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10 Best Longboard Brands of 2023

Is This The Best Longboard Brands You Would Ever Longing To Have

When it comes to selecting the best longboard brands, you must know certain features and information related to the longboard brands before you decide which one is the best option for you. Longboards are very commonly used by kids, adults, and sometimes even aged people to commute from one place to another. Where vehicles and bicycles cannot slide through on the narrow roads, there come your longboards which can open up commuting avenues. You can not only commute quickly but also save money and time.

When you have an ample number of options to choose from a long list of longboard brands, it is very common to get confused about which longboard to select for your utility. When you are in such a dilemma, it is very common to make huge mistakes by choosing the wrong longboard. Well, here is when we come into the picture and pitch in our thoughts and research at your plate to help you figure out choosing the best longboard for yourself or your children.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in and start reading through without fail.

So, which longboard should you choose?

Choose the best longboard which satisfies all the customer needs and at the same time gives you a good deal of affordable pricing. We are here to help you out to choose the best longboard for your use. When you are in a confusion, we are here to help you select the right feature, cost, color, design, parts, and various other factors.

The utility is also important

Who does not care about where and how longboards can be used? The majority of the people would like to choose longboards which are used for multi-purpose functions. The reason behind this is, you can’t keep buying too many longboards for every single job of yours. At least you can have one more longboards which may perform many functions which suffices your needs.

By functions we mean any of these following activities:





Or simply commuting around the city to reduce traffic or reach remote places where vehicles cannot reach.

What helps us to decide the best longboard brands?

Choose the best longboard which satisfies all the customer needs and at the same time gives you a good deal of affordable pricing. We are here to help you out to choose the best longboard for your use. When you are in a confusion, we are here to help you select the right feature, cost, color, design, parts, and various other factors.

Based on our research, here are some of the important factors we do consider on your behalf:

 Analyze all the popular longboards available in the market.

 Check out various longboard brands and their worth to customers.

 Check their ratings and reviews.

Customer reviews are of utmost importance for us and this can help you decide which longboard brand and model to choose from.

We give the details of longboard color, design, style, purpose, shapes, and any accessory parts for you.

Especially our actual experience when using longboards.

We have various statistical tools which can analyze all the data from various sites and help you decide which are the top 10 longboards available in the market. Check out more.

2016’s Top 10 longboard brands we can help you choose!

Here are the top longboard brands which we are recommending to you so that you get a good knowledge of what they are and we can help you make your right choice. If you may be wondering what are the criteria we are considering in order to select these longboard brands and how are we exactly ranking them, then here it goes interesting. We have various analytical tools that study the customers who have been using, buying, reviewing, and rating these products. Once we gather all the data, we analyze them and rate them based on various factors like sales in 2016, reviews given by various customers (remember we consider even the negative reviews as well).

You can read their short reviews as given below; although the long reviews have more information, we promise to cover them all in the latter pages of our website.

Sector 9





Santa Cruz





Read a brief review of good longboard brands before you buy them?

1st: Sector 9

This is one of the top 10 best longboards you can ever find in the market. They have been in the topmost position for the past couple of years as per the 2016 survey report.  Why would anyone care for this brand if you may ask; these are very attractive, have high quality, excellent and apt size, great riding style, safe to use, high performance, and excellent technical support not to forget.

However, you can buy them when you have a good budget in your pocket. Whether you are a beginner or an expert longboard rider, Sector 9 treats you equally as they are very gentle, meticulous, and professional. Besides that, the models come in various forms so as to help you ride the way you want. Are you very curious to know more about the Sector 9 longboards? Make sure to reach us here!

Sector 9

2nd: Gravity

Gravity skateboards offer high-speed longboards which are mainly meant for professional sports. This clearly means that it can be ridden only by expert longboard riders. They are basically hailed out of San Carlos in California. The longboard’s pivotal turning point is the most important feature for accelerating the speed when riding this longboard.

Although it has many other great attributes, you should focus on the length of this longboard which is almost 47” long and 11 plywood really rocks. The nose cutouts, tail cutouts, etc are some of the great features to make the board work speedily. Why not check out our detailed reviews about Gravity here?


3rd: Quest

This brand is quite progressing well as compared to the previous years. Their marketing strategies features used, and quality has greatly improved. They have beaten all their drawbacks and reached this position in the market. Isn’t that applaudable?

 There is very little difference between the Quest and the Sector 9 brand. However, not to be left off is their customer requirements addressing methodology is simply exemplary. We have collected various statistics for this brand which can help you make the right decisions. Why not get to know some details on the Quest longboard brand? Check out our more informative and detailed reviews here.


