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How to Clean Longboard Wheels - Step by Step Guide


Got your new Best longboard wheels? Enjoying the ride? But what now when they are all dirty and smudgy? You need not worry about that as we are here to guide you through with it by a step-by-step guide on how to clean longboard wheels.

Everything requires maintenance, knowing that if you are passionate about something and want to do it for a more extended period of time, you must not delay the maintenance process as whatever it may be after some time, it must be maintained for you to make the most of it.

Similarly, if you want to enjoy the perks of longboards and keep them alive and working for a longer term, the first thing to keep in mind is that it must be cleaned and maintained after a while of usage so that it doesn’t wear off too early. And as wheels that are all dirtied up most of the time, keep in mind that they should be adequately cleaned every once in a while so that they don’t get clogged with dirt and end up getting blocked completely.

Step by Step Guide on how to clean longboard wheels

Below are some steps on how to clean longboard wheels:

1. By removing the longboard wheels:

So, to start with the cleaning process of longboard wheels, the first and foremost thing you need to do is

a. Detach the longboard wheels and other attached parts and then move on with the cleaning stage.

Now how the detaching part is done,

It can be done in several different ways, but the best of them is to have a skate tool or a wrench tool which will make it easier to detach almost all of the parts related to the wheels of the longboard.

c. Skate Tool

This is an essential tool to have in your backpack, and with the skate tool, the longboard wheels can easily be removed and taken off.

The skate tool is convenient and straightforward to use and maintain your longboard. Almost every task can be done with it, from removing the nuts from the wheels to completely detaching the wheels from the board, also tightening and loosening the wheels.

But even with no availability of the skate tool, some other tools can be used for it like:

c. Socket wrench

A socket wrench can also be used to remove the wheels, and it’s done by fixing the wrench onto the nuts of the wheels and then moving them in a direction where they gradually loosen up and then easy to completely detach both the bearings and nuts from the wheels.

2. Removing the bearings and hardware of the wheels:

Now, as you have removed the wheels from the longboard, the next thing to do is remove the bearings; a bearing is a small metal object with the wheels and hardware.

You must be wondering why the bearing needs to be removed.

So, the answer to this is that with the use of a longboard over time, the dirt may get stuck in the bearings, and they may get clogged, making it difficult for you to make turns on the longboard cause trouble while riding onto it.

3. Wiping down the wheels:

After the detachment of the wheels and their other parts, now what you need to do is

a. Get a cloth piece or a towel

b. Wipe down the dirt

c. Remove any rocks or dirt grains

d. Remove the gravel from the surface of the wheels

This way, with the help of the towel or the piece of cloth used, the larger particles of dirt would be easily removed

4. Soaking the longboard wheels:

For the soaking of the wheels, after you have removed the clogged particles of dirt and gravel, all you need to do is

a. Get a little tub or bowl of Lukewarm water, which is not extremely hot, just moderately hot

b. Soak the wheels into the water for about 15 minutes

By this process, even the particles and grains that cannot be removed by cloth shall be removed, leaving the wheels completely clean.

5. Scrubbing the wheels:

For the scrubbing of the wheels, what exactly you need to have is a

a. Brush

With the help of the brush and soapy water or even just water, you could quickly drain down the remaining dirt if it is still on there.

6. Using a proper lubricant or grease for bearings:

As for the cleaning of the bearings, there is a specific oil lubricant and grease because the bearing maintains the smoothness of the wheels and the longboard. Applying a pinch of grease for the bearings to work perfectly is essential.

7. Drying the wheels:

After all of the previous steps, now comes the drying part.

Because the wheels have been soaked and soaped as well now, they should be thoroughly dried up before getting any further.

For drying the wheels, use a

a. A dry cloth or towel

With the help of the cloth or towel, dry the wet parts of the wheels and just put them away for a few minutes so the air will complete the rest of the drying part naturally.

8. Attaching the bearings back to the wheels:

Now, as the bearings and other parts are cleaned and dried up properly, they must be attached back to the wheels.

9. Attaching the wheels back onto the longboard:

So, here’s the final part of the cleaning process of longboard wheels that is reattaching the longboard wheels back onto the longboard.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the bearing should be attached before reattaching the wheels.

As the wheels have been dried and cleaned correctly, you should re-attach the wheels using the same tools mentioned at the start.

Here’s how the cleaning process is completed.

but, before that, one thing is to be kept in mind

  • Cleaning the longboard deck

As you have completed the process of cleaning the longboard deck’s wheels, you should definitely consider cleaning the longboard deck because the overall look of the longboard might not look very pleasing with just the cleaned wheels and bearing, while the longboard deck is all smudgy and dirtied up.

These are the essential steps to be kept in mind while cleaning the longboard.

Our verdict

By keeping all of the steps mentioned above and cleaning the longboard wheels, we basically wanted to create awareness.
If you use the longboard as fun, whatever you keep should be kept well maintained to use it for a more extended period of time and make the most of it.

So, for the love of the longboards, you must not ignore the fact that the maintenance part of the longboard and its wheels, most importantly, should be cleaned and keep the longboard clear and well maintained.
We have tried to cover almost every aspect and possible step in cleaning the longboard wheels and their parts, but the main thing to be kept in mind is also that cleaning makes the overall outlook of the rider/person as well as the longboard pretty appealing and it side by side gives a self-esteem boost.

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