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Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete Longboard 2022 Review​

Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete Longboard Reviews

Krown brand is offering some of the best longboards for freestyle riders. Krown is recognized in the longboarding industry, and its high-grade professional models are achieving great success in the skating world. These boards can also be the ultimate choice for beginners and intermediate riders.

The Krown elites are ideal for hitting the hills and getting sideways. If you are looking for a drop-through board to sit lower to the ground, then this Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete Longboard is the perfect choice for you.


The center of gravity of these drop-through longboards is reduced. It would help if you had minimal effort to push these boards around, and you could breathe fresh air while skating for longer hours.

The construction of these boards is made of environment-friendly material. I am impressed with its artwork and Rasta Colors which look gorgeous at very first sight.

Your excitement is Increasing!

If you want to know more facts about this Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete Longboard, then stay tuned here!

The Krown History

Krown Longboards have been in the skating scene for so many years. They started their journey in 1996 with high-quality skateboards, which were offered on a very low budget. With more than 20 years of experience, the Krown brand has enough industrial knowledge to produce the best parts of skateboarding.

The boards of the Krown brand are strengthened because of its attractive graphics. They are backing up with unique designs, and anyone can fall in love with these boards just because of their themes.

The drop-through elite boards of the Krown brand are designed to make a stiff and sturdy board. They are lower to the surface and a bit shorter in size than a typical longboard. The freestyle riders and downhill racers get the primary benefit of these features.

The manufacturers of the Krown brand are improving their skating products based on their customer’s demand, which is one of the big reasons behind the popularity of this company.

Details of Products

The products of Krown longboards are pre-assembled professionally. You can take these boards to your streets or downhills straight out of the box. They are well suited to high-speed and freestyle riders.

The Krown Elites are made with environment-friendly material, and the aesthetic look makes them more unique. The elegant board of this freestyle Elite longboard provides a smooth riding experience on all terrains.

All the countless benefits of this Krown Elite are difficult to explain here, so I tried to summarize them in the following 5 points:

Canadian Maple Board:

This board is super durable because of its construction. They are made of 8-ply Canadian maple wood and offer riders a fair balance sharing policy. They provide sufficient stability, and this board will never wobble on any surface. The shape of this board is concave and provides nice flex for smooth rides.

This stiff setup is well suited for downhill sliding and high-speed ridings. The length is also ideal for all levels of skaters and not big enough to handle.

Top Quality Wheels:

The quality of the wheels of Krown Elites is also fantastic. They are built up with high rebound urethane material and ideally 70mm diameter. This size is ideal for both smooth and rough terrains.

These wheels have fast-rolling speed because of precision bearings, and you never feel any slow-moving situation with these super wheels.

Great for Sliding:

The Krown Rasta Elite Longboard is excellent for sliding downhills. You can race to downhills without any hitches at super-fast speed, and concave shape allows you to slow it down at any stage by just bending down while cruising.

The lower center of gravity feature will make you safer on downhills. They offer more stability and control over the board.

Nice Artwork:

The overall design and color combinations are awesome to watch. There are many excellent graphics, and sometimes it might be challenging to choose a perfect one for you from so many options.

The board is also covered with stylish grit blackish grip tape, which shines in day timings. It looks so bizarre while cruising on this board.

Super Lightweight:

They are incredibly lightweight and super flexible. You never feel any extra burden while performing your favorite trick. You can easily maneuver the board under your feet to enjoy fancy stunts. Most pro skaters recommended Krown Elite Complete Longboard instead of any cruiser or skateboard for learning basic tricks just because of its flexibility.


Dimensions of Board: 36 x 9.25 Inches (WxH)

Material: 8-ply Canadian Maple Wood

Wheels Diameter: 70mm

Wheels Durometer: 78a

Trucks Setup: 7-Inch Aluminum Reverse Kingpin
Griptape 80 Grit Black Griptape

Item Weight: 7 Pounds

Colorways: Rasta White

Manufacturer: Krown

The Krown Reviews

This model of Krown longboards has so much to like about!

The critical points of this brand are design, service, safety, quality, performance, and price. All these features are well appreciated by their customers. Most of their consumers rated them so high on top online stores. They provide a 4.5 or 4.8 rating out of 5 of these products. The comments section is also showing most of the answers positively.

Krown brand is also offering many promotions and flash sales on their website to attract their clients. By observing so much positivity about this brand, many skaters are approaching the company website to check descriptions of their products.



I hope you get a complete idea about Krown Rasta Elite Longboard. The unique and artistic designs are innovative and environmental-friendly in all aspects. Nobody can deny the beauty of this longboard.

This guide will help you to get complete information on Krown Elite Longboard. It will never break your bank and offer a complete longboard ready to start cruising on streets straight from its box. All the components, especially the deck, are constructed with high-quality material, and you will never disappoint with this efficient longboard brand.

There are zillions of people who express their love with this Krown Rasta Elite Longboard on various online stores.

You can reply in the comment section here to show your affection for this brand!

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