4th: EightBit

This brand is one of the popular brands which offers various models of longboards that are released in the market. These longboards are of high speed, come with great styles and they are very rider-friendly.

These eco-friendly longboards are available for beginners as well as for experienced riders. Since these longboards are available in various colors, sizes, and shapes, people love to buy them even if they cost a little high. However, if budget is your only constraint, then please add a check on your limitations.

Don’t you want to ride safely? Most of the models from this longboard brand are safe to ride and light in weight. You can easily carry them in your arms when you are not riding them. Why know to get to know more about the eight-bit longboard? Read our detailed review by clicking here!


5th: Yocaher

Would you love to ride one of those trendy longboards available in the market? Then Yocaher is the best brand you should ever choose. These best longboard brands are persistent in the market overages now and have been maintaining the same level of reputation among all their customers for ages.

Their sophisticated design can help you tightly tie to the longboard emotionally as well as heartily. If you are a parent looking for something safe for your teenage kids, then this is the best longboard to ride. Check out more information on the Yocaher longboard brand here!


6th: Santa Cruz

These are some of the oldest in the market. They are there in the industry since 1973 and have been quite popular from elders to teenager longboard riders. Their 21st-century longboards are yet to gain more popularity and they are improving their design and marketing style day by day gradually and slowly.

They have been maintaining almost all the criteria in order to get the most attention from the users. Based out of Santa Cruz as they name their brand from the origin of the manufacturer, is said to be the next generation longboard brand every aged citizen would love to ride. Make sure to read out long reviews about Santa Cruz brands over here!

Santa Cruz

7th: Atom

Atom branded longboards were quite behind in the market. They have strived very hard to reach this place after a long struggle. These Atom brand longboards are quite popular for their fancy styles and designs.

No one can ever match their styles so far. Their cool colored longboards attract a wide variety of customers. As the cost is directly proportional to all the amenities the longboard may provide, you may be under the wrong impression. 

They are relatively cheaper and can be easily affordable by even middle-class families. Due to this reason, their rating has significantly improved over the years and they have been really those shining stars in the market. If you wanna know more about the Atom longboard brand, then you should definitely visit our long reviews here!


8th: Mayhem

Mayhem longboards are quite popular for their high-quality and durable longboard models. Many longboards which they have been releasing are quite high-end and can be ridden by only expert longboard riders.

Although the design is 100% perfect as most of the customer’s acclaim, there are still many areas of improvement as per many customers. Hence they are slightly below the popularity list as compared to the other local longboard brands. Maybe you should read our detailed reviews of Mayhem brands here.


9th: Loaded

This brand of longboards is from California, especially from Hollywood city of Los Angeles. They offer very stylish, celebrity-style longboards that can really excite you. Vanguard is the most popular model from the brand ‘Loaded’. They are very scientifically designed. Meaning, the concave rails are very gently accented on the longboard so that you can easily spring off or even give the deck a look that it is ready to spring off from the ground when you are riding. Isn’t that really cool? 

A mediocre experience is needed probably in order to ride these longboards, although not an expert level of riding. The wheels however are mounted at the very edge of these longboards. The grip of these longboards is really awesome and hence can be used to ride downhill. Read our detailed reviews Loaded longboard brand.


10th: Krown

Krown offers the most innovative and modern technology longboards to all users. They are gaining more and more popularity because of their excellent finishing and innovative curves. The structure of these longboards is the reason the owners and manufacturers are also longboard riders. 

This gives a more personal touch to your longboards when they design them. You can either buy the entire longboard or make sure to purchase all their parts as they can be easily assembled. The individual parts of these longboards are easily available for purchase and very affordable. Wanna know a more detailed Known brand? Read here.

After reading through our thorough insight on the best longboard brands, you must now have a good or at least fair knowledge of how to make your longboard selection. We understand it is very common to get confused when there are so many brands available in the market. That is the main reason why we are trying to help you out by giving as much information as possible and helping you decide on your own.

For some enthusiasts having a longboard is just a prestige, while for many others longboard is a must for commuting whether it is inside the city of within the school, or anywhere else. Since most of these longboards are compact and very lightweight they can be easily used at most places.


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Now that you have read all our brief reviews on the 2016’s top 10 popular longboards, their ratings, this must have given you some idea of what you need and what kind of longboard brand you want to choose.

Our honest reviews are in no way biased with any longboard brands. We are just trying to help you with our honest reviews and let you know how it can impact positively or may be adversely on the contrary, in your day-to-day life if you select one of these longboards for your utility. Isn’t it better than not knowing anything at all and buying some longboard which you cannot use for what you want?