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How to Slide a Longboard - A Beginners Guide

Have you just bought your first longboard but need to learn how to function it properly?
The most problematic task of riding a longboard is learning how to stop, for which you must know how to slide.

As a beginner who has just gotten their hands on these boards, it can be challenging. With tolerance and courageousness, you can proceed to the next level. Today’s guide will enfold every aspect of this sport, including the fundamental and next-level tricks.

Throughout the practicing session, your priority must be your safety because it is a risky sport, and your minor negligence can cost you. Let’s initiate this article with a simple definition of ‘What is a slide.’

What is a Slide

If you have already become a master of longboarding, you already know what this term means because it is the introductory part. However, as a newbie, you must understand each phrase deeply to acknowledge the intricate tricks. It is the art of knowing how to make the wheels break traction. It lets you retain the speed, whether riding on a smooth surface or downhill.

It involves your entire body position, weight, balance, and control. You must apply your full power unless you are content with the current speed. In the start, never pick hilly areas because they demand higher skills. Always opt for smooth or flat surfaces that only require initial skills. Now let me introduce you to a few crucial types of Longboard skills.

Essential Kinds of Longboard Slides

Below are a few elementary types that will also depict which one is for an expert and which is suitable for a beginner.

1- The Pendulum Slide

This Pendulum slide is flawless for a beginner because it helps you slow down the speed. It is also called the backside pendulum. In this slide, all you need is to devote the full power of your shoulders as you swing in the opposite direction and then move back. Your shoulder movement should be according to the direction of your board so that you keep swinging side by side.

Comprehending how to swing on the Pendulum slide is vital if you want to ride on other slides

2- Stand Up Slide

The second option is the stand-up slide, which is challenging for beginners because it entangles some complicated tricks you will learn with time. In this type of slide, you should not use your hands to slow down the board. All it requires is tricky carving and slightly moving your board. With a fair balance, you can successfully slow down the speed. Remember that while riding any board, never be out of control or balance; otherwise, it will cost you.

This kind of board might be challenging for you as a beginner, but if you have appropriately set the board and braced yourself with some fundamental tricks, you will overcome the difficulty regardless of the speed.

3- Pre Drifts Slide

This kind of slide is similar to the above but has a few dissimilarities. Here it would help if you used your hands to minimize the board speed. In this type of slide, you safely do longboarding on the roads. The braking power of this slide is exceptional because, in this type, you keep the board’s angle at 90 degrees. Hence, it won’t be tough for you if you are moving straight on the road at 90 degrees and suddenly need to make a turn. 

Moreover, at 90 degrees, both your wheels will not turn around as it can be done easily from a single side. Sliding below 90 degrees will be more effective while taking a turn.

4- Sit Down Slides

Above, you have learned about the stand-up slide, so one of the variations of that type is Sit down. As the name already says, here, you need to minimize the speed as much as possible. In terms of execution, it has many similarities with stand-up slides and can also be a great pick for beginners if you are familiar with the squat skill.

Hence, these are a few ordinary slide types you must know and memorize if you are about to learn skating and require some virtual guidance. After having exhaustive knowledge about each term, let’s move onward.

What You Need for Longboarding

There are some basic items you must have if you are about to slide because these items or accessories will help you from any unpleasant accident. Skaters’ life is not easy as there are many risks involved, so it is better to always work out for your safety. So those things needed in this process are:

Slide Gloves

You have to slide with your hands in a few longboards, so you must have these gloves so that you do not hurt. You can make these gloves at home, but it is better to go for the readymade without wasting time. The most cost-effective option that you can opt for is Rush Slide Gloves.

Slide Slide Wheels

It doesn’t need any details about why it is worth purchasing because, without them, you can not carry the board forward, so ensure the wheels are of good quality. You can buy them from different stores. The longboard wheels are of different types, including freestyle longboard wheels.


Unfortunately, if you fall from the board while skating, you can get a severe head injury, especially if the speed is too high. Hence, it is essential to cover your head with a helmet to save yourself from any major accident. Helmets are worth recommending even while riding a bike, so they are a basic accessory you must have. You can look for a few options: Triple 8 Gotham Helmet, S-one Lifer Helmet, Outdoor Master Helmet, etc.


Always keep one pair of pants that are not costly because they might tear up in an accident.

Hip Pads

If you mistakenly fall, you might hurt your bum, so never forget to wear hip pads.

