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mayhem longboard reviews - Everything You Need to Know

Mayhem – A Good Beginners and Expert Longboard Brand

Today I am reviewing the most popular and high-quality longboard brand apart from the traditional skateboard suitable for all levels of skaters.

Mayhem Penny Board includes all the elements of the present-day longboard and has a deck, wheels, and trucks similarly. They are perfectly designed for new riders. The shape and proper weight sharing board allow the pro skaters to choose this longboard for their fancy stunts and tricks.

The purpose of this longboard is for more response, speed, and maneuverability that’s why it is designed with plastic material instead of using any maple or wood.

Still confused!

You need not worry about style and portability; this board is designed for all riding levels. You can enjoy any adventurous riding or cruise in your home town on Mayhem Penny Board in your way.

Let’s check out the attractive board styles and design patterns, but before that, you must read the exciting history of the Mayhem Penny Board.

Brand History

Mayhem Board has a rich history, and Ben Mackay, the founder of this brand, started their skating career at the age of just five years. He quickly hooked from his first mini cruiser to a modern skateboard.

Besides all this, the father of Ben Mackay was also a timber craftsman, and Mackay was playing with these timber crafting tools at an early age. That was when he decided to craft the design of a deck and make a complete skateboard by hand and later decided to opt for this profession as a full-time job in Australia.

Oh, man! Mackay was so crazy about this work and loved skateboarding by himself, so he became a well-known pro skater and a complete artist of designing top-quality skateboards for all levels.

Ben Mackay experimented on 400-500 decks and then finalized a shape of fancy skateboard now named as Mayhem Penny Board. He preferred plastic material instead of wood, which was more durable, responsive, and lots of fun to ride.

Mayhem brand launched their first longboard named Mayhem Penny Board in December 2014 in Orange-White colorways, which is still the ultimate choice of many pro skaters.

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Important Considerations

You might still be confused about what to look for in your Mayhem Penny board. Here again, I want to ease your hardship and shortlist some key factors which should be considered before buying your favorite Mayhem Penny Board.

Let’s move on quickly!

Design of Board:

The deck setup is an extremely important feature for any longboard. This board is designed for both experts and beginners. It is made of durable plastic material, which is the super flexible and ideal board for cruising and hill bombing.

The dimensions of this board are 22 x 6 inches in terms of length and width, respectively. It is constructed based on an oil slick design and is very responsive on all types of terrains.

Size of Wheels:

The clean white wheels are well-matched with its orange board. These super-strong wheels can tolerate all rougher surfaces and will never disappoint you at any stage.

The diameter of these wheels is 59mm with a hardness of 85a, which are available in different specs too, according to your preference. These gel rubber wheels give you extra stability to cruise on.

These wheels can spin quickly and gives smooth movements at higher accelerations. The ABEC 7 bearings give you the luxury to enjoy these two exciting features.

Truck’s Structure:

The trucks are made of high-quality aluminum, making the whole board very durable. They are large enough to protect you from any wheel bite. These trucks are available in 6 or 7 inches, depending on the board’s width. It depends on your ability level and riding preference and which trucks size suits you.

Riding Style:

Another essential factor to consider here is the riding style. If you are a freestyle rider and looking to show off some tricks, then you need a smaller board with flex wheels to do so. But if you need to slide on downhills at higher speeds, you have to select a giant board to enjoy this great adventure.


You can customize this board according to your preference and ability level. There are plenty of options available in panel and wheels sizes which can be chosen depending on the rider’s flavor.

You will also get a customizer tool that helps you to adjust bolts and screws of your board, wheels, and trucks. You can create your fancy board by applying your favorite graphics to it.


Dimensions of Board: 22 x 6 Inches (WxH)

Material of Deck: Plastic

Wheels Diameter: 59mm

Wheels Durometer: 85a

Bearings: ABEC 7 Precision Stainless Steel Bearings

Trucks Setup: 7-Inch Aluminum Alloy Material

Max Weight Capacity: 225 Pounds

Item Weight: 4 Pounds
Colorways Orange & White

Manufacturer: Mayhem

Where to Buy

Finally, if you decide to get this fantastic penny board, you should know your buying way. You can quickly get this tremendous board from any skate shop or sports-related shop.

You can ship this penny board anywhere around the globe. If you are not residing in Australia, don’t worry; Mayhem Penny Board is listed on many top-rated online stores at very reasonable prices. You can place your order from there, too, and get your beloved board at your location.



Since many people were looking for Mayhem Penny Board and were confused, I tried to present all the honest truths about this product.

I hope this guide with help you know about all the facts of the brand and all your confusions are clear now. The high-quality material and outstanding performance will never stop you from buying this super skating product. The lower-cost feature makes it easier to decide about this brand.

The brain of Ben Mackay is behind this excellent longboard product. You can get this Mayhem Penny Board from any skate shop around you or order online straight from Australia any online store near you.

Mayhem is reliable for all levels of skaters. Enjoy Skating!

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