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How to Skate Stairs - A Beginner's Guide

How to Skate Stairs 

If you now have a skateboard of your own, you absolutely must have known the process that brings you into a professional skateboarder. First of all, you must learn the basics of skateboarding in order to overcome all the small problems in your skills. And when your basic skill is stiff enough, you are totally able to challenge yourself with tricks. Continue reading for learning how to skate stairs. 

 Before you turn to the next level of skateboarding – tricks, you must consider some qualities. Such as, you should have skated your skateboard from place to place a lot. You feel comfortable while skating really fast. You feel like normal cruising is just not satisfactory to you anymore. Then it’s time you move on to the more advanced state of skateboarding that is doing tricks. 

How to skate stairs -Best Overview 

There are many kinds of tricks you may love to try and turn into your skill. Then there is a trick that you won’t be able to pass the stairs skating. Skating is a kind of art, and stairs skating is so too. To do this trick, you must know the definition of it. Do you think those skating stairs are just sliding down the stairs with your skateboard? No, it means you go down the stairs by jumping the steps of the stairs. 

To jump a few stairs is quite fine to almost everyone, but when it comes to being over 4 steps, with the unpractised, it will be a total obstacle. So before jumping on board of stairs skating, you must have some preparations. There are some notes you can refer to: 

The main point of  Skate stairs overview:

Following are the points on how to skate stairs so easily ;

1. You can start by jumping curbs. The levels should be increasing. It seems simple but it is important because it gives you the chance to practice balancing yourself until you’re used to it. Then you have a stable background on turning into stairs skating. After your skill is smooth, you can gradually change to a larger curb. 

2. It’s okay when you make mistakes at first times you skate. You might make wrong moves and might fall down on your skateboard. You will get better, but in such a situation, I suggest you should fall in a rolling position to lessen the damage the most. 

3. Take notice of your feet’ position on your board to endure your balance while the conditions of the background you are skating on change.

How to do the Ollie? 

The trick of leaping into the air while you skate down the stairs is called the Ollie. This trick is quite hard for newbies so you need to know how to do it carefully or you will get the opposite effect. Still, it’s the easiest trick so you won’t have to worry very much if you follow these tips: 

Steps to know about Ollie

1. You should put your feet real properly to keep the balance perfect. That your ball of the back foot should be on the edge of the tail and the front foot of yours should be in the middle of the board.

2. Lower your body to relax your knees and bend them a little.

3. You should remember the use of both your feet while jumping into the air.

4. You should kick down your board and adjust the timing real good to make your Ollie trick perfectly. 

5. One thing to remember is that you must slide your front foot and jump at the same time. It seems a little hard but you’ll figure out why when you practice it in reality. 

6. Some tips for landing is that you should touch the land surface with both of your feet and make sure they are not placed in the nose or the tail of your board because if your board is not sturdy enough, it may break in tragedy.

7. You must remember to bend your knees because it releases the pressure coming from the ground while you land so that it avoids your own hurt and your board damage.

Other tips to remember:

1. These will be some more tips in order to make your training even more effective: 

2. Persistence leads to success. You have to keep yourself stable and won’t be despondent after a few times fallen and got hurt. Believe that you will get over the hard time and success.

3. Concentrate on the speed you’re on. It decides your Skate is good or bad.

4. Always put your knees under relaxation and bent. Sometimes you can adjust your knees for the proper movements. You don’t have to be so stiff in keeping your knees bent in a state all the time, as long as you don’t let them be confused when the situation comes.

5. Your bodyweight should be centered on the board to keep all the balance yourself better. And meanwhile, you still have to set your mind on your board in order that it doesn’t break for any objective reasons.

6. Have luck and faith. These kinds of sport always bring along a lot of risks. But as long as you’re brave and persistent, nothing is impossible. 

I hope that all the knowledge I’ve learned is useful for your demand of doing skateboard tricks. And remember, whichever sports you are doing, safety is always the top quality you should set in your mind. Have fun!