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How to Hardflip - 7 Steps Easy Tutorial

How to Hardflip 

Are you a long-time border? Your skills have been quite smooth and you really need some new tricks coming to your skateboarding to make everything more interesting? Of all the cool tricks, you may love this hardflip one. It’s gonna be a challenging thing for a risky board-skater who wants to refresh his/her boarding. 

Do you now have in mind the wonder that why is it called hardflip? Simply, it is because, in comparison with other flips, it is very difficult to master. If you want to refresh yourself with this, you know that it won’t be easy. Most people, even the professional ones, may think they can conquer this little trick with a few investments, but they are wrong. This is a trick that requires a lot of time and effort. 

How to hardflip  - Best Overview

The definition of one thing is what we should care about first when we try to do something new. So, what is hardflip? It is well-known as the combination of the pop shove-it and the kickflip. Some people think these flips are easy to do, it’s true actually but if they let the board passes between their legs it will be better than passing under the feet. 

Tricks You Need to Learn First 

There are two ways to learn the hardflip. One is you just bump into it right away and it will become terribly difficult for a newbie because of the complicated movements. But if you want the easier second way, you must know to do these tricks beforehand: 


 This is the trick in which you need to use your feet strength to keep balance and flip your board upon stairs. 

Frontside Flip

This is one of the most classic styles of skateboarding that they have been doing for a long time, especially in the 90s. It includes the styles of two flips which are the straight flip and the Ollie. Nowadays, it’s still widespread and is very necessary for training hardflip.

360 Flip

This is one impressive trick that will make you a hot and professional skateboarder in the eyes of every single person. Why? In this trick, you will let your board do a 360 flip before putting your feet on your board again. That will make the most outstanding performance ever. 


 This kind of flip also does flip 360 degrees like the 360 flips but has more concerns with the Ollie so it’s like both of them together. 


 This trick is a 180-degree style which means you flip the board 180 degree but do not let the noise of the board touch the ground. 

All of the flips above have something in common with the hardflip but are much easier. So, if you know to do these tricks perfectly, you will hold the most basic skills to act the hardflip and the training of your hardflip is just like the final step, as easy as cake. 

Some Tips to Remember Before Doing the Hardflip 

1. As stated above, there are some flips that you must master before getting into hardflip to make the training much easier. For example, the 360 Flip gives you the ability to flip your board easily which is very good for the hardflip tips. 

2. One important factor to make the success of your hardflip is your feet putting in the right place and in the right position.

3. The next thing is what every skateboarder and even the beginners know. That is about controlling the speed. Even you feel it’s totally fine but you really must know how to start a level of speed and keep it right throughout your skating for the best quality of it.

4. Your jump should be a little high in order to make your flip perfect. Or else, you might make your flip clumsily fail.

Doing A Hardflip 

1. The first time you do this hardflip, or even some next few times, you will still feel that this trick is so hard. But the more you do, the better you’ll become. 

2. You should choose for yourself a proper speed before getting started skating. Make sure you won’t give up when you see its process a little slow.

3. Your feet must be put properly as well. The back foot should be in your board’s center and the front foot is higher a bit. This can be the perfect position for your hardflip.

4. Make use of your back foot to pop up your board. When it comes into the air, it will be nearly straight up so the use of your back foot is necessary.

5. Your front foot will be used for flipping your board around. This can make you feel confused at the beginning times for it’s hard. But don’t worry, as I said, everything takes time.

6. The fifth step is learning to land on both feet. It is a very important step and you also need to spend quite a lot of time getting used to doing it.

7. Landing is not the end. Learning to land on both feet is one, and another is that you have to roll away after landing.

Some Warnings When Doing the Hardflip 

Everything you do comes along with a few risks that you should be aware of. To avoid those risks, you should remember clearly the short to-do-list of this hardflip: 

1. Remember to keep your foot at a proper height.

2. Pop your board with a medium strength in order not to ruin your board.

3. Notice the time, too. It is a crucial part that decides your success. If your timing is incorrect, you might be finished totally out of control. 

To sum up, I can say that all the tricks and tips you need to know are up above. Do you feel much more confident and feel that this Hardflip can be much easier? Remember, with patience, determination, and some tips, you will surely master this Hardflip as much as you want. Leave the idea of someone who can magically be proficient in a short time because this trick is very hard. Even the best can not master it quickly. But if you are persistent, you can be a master at it. Have fun! 

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