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How to Pop Shuvit – The Easiest Way Tutorial

How to pop shuvit

Here comes the most classical skateboarding trick named the pop shove-it or simply pop shuvit. This trick is the combination of standard shuvit and the ollie. 

If you are looking to learn pop shuvit, you must be an ollie and average shuvit expert. It will help you to do pop shuvit more in a professional way. Many street skaters love to perform this trick to show their friends how experts they are. 

Ty Page initially invented this fantastic stunt in the early 1970s. Initially, it was named Ty hop but didn’t get famous and was later termed Pop Shuvit, which clearly defines the basic idea about the trick.

The front-side pop shuvit looks like a 180 ollie, but you have to do this without spinning your body. Your board needs to be rotated outward to perform this trick perfectly. 

It seems amazingly easy!

Sad truth, No!

You have to get off from your imagination and practice this tricky stunt daily. Its not much difficult to learn this trick, and the process is also simple enough to be understood. You might just need a week or so to be master of this trick. 

By the end of this informative article, you will become an expert on this trick. You have to do is read all the segments of this exciting guide.

What is a Pop Shuv It?

Several terms are used for this trick; you will see Pop Shuv, Pop Shove It, or maybe abbreviated as Pop Shuvit. There is absolutely no difference in these terms. Skateboard shove is the same stunt in which you are popping your board in front or backside in 180-degree spin without rotating your body. 

What are you imagining now?

You will get the answers to your dreaming question here: how to do a shuvit on a skateboard. The stance of riders should be natural. The skater lands on your deck similarly to in other tricks. It looks unique and exciting that this skating trick needs just a week to do it like a pro skater.

Backside Vs Frontside Pop Shuvit

Generally, Pop shuvit can be performed in two different ways; you can do it in the backside or frontside of your deck. The rider has to decide how to do a pop shove it. 

You are not allowed to touch the tail on the way down in backside pop shuvit. The landing process is a bit hard in this form of shove it. 

If you are thinking about frontside pop shuvit, you have to do it with your front foot. There is a risk of moving the board in the wrong direction in this type. You just need a slight push with your front foot to allow the board to spin in the right way. 

That’s how to do a shuvit in two different ways. You can pop shuvit on a skateboard in many more ways, too, but two basic types are backside and frontside moves.

Things you Need to Learn about Pop Shuvit

I think how to pop shove it is still confusing our readers. Therefore, some key elements should be considered before doing this trick professionally. Let’s quickly go through these points before moving towards our main topic:

1. Quality Skateboard:

A top-quality skateboard with robust components is required to perform this trick. If you brought a new skateboard, you need to cruise it on for some days to get used to it. When you get the idea of the balance and condition of your roads, then you will be able to perform different tricks, especially these pop shuvits. 

2. Protective Gears:

Never forget to wear your helmet and other safety pads. Knee pads are necessary with helmet. If you are sliding downhills and performing this trick on rougher terrains, wrist pads are also required. 

3. Grippy Shoes:

Shuvit foot position and its grip is so vital. Ideal footwear will support you to control your board and stay well balanced while performing and landing on your deck. 

4. Smooth Surface:

Practicing this trick in a skate park or any clear area is better. There should be no obstruction in your skating way. The surface should be smooth and hard so that your board will pop up appropriately.

How to Pop Shuvit – Step by Step Guide

You might know how to shuvit but are still confused about how to pop shuvit. Skateboard pop shove is the technique many pro skaters follow to show off their skills. 

Here I am going to explain to you the whole process in 6 easy steps; stay tuned!

Step 1: Wear your Safety Gear & Grippy Shoes

Before riding on your favorite board must wear skating shoes and all the protective gadgets. All the pro skaters are recommended to wear a helmet, wrist pads, elbow pads, and knee pads. 

If you are in the learning process of skateboarding, then these safety gears become more important to wear. 

Step 2: Place your Feet in the Right Position

Your feet should be placed at the exact position where they should be. The front foot should be adjacent to the front bolts of your deck at a slight angle in such a way that its heel is hanging off from it. The back foot should be placed near your skateboard tail. 

Must balance yourself properly in this position before going forward. 

Step 3: Bend your Body from the Knees 

Now, just bent your knees slightly to get ready for a jump. It will allow you to hang in the air for enough time so that your board can spin in a 180-degree rotation. Your hanging time should be well-matched with the speed of this spin. 

Step 4: Pop your Board 

You have to push the tail with enough force that it will smack the surface. This will generate a popping sound, and the board will spin under your feet. 

Quickly, move the front foot above the board during this pop shuvit. It will ease you to lift your foot from the deck. 

Step 5: Stay on top of your Skateboard 

Must observe the rotation of your board. You have to jump and hang on for a while, higher from your board. The deck should stary on top for your landing. 

Step 6: Catch it after Rotating

Lastly, you have to decide how to land a pop shuvit. You have to catch the grip tape of your favorite board with your feet. The perfect landing position is on top of the truck bolts. 

Your front foot should be near the nose of your skateboard, and your back foot should be along with the board’s tail. Now just bend yourself on the board to absorb any shock.

Step 7: Ride Away

Now just keep a perfect level of your board and control it. Just ride away with the best balance you have for your skateboard.

Our Verdict

Pop Shuvit is a great exercise to enjoy the fun of skateboarding. You just need to practice a week and remain focused on your goal to learn this trick. I am so glad to provide you with this informative guide about doing a pop shuvit on a skateboard. 

If you read this article with full attention, this stunt will become very easy. I will explain the key considerations that should be evoked before practicing this trick. 

Here you will find an inclusive step-by-step guide about this fancy trick. Follow these rules and enjoy skating!