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10 Helpful Longboarding Tips for Beginners

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Starting a new skill from scratch isn’t challenging if you are following the right rules and methods. All it takes is your hard work and dedication to be skillful.

Are you new to longboarding but afraid of whether you will be able to learn this skill or not? Do not worry because this guide will be going to save you big time.

We have come up with a lot of longboard tips that will surely help you in every step. Without wasting time, let’s get the article started.

Useful Tips For Longboarding

Have you ever tried to learn longboard but failed a big time because of not having proper guidance? It usually happens when you start learning a new skill without knowing the basics.

Whether you are a beginner, in an intermediate state, or have already become a pro, you can surely get some tips in this article to improve yourself more. Here we go with our longboard tips for beginners.

1. Learn the Basics

It is vital to know the first step before climbing the further stairs. If you have just started learning skateboarding then it is important to brace yourself with all the basic knowledge so that you can move further.


If you spend some time knowing the basic skills, your foundation will be strong and nothing will ever stop you to grow more and more.

Be comfortable with all the primary skills including pushing the board forward and backward and how to properly take a turn and how to keep your balance.

Once you are done with all these elementary abilities, move to the next tip.

2. Ride Solid in Numerous Positions

Now you have all the basic knowledge, you can easily learn how to ride in different positions. Be a versatile rider and do not stick to easy moves that can be done by anyone.

You must prepare yourself for more tricky and challenging stances or curves. However, do not begin with the complicated stance before learning the normal ones.

A few most common stances that every skateboarder learns are Narrow, Switch Stances, Wide, and downhill. If you properly learn them, nothing will stop you to be a pro in this field.

3. Practice Makes a Man Perfect

Practice, Practice, and practice. This is all that you need to do to be at the top. Practice as must as you can because every time you will learn something new.

Moreover, do not lose consistency because the more consistent you are, the more timely you will learn this skill. Whenever you get some free time, ride it.

4. Get Your Hands on the Correct Board

What type of board you have plays a major role in your success. It is important to get your hands on the right kind of board depending on your age, size, skills, etc.


As a newbie, you can not go for a board that is for professionals because it is how you will never learn the basic concepts. You can ask any expert about the type of board you should be riding at the beginning level.

5. Learn in Group Form

You might have often heard that when you learn something in the grouping, you do it in a better way.

It is better to learn longboarding tricks with your friends or any family member as it will not only excite you but you will also do your best to compete with them.

Group of people doing longboarding

This healthy competition will be good for you. Come out of your comfort zone and do challenges with them.

Moreover, your friends will also guide you to do better and they will pinpoint where you are at fault. It will motivate you to do better and in no time you will a master of this act.

6. Capture Your Riding Moments

If you are practicing with your friends then ask them to capture this practice on camera so that you can watch it in your spare time.

Person riding longboard in different positions

It is how you will better observe your practice and it will give you more ideas that how to improve your stances. There will be a clear picture of your practice that will motivate you to make yourself better.

Moreover, when you will capture, again and again, you can also compare yourself that where you stand now. It is another useful tip that you will not get so keep it in mind.

7. Visit Different Locations

Do not stick to a single location for practicing. Visit more and more locations so that you can enhance your longboarding skills.

Location for longboarding

Once you have done riding in a particular location, change it so that you can learn more and more. It will boost your confidence and you will be more versatile in your field.

Moreover, if you will keep changing the routes, you will be more skillful and you will better know how good you are.

8. Work at Home

You can not practice outside all the time because of changing weather conditions. Sometimes it is too hot and sometimes due to rain, you have to skip your practice.

However, it is not good to keep giving pauses. Why not also start learning in the home if you have enough space? Moreover, practicing in a small place will be good for you on so many levels.

It will keep you physically fit and you are not bound to perfect timings because you can ride whenever you want inside your house even in the offseason.

9. Keep Doing Exercices

Here comes one of the best longboard techniques i.e keep doing exercise whenever you find some free time. It will keep you balanced and will help you maintain your physique.

Exercises for longboarding

There are a lot of exercises that are good for people who are learning skateboarding. With exercise, you can easily heal if you fall from a skateboard and injure yourself.

Stretch your muscles to make them flexible. It will be clearly visible in your skills. It will also help you bring versatility in your riding and being a skateboarder, it is the most significant element.

Keep exercising and keep surprising everyone.

10. Falling is Good

Are you afraid of skateboarding because you might fall? What if falling is good for learning this skill? Yes, you heard it right.

It is important to learn this tip as well but do not fracture your arms or feet otherwise, you will have to take a long pause that might also make you demotivated.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

You have learned how to start longboarding but the guide is not ending as we have some questions for you that people usually ask regarding longboard beginner tips.

Let’s point out those queries as well so that this topic becomes more understandable for you.

Is it Easier to Skateboard or Longboard?

Once you become a master of both skills, nothing will be difficult for you. However, the longboard is safer to ride and you learn it more easily as compared to the other skill.

Moreover, if you have just started learning and you are at the beginning level, it is better to opt for longboarding.

Should a Beginner Start with a Longboard?

Yes, as a beginner you should learn skateboarding because it is easy and with simple moves, you can go a long way. If you follow the right rules, you will soon become a pro.

How Do You Use a Longboard for Beginners?

It is vital to start with the basics. Once you get the primary education of longboarding, the next moves will be simple for you.

After getting the starting education, start learning different stances so that you can polish your skills more and more.

How Do You Control Speed on a Longboard?

With practice, you can manage everything. To control the speed, it is important to practice twisting your legs. If your speed is low, you can easily locate your legs on the road which will make the board stop.

Why Am I so Slow on My Longboard?

Even after a lot of practice, if you are still slow then it is better to check the bearings of the board.

Sometimes, because of riding on muddy roads, the bearings become dirty and you won’t be able to speed up. After cleaning, you can easily manage the speed.

Final Thoughts

Skateboarding and longboarding are the two most fun and the best skills to learn that come with numerous advantages. However, people prefer the latter because it is easier to learn.

If you are about to take in this skill and don’t know anything about it, read this guide from the start and you will get a lot of assistance.

If you want to improve yourself and always want to give your best, keep practicing because it is the only way to jump from a beginner to a pro level.

I hope this article will educate you enough so that you can fulfill your dream of becoming a longboarder.

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