating. While the boots for rollerblading are quite rigid and provide ankle coverage. This will boost your confidence and helps you to learn this skating art more quickly.

Easy to Use and Control

Everyone is looking for an easy-to-use skater with better control underneath their feet. The process of accelerating and stopping should be easy for the rider, especially when you are looking for speedy rides.

There are plenty of options for roller skates for girls who want comfortable rides. These skating models will completely control your shoes, and you will never have difficulty riding on them.

Wheels Arrangement and Attachments

Another important aspect of these skating types is the arrangement of their wheels. The roller skates contain four wheels in all models, while the blading shoes are available on various wheels. You will see these numbers from four to almost ten, even in a single shoe.

Wheels Arrangement and Attachments

Besides these numbers, you also need to focus on the arrangement of these wheels. The quad skating wheels are available in a rectangular arrangement, while this plan is arranged in a straight line for a roller blade. A metal frame also helps these wheels to steady on uneven surfaces.

So, if you are a beginner skater, then four wheels setup will outfit you, but if you want a flashy and fancy riding experience, you can simply go for roller blades.

Comfortability and Safety

You must think about your balance and protection while skating on any of these two forms. These factors might not affect you if you need roller skates, but if you want to give your kid a skating gift, you will surely notice these important elements.

Safety matters a lot for newbies and children. You may not adopt this utility if you are a beginner skater and don’t feel comfortable during your riding adventures.

Similarly, pro skaters also need safety while practicing fancy tricks, so you must carefully choose any of these types by considering these two important aspects.

Overall Look

The roller skates men may not focus much on this point, but girls will definitely do. If you want to look cooler and become popular, you must need stylish skating gear on your feet.

Overall Look

The overall design matters a lot for fancy skaters. They always try to find decorative designs for their boots and blades with the name of their favorite skaters.

So, if you want to show off your skating style on a roller skater or rollerblade, you should choose any of your desired styles from various models.

Purpose of Skating

You also need to identify the purpose of your skating. This will help you choose the right skating type from these two options.

If you are a pro skater and want to cruise at insane speed, then you can go for the best models of roller blades for men; if you are a newbie or want to learn the basics of skateboarding, then you should choose a decent roller skater.


Finally, you have to allocate a specific budget for the best roller skates according to the features you are desired for. There is very little difference in the prices of these two skating forms. The cost also depends on the model and the features of your preferred skating product.

Besides this, you have to spend at least $200 for a decent pair of roller skates and almost the same in the case of roller blades.

If you are a teenager and want smaller size boots, then, of course, they will cost you less. You also have the option to purchase a moderate-cost roller skate and invest the remaining amount in its gadgets and graphics.

Bonus Queries on Comparison Between Roller Skate vs Roller Blades

If you understand the above differences, then you must read the following perceptions of newbies so that you get a complete idea about this art:

Comparison Between Roller Skate Vs Roller Blades

1. Which of them is Easy to Learn?

There is plenty of debate going on about learning rollerskates and rollerblades. If you are an experienced skateboarder and frequently use this board for outdoor activities, then you can easily learn these skating fantasies. If you are aiming for more speed, you reply on rollerblading.

However, if you are young enough in this field, roller skates suit you more. Most newbie girls love rollerskating as their initial journey because of better stability and flexibility; still, if you need flashy speed, you can adopt the best rollerblades for women.

Both of these skating types are not difficult to learn; it’s just a matter of your preference and fantasy that can drag you towards any learning. But, in the case of children, you must go for kids’ roller skates for their safety.

2. Which Type Helps in Weight Loss?

These outdoor sporting activities help you a lot to burn calories. Let’s need some help from science to answer this query:

Our skating experts have examined a few studies and found that outdoor roller skates will burn 330 calories for a 60 minutes ride for a 143 lbs weight. These numbers are almost the same in the case of women’s roller skating.

In the case of rollerblading, you can easily lose more calories than running or at least equal to this exercise. If you roll on for an hour and weigh about 120 pounds, you can easily burn 240 calories, which equals almost 12-minute miles for half an hour.

Besides all these numbers, if you add your skating speed, you can easily double these figures and reduce weight from any outdoor activities.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that people often ask regarding the comparison on roller skate vs roller blades:

Is it Easier to Roller Skate or Roller Blade?

It depends on your preference which skating you can learn easily, but roller skating is a bit easier to learn than rollerblading; because you will get a better balance and control over your roller skating boots.

What is the Difference Between Roller Skating and Roller Blade?

The major difference between these two forms of skating is the arrangement of their wheels. In the case of roller skating, the wheels are organized in a rectangular pattern, two in front and the other in the back. At the same time, roller blades contain three to five wheels in a straight row.

Is it Better to Roller Skate or Rollerblade Outside?

If you are a regular outdoor skater, you can consider any type of maneuver outside at insane speed, but if you are a beginner, you have to learn this art to a moderate level to cruise on a roller skate or blade at a higher speed.

Which Skates are Best for Beginners?

If you are a newbie in this arena and looking for the best outdoor roller skates, then you should go for inline skates to practice this art. It will give you more stable rides and the luxury of learning a few tricks.

Is it Hard to Roller Skate on the Street?

Most streets are bumpy and flashy, so it is better to do rollerskating on the road instead of on busy streets to protect others and yourself. You can also approach skating parks or specific places to fulfill this fancy desire.

Roller Skate Vs. Roller Blades: Which One Have You Chosen?

Whatever type you have picked from roller skating and blading, one mission has been accomplished to provide you with complete knowledge of both these skating forms.

These fun-filled activities have their own benefits and challenges but are extremely easy to learn and protect your foot completely. The boot size should be accurate and contain enough flexibility to roll on any surface.

Also, remember that control and safety are the most vital factors for both types. The overall look should be cooler and should match your desired style.

Finally, you must know which type of sporting activity you like from both these types and which skating form will help you to lose weight.