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Learn How to Ice Skate for the First Time - Easy Guide

Are you interested in learning how to ice skate or want to know its basic moves with confidence?

This outdoor sporting activity not only gives you the pleasure of flying on snow but also burns your spare calories and improves your mental health.

You can get its training from pro skaters and acquire some quick lessons by joining the social groups of ice skating.

So, if you are skating for the first time or know some fundamentals, then here you will learn the art of ice skating.

How to Ice Skate - Quick Answer

Ice skating is not just the quick moves on the snow or a sporting event that happens every year. This outdoor activity will improve your mental health and relax your mind to a great degree.

It will also help you to burn your extra body fats and calories with a routine exercise on a perfect pair of ice skating shoes.

It is important to learn the ice skating moves with confidence; this will support you to understand its basics rather quickly.

You should not need to worry about occasional fallings, or taking it on the funnier side is better, but you have to avoid colliding with strangers.

Is Ice Skating Hard or Not?

Skating is a sporting hobby that can be learned with two weeks of workout sessions at any temporary rinks. All the newbies are shocked after seeing their buddies maneuvering freely on thin blades of renting skates.

It is not essential to instantly become an expert in this art, but at least you will know where to start in earlier stages. It is about practicing the ice skate sport instead of reading its fundamentals.

is ice skating hard or not

Most beginner skaters think that it is hard to skate on the ice, but it’s just the game of learning the basic tricks of ice skating, and the rest of this sporting art can be handled by its ice skaters.

Doesn’t it matter how old you are? If you like the ice skating fun and are interested in learning it, you will quickly get an expert on this sport by practicing it on temporary rinks or joining the social groups of ice skating for quick lessons.

The Best Way to Learn Ice Skating - 10 Simple Steps

If you are a beginner skater interested in learning the basics of ice skating, then you must arrange an ice rink to practice this art.

You might try various ice skating moves but couldn’t understand the exact procedure; you need serious guidelines to practice this art.

Learn Ice Skating

Here you will get all the necessary steps of learning ice skating in proper sequence so that you get the basic idea of this sporting activity:

Step 1. Wear the Right Outfits

Before moving to the skating rink’s entry point, you must dress up with the right gears. You should be comfortable with the outfits, especially the skating shoes, which help you confidently start your skating journey.

Most of the newbies ignore this concept and find trouble at the start. So, a perfect dress-up and pair of shoes will help you learn the skating art.

Ice Skating Outfits

Moreover, protective gears are also necessary to wear. It will safeguard you from falls and accidents. The knee pads, helmet, and arm guards are essential gadgets for beginners.

Step 2. Move Towards the Entry Door

You will find softer mats in most of the entry points of ice skating rinks. These rugs will help protect your ice skate’s thinner blades.

When you suddenly switch from these mats to concrete floors, you find it difficult to maintain balance.

You have to start skating on the ice very slowly and carefully, but once you get used to the current rink, you can freely maneuver yourself.

Step 3. Take Help from Rails

If you find any difficulty moving on the rink or harder to stabilize yourself, then you can hold into the rails to balance your body.

Some ice surfaces are more slippery due to excessive use, or your skating shoes might not be supportive of every surface.

Rails for learning ice skating

You may realize this later and find more effort in your initial skating moves. In such cases, it is better to take help from the supportive rails instead of falling frequently.

Step 4. Leave the Rails

Once you have the courage to ice skate on this specific rink, you can move away from the rails by bending your knees from one foot. This style will also provide the right flow to move on in the middle of the rink with a perfect balance.

Now you can swing your arms around and enjoy the fun of the best ice skates in your way.

Step 5. Get Yourself Ready for Accident

You have to practice an inevitable fall or skating collisions in your learning. It will help you learn how to get up quickly after every fall.

Sometimes you can’t push yourself to stand in a strange place, or nobody is ready to help you get up. This is the main advantage of practicing this sporting art in social groups. The pro skaters are always prepared to help you in every skating matter.

accidents during ice skating

Once you have fallen on ice ground, you should get up by putting your hands on your laps and moving one foot forward between your hands. Further, you can push your body in an upward direction to stand quickly.

Step 6. Never Stop Skating

Now you have to move forward after forgetting about this accident. Ice skating is an unstoppable game that always helps you skate on instead of worrying about the fallings.

Now you have to practice more about sliding steps and move towards learning a few ice skating tricks.

Once you practice the best ice skates for beginners and become a moderate skater, you should transfer to an expert ice skater in no time.

Step 7. Learn How to Stop

Another important thing in ice skate drawing is how to stop yourself at any stage. You have to bend your knees and push your feet apart to slow yourself down. You also can create a snowplow with the help of the flat blade to stop yourself in pigeon style.

Step 8. Gliding Practice

You can practice skating just like gliding on the ice. If you find any difficulty at an early stage, you can try it for a shorter distance and then move forward with confidence.

Gliding practice in ice skating

Step 9. Do a Dip

You can warm up your body parts by practicing a dip. It is a great learning art after understanding the gliding style of skating.

If your feet are well integrated with the skating shoes, and you are comfortable with the two-foot gliding, then you can easily practice a dip with flying arms on a single foot.

Step 10. Ice Skating is a Great Fun

You will surely enjoy this sporting fun from your heart whenever you are an expert in ice skating. You can spin or fly in the air with the best skating shoes as per your interest.

