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Best Loaded Longboards Brand in 2023 - Ultimate Review

Loaded – Load Tons of Fun With This Longboard Brand

When it comes to performance and speed many longboard riders would not want to take any kind of risk. This will give them an opportunity to select the fastest, swiftest, and cheapest longboard. You can find them at all the major retailers and especially in stores online. Read through our brand review for more details on these Loaded brand longboards.

Whether you are aware or not,  make sure to check out our detailed review and analysis of the Loaded longboard brand.

User Level  –  Expert

When you think you are an expert longboard rider, make sure to select these longboards and you can have loads of fun with these fast, swift, and intelligent longboards.

Design (14/15)

The esthetic designs of these longboards are highly appreciable. This being said, when you want to achieve very high speeds, then it is a must and should that you choose the aerodynamically engineered longboards.

Riding Style (15/20)

Whatever style you ride, you would definitely want to associate that with your speed. The style defines the exact

Wheels (9/20 )

The wheels are basically made out of urethane and other modern techniques. They are easily worn out though and have to be very frequently replaced. Somehow this is the odd feature which the Loaded company needs to take care of.

Trucks  (9/10)

The trucks for Loaded brand longboards are mainly meant for high-speed riding, especially downhill riding. This will give you greater flexibility and smoother riding when you plan on riding downhill or even going for freeriding.

Deck (10/15)

Most of the decks have a contemporary style and are very attractive. The design and color of the front and back portion of the deck are quite impressive and are very much reliable.

Bushing (4/10)

The bushings are relatively poor quality and the Loaded brand must really do something about this. Besides this, bushings are to be adjusted slightly near the tip of the longboard. This will give better speed control.

Bearing (2/10)

Bearings are even worse quality and hence we have given just 2 points out of the 10. The reason being, these bushings for the Loaded longboards can be easily worn out as they are vulnerable to rust. Although the parts may be available, it is still a hassle to buy new ones every time they wore out and replace them on your own or get them done outside.

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Check out our top 5 products here and read the detailed review of each product to decide what best suits you.

1. Loaded Dervish Sama Flex 2 New 2015 Graphic Complete Longboard With Paris V2 Trucks, Orangatang Stimulus Wheels

2. Loaded Tan Tien Flex 2 Complete Longboard With Paris Trucks, Orangatang Stimulus Wheels

3. Loaded Tan Tien Flex 2 Complete Longboard W/ Paris Trucks, Orangatang Wheels, Sticker Pack

4. Loaded Bhangra Flex 2 Complete Longboard Skateboard

5. Loaded Tesseract Premium Complete Longboard Skateboard W/ Caliber Trucks, Orangatang Wheels

Compared to various positive as well as negative reviews provided by many real buyers on store online, we can conclude that this loaded longboard brand is relatively popular as much as Gravity brand. Hence the overall customer score calculated based on the average ratings, we can say that it is around 4.0 out of 5.0.



When you compare both Gravities as well as Loaded longboard brands, there is not much of a difference except in a few longboard parts. When you think you are an expert who can ride this longboard, then make sure you never miss out to rent or purchasing this longboard brand. If you are wondering what makes them so popular, their engineering is completely technical and is designed with an attitude in mind. They are mainly for expert riders, so beginners beware!