Protective Gear

These gears help you to come out of your comfort zone so that you can learn something. You can never be a pro in skating if you do not fall. Hence, these gears will protect you from any major accident, even if you fall. Hip pads are a great option but do not forget to wear knee pads.

If you have set up everything appropriately before starting to practice, the learning will be much easier, so be conscious of all these factors if you want to polish your skills. There are a few other things to discuss; let’s check them below.

Important Tips for Sliding

Now brace yourself with a few tips to help you in the future if you are about to become a skater. They include:

How to Become a Pro

Success always takes time, as many things are involved in making yourself victorious in a particular field. So which aspects make a person pro in the skating field?

1- Practice is the Key

How many times have we heard that practice makes a man perfect? As we grow older and try to excel in a specific field, we realize how true this statement is. You can never be an expert on the first day of rehearsal. Various tricks and fundamental tips need to be memorized to move further. Remember that small tricks make a difference in skating, so never avoid them.

Skating or Sliding is all about errors and trials. You keep practicing until you are successful. Down hill longboard skating is an ideal pick if you want to know the difficulties of this sport and be a pro at it.

2- Accurate Board Setup

It might be an ordinary thing for you, but it does make a difference, so it is vital to understand whether you have set up the board accurately or not. If the longboard trucks and wheels have been accurately set up, it makes your journey a lot easier and helps you learn all the tricks more easily. There are a few fundamental rules to ride on these boards that include:

Sometimes you never know unless you are watching yourself on camera.

3- Remove Hesitation

Calm yourself and avoid hesitation because it leads to mistakes and blunders. You are never confident if you have just begun skating but try to overcome it if you want to learn heavy tricks. For instance, you are riding on the board at a fast speed and suddenly want to slide, but you are doubtful about how you should stop; here, the problem comes. If you keep on doubting, you will never master yourself.

You can cover this problem with the practice. The more you practice, the more confidence will build, so never stop hard work. Another great way to bring confidence is to keep assuring yourself that you can handle it. Sounds weird? But it works.

4- Work in the Rain

Have you ever did skating in rain? If not, then you are missing something vast. During rain, the ground is wet, and the traction is also less, so it is easy for you to ride comfortably. Moreover, the experience you earn from riding on wet ground also works out in your favor when you ride on dry ground. If riding on dry ground or a hill seems challenging, begin with the wet ground, and you will be more confident.

5- Capture Every Moment

Have you ever thought about seizing those precious moments when you are practicing? It has many attributes, including:

It tells where you are making mistakes and where you need improvement. Sometimes you think you are sliding properly or turning in the right direction, but after watching the video, the scenario is different.

It assures you how much you are upgrading in this field which boosts your confidence and you work hard.

You can show this recorded video to other experts to take advice from them.

You can share the video on your accounts to get some appreciation from your friends and family.

It is why it is better to record yourself if you are in the initial stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skating Longboard is a hard sport, but those who become a master fear nothing. Below are a few queries that need to be answered.

What is the right way to slide stop on the board? 

It depends on the kind of board you have purchased. For instance, on a few boards, you need to use your hands to slide stop, while a few require only shoulder use. I have given a few common board types above that tell how it is done.

Can you slide with any longboard?

You can easily slide with any board. Sliding is all about dragging the board so that the wheels work fine. Different boards are perfect for this purpose, including Pintails vs Drop Throughs, Arbiter DK Longboard, Vector 37 Longboard, etc.

Can you Slide on Soft wheels?

The most important point is comfort and ease. For sliding, the most appropriate option is hard wheels because they contain minimum traction. The harder the wheels, the easier it will be for you to slide. Hence, it is better to choose hard wheels instead of soft ones.

What is the best way to Power slide for newbies?

The Pendulum slide is the best choice if you are new to skating and do not even have basic knowledge. Here, you must pressure your shoulders to swing on the board successfully. Once you succeed on this kind of board, things will be easier.

What should be the maximum speed to slide the longboard?

Speed is vital when you are riding a longboard. ~30 mph would be an appropriate speed for sliding purposes.

Final Remarks

Do you know what the central part of skating or longboarding is? Flexibility. Are you flexible enough to ride on these boards, or is it just your passion that you want to fulfill? You can not jump into any sport without knowing anything. You should have the basic knowledge to assess yourself and your skills. Your comfort, ease, and safety must be your priority, so never compromise.

This guide has mentioned all the basic and important points that you must be familiar with if you are about to begin sliding or riding. Different boards are also given so that you can choose what suits you. A few tips are also available to make this journey successful. In short, here you will find the information that every skater must know.

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