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Quad Skate vs. Inline Skate – What’s the Difference?

Quad Skate vs. Inline Skate

Sometimes, we get stuck between quad and inline skating while purchasing them. But the two signs are the same.

You may think both are the same, but that’s not the case. Both skatings are different and have different qualities and techniques.

As a beginner, I thought both were the same, but later on, I discovered that both were not the same.

I will share the difference between quad and inline skates in this article. However, you can also get an idea about which is perfect for you.

But wait! Before starting, you must know the definition of both skating, whether it is quad skating or inline skating. So, let’s get started!

What is Quad Skating?

Quad skate, also known as roller skating, has four wheels under the sole of shoes. However, it also comes with a brake in the toe position or front.

Quad Skating

Moreover, it has many benefits that will allow you to roller skate easily. First of all, we will explore the benefits of quad skating.


First of all, we are going to disclose the advantages of quad skating. Let’s go to read it.


It provides stability to the users because it comes with four wheels and allows you to skate easily. If you are a beginner and eager to learn, you can choose quad skating.

However, at the start, more people are afraid of falling, so the expert will recommend using quad skates for learning purposes.

Get More Space:

Quad skating gets more space as compared to inline skating. But if you are skating in a place with stones or hurdles, it becomes difficult for you to skate there.

So, you should select a place where you can not stick with any stone or anything else.

Use for Artistic Skating:

Quad skates are used for artistic skating, a sport similar to figure skating. In this, people will wear quad skates instead of ice skates. You can give the best performance on quad skates.


Quad skates come with brakes at the front of the skates. However, you can apply brakes whenever you need them.

But wait! How could you do this?

You need to apply the brake in a very slow manner. Like when you are going to apply a brake then, you don’t need to apply it suddenly, but you have to slow down and then apply the brakes by turning yourself.


Everything has pros and cons as well. However, you should know the disadvantages that come with quad skates.

Less Ankle Support:

As quad skates contain laces and don’t have strong strips for support. However, this will make it less effective when compared with inline skates. So, if you want ankle support, then you should go for inline skating.

Slow Speed:

As quad skates are slower as compared to inline skates. However, you can see the difference as quad skates have wheels covering a wide area and space. However, you need more power to drag these skates due to their speed slowing down.

Now, moving towards inline skates.

What is Inline Skating?

Inline skating is also famous as rollerblading for most people who have found to work outside. It is famous among those who want to participate in roller skating.

Inline Skating

However, you can easily learn about inline skating; let’s explore it without further ado.

Provide Support:

Although inline skates are not stable for beginners, they provide ankle support. When a person stands after wearing them, it feels like support is provided to the ankle. It gives better ankle support as compared to quad skates.

Consume Less Space:

As in inline skates, all the wheels are placed in one line. Due to this feature, it consumes less space during your skating. However, it gives you more stability than quad skating.

Wheel Clipping:

Inline skates are way more stable and avoid wheel clipping. Whenever your speed gets faster, you may want to stop.

What would happen if you couldn’t stop?

Your wheel may clip, and you will fall because of that clipping. So, the inline skate provides safety from wheel clipping.


Inline skates come with brakes at the heel of shoes. However, you don’t have to do anything special. All you need to do is lift your toe a little bit, and it will stop your skates.

However, you don’t have to learn new tricks and techniques to stop your skates. But! Which one is good for you? Let’s explore this together without delaying it so much.


Inline skating also has a few disadvantages that you can read below. Let’s have a look at those cons.

Less Stability:

Inline skates consume less space because their wheels are aligned in a line. But the problem arises with how you can get stability. If you are starting, I recommend using quad skates for learning. Furthermore, quad skating is quite safe and easy for beginners.

Which is Better Skating to Learn?

I suggest you go quad skating if you are a beginner, but if you have a little knowledge, you can go inline skating because it depends on you. But if you still have ambiguity and issues, you can learn the things below.

It depends on many factors that you should consider before purchasing skating shoes. Let’s see what those points are.

