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How to Stand on a Skateboard - 3 Easy Steps

Skateboarding requires complete control and balance. To become a master in this sport, you need patience and practice; only then can you call yourself a pro. Have you ever thought about what makes a skateboarder professional?

When a person can make extraordinary moves without difficulty, he can be in an expert league. However, if you have just started skateboarding, start with the main and fundamental tricks and then slowly proceed toward the heavy moves.

So what are those fundamental tips that you should know if you are about to start this sport? To learn how to stand on the board with confidence. But how? let’s discuss below.

Methods to Practice Skateboard

There is a trick involved in standing on a skateboard that every newbie must acknowledge. Here I will tell the three most important methods that tell how you can stand on these boards.

1- Have a Perfect Posture

Standing on skateboard is not as simple as it seems. Skateboarding is about keeping your posture right, but how can you achieve a perfect posture?

Think about your Comfort Level

Your comfort must be your priority when it comes to riding a skateboard. Choose the posture where you feel the most comfortable because it will help you acquire further moves and skills. There are two most commonly used postures that every skater follows, i.e, Regular and Goofy. In Regular posture, your left foot is always ahead, while the situation is the opposite in Goofy.

The best way to know what is more comfortable is to check whether you are lefty or right-handed. People often choose Regular posture, but you must examine your comfort level first. Experience both postures to know the right choice.

If you still do not get an idea, visualize the entire scenario and then think about which foot you have placed forward while riding in hilly areas. It will work out.

Focus on Body Weight

Always begin skateboarding on a smooth surface because it will be straightforward. Ensure your feet must be in the shoulder direction. Throughout this process, the body weight must be smoothly allocated. How you can obtain a perfect balance will assist you in learning more tricks

Curve Your Knees

Here you need to move your knees onward by moving your butt down. At this point, ensure your body must be at the gravity center because it is how you will never be out of balance or out of control. Freely stand on the board; only then will you be able to maintain a proper posture. Never sink too deep otherwise, it will be hard for you to be in motion.

The Head must be in Moving Direction.

The last step to creating a perfect posture is to move your head on the moving side. If you have chosen Regular posture, you must encounter the motion direction. To overcome hardships, your concentration must be on the ground.

2- Never Lose your Balance

Once you have figured out a perfect posture, keeping the balance in any situation is the next step. The steps involved here are:

Carefully Stand on the Board

Your one leg must be on the board tightly, so you never lose balance. Carefully raise the second leg and bring it closer to the first one. Make sure the distance between both legs must be equal to shoulder width. You have already overcome the most challenging step if you successfully do this part. The skating speed must be normal, not too fast or too slow.

If this is your first time, you might fall and have an injury but most importantly, never lose hope; whenever you fall, stand again. It is the key to success.

Maintain your Feet position

Skateboard foot positions are also vital to check. As a newbie, the best technique you can follow is to keep your feet on the truck’s center. Trucks are the wheels inserted at the bottom of the board that help you to move forward.

The distance of both feet must be accurate to maintain an accurate balance. Never go to the next step once your feet are properly placed. Skating is all about having the right adjustment of feet, so this step should be done correctly.

Another important part of skating is learning how to shift or change the position. It will assist you in conquering difficult parts quite comfortably.

3- Take a Complete Feel/Vibe

The last and most vital part is to take a proper feel of skateboarding. For this:

Begin with a Soft Ground

It is vital to check the surface where you begin skating. Initially, it is better to choose grass or a surface with thick carpets. To become a master of numerous advanced and hard techniques, your wheels should never be rolled. On a smooth surface, the chances of rolling multiply. Hence, be cautious about these little details if you want to achieve big in skating.

Be Concerned about your Weight

How you put your weight on the board is also important to overlook. When you step up, always focus on the first foot first, and once you firmly place the step, go with the second foot.

Never Use Nose and Tail Board

You might come across different boards with slanted corners known as Tail or Nose. Avoid such boards, especially if you have just started skating, because it will raise your board. Moreover, you might suffer an injury or accident if you use such boards because you need to be an expert to get your hands on every type of board. Only pro skateboarders can use Nose or Tail boards.

Which Factors to Avoid while standing on skateboard

The chances of injuries are higher on skateboarding, so you must examine different factors and things to have a safe ride.

Never lose your balance at any cost. Once you have perfectly adjusted the first foot on the board, proceed to the next step. Being out of balance will lead to serious injuries.

Be cautious about the posture because you will face difficulty if your stance is not accurate.

The board you are using must be as per the requirement. As a newcomer, you can not ride on any board. Go for the one specially designed for newbies.

Never choose tail or nose boards because they are for pros or experts. You will fail to understand the tricks of this board.

Firstly, decide which posture is best for you or which stance you are most comfortable in at the start. Once decided, go according to that.

These are a few simple yet most important points that people often ignore but must be strictly followed.

Why Is It Vital to Stand Properly on A Skateboard?

It is important for numerous causes. If you are new to skateboarding and don’t know the fundamental tricks, the chances of injury or unpleasant accidents are huge. To avoid such injuries, it is important to make a complete balance, so you don’t go out of control. This proper balance only comes when you know how to stand on these boards. 

Moreover, standing right and firm on these boards is the first step towards learning this skill. If you initially fail, you will never be able to acknowledge tricky steps. It is why standing on these boards is important to learn.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

These are a few simple yet most important points that people often ignore but must be strictly followed.

Is there a proper way to stand on skateboards?

You need to learn numerous techniques to stand on these boards accurately. The first one is to make a posture in which you are highly comfortable. After that, focus on your balance; once it is achieved, take a feel of the board. The details of these steps are also described above. 

How do you stand on a skateboard without falling?

If you do not want to fall or face any injury, your balance should never be out of control. To achieve the right balance, focus on the right foot, and once you have perfectly adjusted it on the board, place the left foot. It is how the chances of falls reduce. 

Does falling off a skateboard hurt?

The most common injuries you suffer are the head, wrist, and shoulder. How badly you get hurt depends on the fall. If you have fallen at high speed, the injuries will be huge. 

Final Thoughts

Skateboard is a skillful sport; every person can never be a master of it. It needs practice, dedication, and patience to be an ultimate skateboarder. Always begin with simple tricks before heading toward complicated ones if you want to achieve something in this sport. The details for all the newcomers have been mentioned in this article so that they get notes. 

Before anything, learn how to get a comfortable stance and control balance. You have passed the complicated phase if you succeed in these two parts. I hope now learning skateboarding will be less complicated for everyone. Never lose hope, and keep learning because you can do it. 

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