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How to Heel Flip - Skateboard Trick Tip

How to Heelflip

Are you thinking about learning how to heelflip tricks? The heelflip is the most versatile move for any skater.

Many pro skaters love to pull off a heelflip to show their skating skills. There is a tremendous amount of practice and muscular movement behind this fancy stunt. 

If you are familiar with frontside ollie or expert of this trick, then heelflip becomes easier for you. The fundamentals of heelflip and kickflip are almost the same; the main difference between these tricks is direction. The board spins outward in heelflips and rotates inward in kickflips.

Exciting to learn how to do a heelflip!

It looks so fascinating to execute these classical tricks on your favorite skateboard and stay in a decorative pose with a safe landing on your board. 

So, without any further delay, Let’s move on to the main topic, but before that, you should know the fundamentals of heelflip.

What is Heelflip?

The most basic flipping trick in skateboarding is heelflip. It does take a little while and require lots of practice sessions to learn this skateboard heelflip. 

Rodney Mullen invented some flip tricks in the early 1980s. It started from that point, and many pro skaters are looking to master these fancy tricks by practicing long training sessions on their board. 

Many newbie skaters linked this heelflip trick with a kickflip. Nevertheless, there is just a slight difference between heelflip and kickflip about the spin direction of the deck. It is not so important to think about whether to perform heelflip or kickflip, you need lots of practice to expert yourself about it. 

Still confused about heelflip vs kickflip! 

Have a quick go to this aspect as well!

Difference Between a Heelflip and a Kickflip

The significant difference between kickflip and heelflip in the direction of the board in which it spins. For those of you guys who don’t understand the exact adjustment, the primary difference is that your board will rotate outward while performing heelflips and turns inward way in kickflips.

They are pretty similar in execution. During the heelflip, your entire board is snapped into the air away from the toes with the tail of the panel off and spins in an outward direction. In the case of a kickflip, your board is flipped in mid-air and a full rotation cycle in an inward order.

How to Heelflip: Step by Step Process

Now you are ready to learn how to heelflip. I will explain the whole process by breaking the heelflip trick down into ten easy steps, which will clear all misperceptions from your mind.

Let’s go through these steps one by one:

1. Get in Ollie Position 

You can start by moving your kick foot behind the front bolts from a regular stance. After that, you should hang your toes off of the longboard. Place the palm of your foot on the top of the trail of your board. 

2. Get Ready to Jump 


Push on your board and bend straight down as far as you can. It will allow you to jump up with both feet. Your both shoulders should be in line with your board. It will enable you to jump higher, and the landing process will also become easier for you. 

3. Flick

Pop the nose of your deck with your back foot sharply. This will flick your board diagonally towards the nose of your board in a downward direction. 

4. Continue to Jump Up

After that, you need to continue to jump up in the air and hang for a while. You can confirm this stunt by watching your board spinning around its axis underneath your feet. 

5. Spread Legs Apart

You have to confirm that this rotation is complete. The legs need to get down with the board to the ground. It should be spread apart in such a way that your front foot back up after flicking your board. 

6. Wait for it

Just hold on to snap in a pose!

Let your board rotate properly inward direction and wait till the front side of your deck is facing towards your feet. 

7. When your First Learning

Think about your first learning class!

Put your feet together in a similar way so that your feet should make this pose on the board. 

8. Slam Down

When you glance down to the favorite graphics of your deck, slam down your whole body towards the board. 

9. Land it

Lastly, you need to land on the board by dropping your legs down on it parallel to the ground.

10. Absorb the Shock

Your knees should be bent down and rolled away to absorb the shock with your legs. 

How to Land a Heelflip?

The landing process on the heel flip skateboard is critical here. The heelflip foot placement makes all the difference. Your feet should fly about the board, and heels hang off the deck to show your dreaming trick. 

After flying in the air, you need to land on the deck to avoid any danger. If you are not doing the whole process accurately, something went wrong. 

But if you are consistently landing on your board in a perfect rhythm, then you can consider yourself a successful heel-flipper. Never forget to practice this landing daily otherwise, you fail these ladders. 

Most Common Mistakes When Learning a Heelflip

The position of your feet is the most crucial part while learning a heelflip. If your legs don’t respond well or you can’t focus yourself, then you may harm yourself.

Don’t panic!

There are a few common mistakes that many pro skaters document. You have to follow the pet rules to do this trick, and once you are getting used to it, you will never be in any trouble. 

Just remember that you have to flick your board with your heel and under rotate the board higher enough to allow you to do a perfect landing.

That’s all, you done it within two seconds!

This Heelie technique is simple enough to perform but needs practice and confidence. It would help if you had some confidence in your personality to achieve this trick even in Front of a large audience. 

Final Thoughts

I hope you have learned all the essential aspects of heelflip and how to do this fancy stunt. The most important thing is to get your feet flawlessly maneuvering with the board. 

Many people, even pro skaters, are confused about kickflip and heelflip. This guide will remove this confusion and help you learn this heelflip trick in a detailed way. I explained the whole process step by step for your ease. 

There are some common mistakes that most beginners make in learning heelflips. I described these documented mistakes separately to get a complete knowledge about this trick.

Keep enjoying your skating days and do all your favorite and dreaming tricks in your way!

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