How to Prevent Falls and Accidents?

There are two different scenarios of falling in ice skating. One is you may fall backward, and the second is you can collide with someone.

There is a chance that you may fall backward with bend knees. It’s not the time to get tense. Relax yourself by sitting down and then get up with the help of your hands.

Secondly, colliding accidents happen; you should wear all the gear to protect yourself and try to avoid slipping right after any collision.

You have to prevent yourself from both these situations from getting hurt. If you regularly practice ice skating, it will become easier for you to control yourself in such circumstances.

Do’s and Dont's of Ice Skating


Pro Ice Skating Tips for Beginners

Now, if you are considering stepping into ice skating, check out the following tips and tricks recommended by professional skaters before starting your skating journey.

Ice Skating tips

These tricks will help you confidently learn the skating moves on your favorite pair of shoes:

Warm Up Yourself

You have to warm up your muscles prior to skating. This will help you to skate in a better way. If you live in colder locations, your leg muscles get out quickly.

You have to do basic stretching to get them going. The movements of your legs and tears will support your ankles to start skating.

Get Decent Pair of Skates

Make sure that you have the right equipment for skating. It’s actually your personal preference which type of skating pair suits you the most.

pair of Ice Skating shoes

You must be confident with your skating gear before deciding to start cruising in the ice skating rinks.

Never Look Down

The most useful trick for beginners is that they have to look in the direction where they are moving on. Most of the newbies are looking at their feet all day and never learn this skill just because of this reason.

It’s a great idea to keep your head up and imaginary move yourself far away from your location. This phenomenon also helps you check any obstacle or chance of collision at an earlier stage.

Wear the Shoes in the Right Way

Suppose you tie the ice skating shoes incorrectly; then, you never learn this art. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose with your feet.

Just remember this skating tip while locking your skating shoes that it should give the right support to your ankles. This will help you balance yourself at the earlier or learning stages of your ice skating.

Never Lean Backwards

You can save yourself from falls by not leaning back at any stage. The best way to practice ice skating is to bend your knees and push the weight forward.

Moreover, hold your arms and widely open them for a perfect balance. You have to keep doing these skating exercises all the time for quick improvements.

Get the Right Lessons

You should join the skating ice groups and share your experiences with them for the right lessons. The pro skaters will correct your mistakes and guide you to more accurate skating practices.

You can learn these lessons by visiting the rinks along with these social groups. This idea will help you to learn this art quickly.

How to Stop

Of course, there is no stopping in your skating way, but you must learn how to stop before ice skating.

If you don’t have a quick break setup, you can stop yourself naturally by bending your knees a bit more, moving your front toes in the direction of the inward, and pushing your heels out.

This trick will stop you in your skating shoes without any trouble.

Always Skate in the Right Direction

You can protect yourself from fallings and skating collisions by moving in the correct direction. It is better to follow the skating tracks clockwise and never try to slide the wrong way.

Moreover, you have to avoid collisions with strangers; otherwise, it will create a highly awkward situation in your mind, and you will lose confidence in ice skating.

Use the Temporary Rinks

You can easily find an ice skating rink near your location. There are many temporary rinks decorated on Christmas in all major states. You can learn the best skating experience by using these temporary rinks on these occasions.

Don’t Take it too Seriously

Ice skating should be the funnier side of your life. Whenever you fall, then never feel any embarrassment.

Rather, you can laugh at it and try to get up quickly in style. Never take this sporting habit too seriously.

Health Benefits of Ice Skating

The most important advantage of ice skating is that this sporting activity helps you in losing the weight in your body.

You can easily burn around 200 calories in just 30 minutes of regular skating. It is a much better exercise than weightlifting and helps you build confidence and self-esteem.

health benefits of ice skating

All the muscles of your body parts will be stretched and built in the right shape. You will feel a lot stronger body and mind with this outdoor activity.

Moreover, it will also give you a comfort zone and improve the overall mental health of the ice skater.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Ice Skate For The First Time?

You have to lean on your knees by bending your back and pushing yourself in the forward direction. This is the easiest way to learn the art of ice skating at earlier stages or even help beginners skating on ice for the first time.

Is It Hard to Ice Skate for Beginners?

Ice skating is a bit hard, especially for beginners but not impossible. Moreover, once you have learned this art and balanced yourself properly, you can easily fly away on these thin blades without difficulty.

Can You Teach Yourself to Ice Skate?

There is no trouble in learning the ice skating art on your own. If you teach yourself, the learning process may be slow, but it will give you perfect coaching to become the best ice skater.

Is It Hard to Ice Skate?

Balancing on thin blades seems tough to learn. The other basics of this art are simple enough. You just need a few weeks of practice, and if you balance yourself, you can easily maneuver on any skating shoes.

Is Ice Skating Well for Weight Loss?

You can burn almost 200 calories per hour with ice skating. You can maintain your body weight and extra loss calories by doing ice skating in a routine.

The Bottom Line

This informative guide helps you to learn the basics of ice skating. You have to control your nerves and the fear of falling.

It is better not to take this sporting habit too seriously and practice this art on rinks and with ice skate social groups.

This approach will help you to learn this skating art rather quickly. You can practice on temporary rinks or with rented skating shoes and always move yourself forward in learning this sporting activity.

Our expert team is guided on all the necessary aspects of ice skating. If you still have any queries regarding ice skating, then you can ask in the comments section.

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