Understand Your Level:

First, you need to understand your level because you can easily purchase things for your skating when you know where you are standing. However, you purchase skating shoes, but if you can control them, then what will you do?

If you are a beginner, you should go squad skating because you must learn new tricks and tips. However, you can easily learn it because quad skating will give you maximum stability. But in inline skating, you need help to excel.


After selecting the skates, you need to check the product’s material because one product has many variants, such as various qualities from low to high. So, you should purchase a high-quality product that is better in condition.


Check whether you are stable with the skating shoes because when you are stable on your skate, you can go for stability because it will lower your fear of falling. So, you need to make yourself stable.


Having a grip on your shoes is no less than a blessing. Because if you wear shoes with less grip, you may have a high risk of falling. However, you can easily get shoes of your size; all you need to do is wear them and try skating in them. So you can understand which size is good for you.


Before purchasing skating shoes, you must look at the bank balance. However, you can purchase a skating board within your budget. There is no need to purchase any such things that are expensive or out of your range.

Learning new skills is good but keep it within your budget. Otherwise, you will be at a loss. So, keep an eye on the budget before purchasing anything.

After selecting the right skating shoes, you may ask about the place where you can skate freely. Let’s see which skating shoes you can use outdoors.

Which Skate is Perfect for Outdoor Skating?

This is the most often-asked question by people about which skating they can do at outdoor gatherings.

As you know, inline skating is quite fast compared to quad skating. However, you should prefer inline skating because of its speed and lightweight. At the same time, quad skating can be performed at home or the rink.

Skate for Outdoor Skating

To move outside, you must learn the skating basics and excel in the skating field. Later on, you can move on to performing skating outdoors.

But wait!

Why is Quad Skating Well for Beginners?

As quad skating provides you with perfectly balanced and perfect support to you. However, quad skating will put less pressure on your ankle and joint. This will minimize the impact on your ankle.

As a beginner, you may not focus on balance and fall easily. However, quad skating will provide ease and comfort for beginners. Quad skating provides ease for dancing, tricks, and roller dancing.

For beginners, quad skating is quite easy and provides stability. Moreover, you can easily learn tricks such as spinning and strutting. That’s why quad skating is well for beginners. If you are thinking of starting skating, you should prefer quad skating to learn the basics.

Can You Do Skating for Fitness?

Yes, you can do skating for fitness. Most people are worried about their weight loss. They can not lose weight easily. However, you can select skating as a fitness exercise. I suggest you start learning skating as an exercise. You may ask for the reason.

In skating, your whole body is involved, and in this way, you can reduce a lot of calories. However, skating makes your body trim and smart. Furthermore, you will become social, and your friend’s circle will also be increased. In this way, you can reduce your stress and reduce the chances of heart attacks or diabetes problems.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Better Inline or Quad Skates?

Quad skates provide stability and ease during moving. However, inline skates are best for fast-moving, and quad skates are good for learning. Furthermore, you can purchase inline skates when you learn the basics of skating. But both skates have break and wheels that provide you ease to maintain balance.

Why Are Quad Skates Harder than Inline?

Although quad skates are easy to learn for beginners on flat surfaces, there is a danger associated with quad skates. Because there is no tilt option, when you hit a small stone, there will be more chance of falling down. So, you need to take care of these things.

What is the Hardest Skating Move?

The Quadruple axel is recognized as the toughest move during your skating journey. However, you can not do it easily, and there are many problems associated with this trick. So, you should not try until you become an expert in this.

How Many Levels of Skating Are There?

After learning the basics of skating, you need to understand that there are many levels: primary level, juvenile, intermediate, novice, junior, and senior. You need to learn all the types slowly because if you directly jump to the higher level, you may get an injury.


As learning skating is not enough, you should understand the difference between quad skating and inline skating because most of us need clarification on inline and quad skating.

If you are a beginner and need to learn skating, go with quad skating but keep an eye on the budget. If you have experience, then go for it.

I have covered all the required information and hope you find this article helpful. If you still need any queries, please ask in the comment section given below. I will surely contact you.

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