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How to Rock Fakie on a Skateboard - 2022 guide

How To Rock Fakie

After you can perform Ollie and how to heelflip, you should try this trick – ROCK FAKIE as the next foundation skill to be a skateboard master. Doing rock fakie is to pause yourselves for a moment before riding down to slide to the opposite side of the skatepark bowl. Remember to keep yourselves in balance and your wheels up on the coping. Good luck guys!

How To Rock FakieΒ  - Best Overview

01 – Ride the skateboard head to the bowl wall at a normal speed, which is enough for the front wheels would exit the coping when you reach the top. Stand with your front foot at the middle of the board and the last foot at the end. Keeping balance.

02 – Determinate the point that you would perform the rock fakie, keep the speed, head the board to the spotted point.

03 – Imaging what would happen when you reach the rock fakie point, keeping your weight on central while you ride close to the coping.

04 – Take it easy when you come closer to the top of the bowl. Stand up straight and prepare for performing the rock fakie.

05 – Right after the front wheels reach the top, start to shift your weight slowly from balance to your back foot. This makes the front of your skateboard could rise up.

06 – Continue the motion of lifting the front of the skateboard, keep balance.

07 – When your skateboard stops because of the end of the momentum, let your board rock over the top of the bowl via the middle of the desk.

08 – To keep balance and rocking, change your weight from back foot to front foot. Pause in a moment. Focus on keeping balance. Don’t pause too long for the first time.

09 – Open your feet, move your front foot to the top of the board. Keep central.

10 – Move your weight back to the back foot and be ready to get out of the top of the bowl.

11 – Using the weight to make the board move out of the coping. Still keeping your body straight.

12 – After clearing out the top of the bowl, let the momentum bring the skateboard move. You can crouch slightly to help your momentum. Replace the position of your front foot with the back foot. Continue riding.