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How to Nollie - A Complete Guide for Beginners

How to Nollie

To beginners, choosing a style to practice is overwhelming already, but then they have to learn how to do it properly. If somehow its direction is wrong, they can meet personal injuries. That is why there born this series of skateboard instructions for beginners. First things first we come to the nollie. To ones who have been researching, nollie is sounded familiar with anything? Ah, that is the ollie I mean! But this trick is the n-ollie, which means the nose ollie.

The ollie you do with the tail of the board, but the nollie you do with the nose. This is a basic trick that you should try to better enhance the other more difficult tricks in the future. Notice that you may not be able to jump as high as the guy in the instruction, but you will as long as you are patient. And your poping skill enhancement will mean something. Here is the instruction step by step!

How To Nollie - Best Overview

01 – Simple movement! You roll as any skaters have ever done with a comfortable stance and a comfortable speed. Your front foot is positioned in the board’s nose and the other one is near halfway up the deck.

02 – Start lowering yourself because you are trying to put pressure on your board. Prepare in mind your poping with the front foot.

03 – All in the ready position, you start to bring your pressure into a release by popping up and visualizing your skateboard’s upwards movements and the ollie in the opposite way.

04 – It is time to pop your nose. After kicking it you lift up your front foot real quick, but be aware of the timing because you must be in tune with the moving of the board’s nose.

05 – We are almost to the pop. Prepared to be amazed!

06 – Push the nose against the ground and quickly move your back foot towards the tail to ensure the balance on your board’s smoothy action.

07 – Use your back foot to take control of your board and keep lifting your feet as high as possible to keep your nollie to the same height.

08 – This is the balance stage. This has come to the peak, then your job is to keep it that way for as long as possible and your feet should be on the trucks.

09 – You start to head down after a while of balance, it is time to focus and hold your balance at your best.

10 – Your landing will be quick so you should be minded. Remember to land on all 4 wheels together and bend your knees to ease down the pressure.

11 – Take back your former balancing state.

12 – Chilling slide away!