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How to Shuvit - 8 Easy Steps to Follow


Tired of the already learned tricks and skills?

Want to get a bit more into the world of longboarding tricks?

You need not worry about it, as we will help you.

As with learning how to longboard, you usually start just by either free-riding or cruising all along and don’t want to explore more but trust me, the more you get into the world of longboarding, the more exciting it gets!

Likewise, skaters or riders who have already achieved the skill of ollie, which is one of the basic tricks to master while learning tricks for longboards, so as they have already learnt this trick and can do some rolls on jumps on the longboard to make progress with tricks further comes the art of shuvit and pop shuvit.

Now, what exactly is shuvit,


Most people confuse shuvit with ollie, but that’s not the case.

Ollie is about the rear tail hitting the ground, making a pop, but the rear tail does not necessarily need to hit the ground in shuvit.

You could perform shuv it by spinning the board using your back foot to kick the side of the board into 180 degrees, but for this trick to be flawlessly performed, you may need a few tries at first.

It’s also not as easy as it may seem because while kicking the side with your back foot toe, you need to maintain balance on the deck so that the deck doesn’t get slipped, making you trip off of it.

Furthermore, this article will explain a step-by-step guide on how to shuv it and how it is executed and maneuvered.

Step by step guide on how to shuvit and what points to be considered to shuvit

1. Proper stance:

In order to flawlessly execute shuvit, you need to start with maintaining a proper stance and getting hold of it.

So, there are two things which are needed to be considered relating to the stance,

Firstly, you can start with practicing just with the deck (alone) to create a proper stance for yourself.

Secondly, with the support of some railing, you can practice standing on the board and try to create the stance, or you could choose a safe place like a garden area or home where there should be a safe for you to practice stance.

Your stance should be created by placing your front foot just close to the front of the wheels somewhere close to the middle of the deck,

And your back foot is slightly out of the deck on the rear end. Lastly, your bodyweight should be on the center of the deck.

2. Bending knees:

After you are done with managing your stance, the next step is to create the accurate posture to perform the shuvit, and for that,

you should bend your knees slightly that’ll help create a bit of power in spinning the board because in almost all of the tricks to be performed, bending knees is a must to consider. 

3. Adding spin:

To add the spinning of the board, you need to kick the rear tail of the board with your back foot, and with that, the most important is to slightly jump and then kick the rail with your back foot.

For this to perfectly be executed, a proper weight balance should be created.

The kick should not be down on the deck rather, it should be to the sideways of the deck so that it spins sideways and not towards the ground.

4. Maintaining balance:

Whatever is to be done while you perform a trick or even stand idle on your deck, the central part is the balancing part.

Things could quickly get out of hand if you even have the slightest imbalance. So, make sure you properly weigh yourself on the board and try practicing to maintain proper balance. 

5. Timing 

Timing is one of the most essential parts to perform any trick on the longboard.

If you are timing your jumps, your kicks, and flips in a balanced motion, only then you must be able to perform it accurately.

6. Bringing front foot upright above after kick:

As soon as you kick the side of the rail with your back foot, you should immediately bring up your front foot for the front foot to not come in between the spinning board and make the whole move a mess.

7. Not losing board:

While the board is spinning to the front, try to hold it down properly with your front foot so that it doesn’t fall on the side, and ultimately you lose your board.

8. Landing:

The final and most important thing that makes the whole move either a treat to watch and perform or a total mess is a perfecting landing.

Now, for landing perfectly on the board, as soon as you kick the tail of the board and make it spin towards the front by placing and holding the board down with your front foot, 

You need your bended knees to relax a bit.

As the board is in control while you spin it towards the front, the tension and pressure should be relaxed for the board to be ideally landed.

Practice makes a man perfect!

This is not only a saying that needs just to be read or heard of, but it’s the whole truth.

And in the world of longboarding and skateboarding, patience and practice are more than essential to be done.


As this article is all about how to shuvit and what factors are essential while performing this move perfectly, it’s not just about learning the trick and fancying it, its more than just that because everything related to understanding the move requires steps and practice.

As there are countless ways of learning and mastering the art of shuvit, we have tried to cover the basic and all of the important factors that will make it easy for you to understand the concept of longboarding, maintaining its balance, your safety precautions, and all the related. 

The key to getting into performing various tricks and moves is ‘PATIENCE’

If you’re lacking patience, don’t consider even going forward with getting into moves and tricks enjoy the cruise and free ride.

But with the help of the above information, it’ll be a lot easier for you to get on with tricks and moves.

So, nothing to be worried about.