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How To Tighten Longboard Trucks - Step by Step Guide

How to Tighten Longboard Trucks

The Proper Way on How to Tighten Longboard Trucks. Frequent use of your longboard will cause the trucks to loosen over time. While some longboards require loose trucks for easy turning, tightening these components are essential for normal riding. Tightening longboard trucks helps achieve balance in riding as well as ensuring a smooth ride. It requires little effort and a short amount of time to accomplish.

You will need the following items to tighten longboard trucks:

1. Adjustable Wrench

2. Screwdriver

3. Steps in Tightening Longboard Trucks


Turn your longboard upside down. Lay the board on a flat surface such that the wheels are facing upwards. You can do this on the floor or an even table. Use a sturdy surface that can handle added pressure on top of it.

Step 2

Find the bolts on the longboard trucks. Locate the truck bolts on the longboard. Using the screwdriver, hold the screw in place by placing the tool on top of the bolt.

Step 3

Find the appropriate size of adjustable wrench that fits the longboard’s truck bolts. Get the right size of a wrench and fit it on the bolt. Turn the wrench rightwards to tighten the bolt. Turning leftwards will loosen the trucks. Turn the truck bolts to the right or left until you think you have made the right balance of adjustments.

Step 4

Test ride your longboard. Flip the longboard so that the wheels are touching the ground. See if the adjustments lead to a smoother ride. If it is difficult to turn, you may have tightened the trucks a bit too much. Go back to the first step to make another adjustment.

Step 5

Use your longboard properly. As soon as you have made the right adjustments, you can start riding your longboard again. Use it properly to prevent damages to your board. Do regular inspections of the trucks and other parts.