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How To Boardslide On Skateboard - Beginners Guide

How To Boardslide – Sidewalk Basics

One of the basic tricks for beginners is broadside. It is easy, but, definitely, you have to learn it properly unless you wanna be hurt by falling down. Step by step, we would show what you need to master this trick. One thing is you should concentrate to perform the technique perfectly from the beginning then you can easily smoothly enjoy it.

Remember to master Ollie’s move first. Then, try the trick with a low flat bar until you feel confident to perform it on the handrails. Good luck!

How To Boardslide - Best Overview

Following are the steps for mastering how to boardslide – sidewalk basics.

01 – Ride the board side by side to the flat bar at a normal speed. Don’t go too slowly because the broadside requires a certain speed to flow. Whenever you master the trick and try it on the handrails you don’t need this speed. The position of your feed is the same as the regular Ollie position. Struggling to approach the bar as parallel as possible.

02 – When feeling ready, imagine that you are ollieing, turning 90 degrees in the air, and landing on the sliding bar by the middle of your desk.

03 – Start ollieing. Use your shoulders to turn the ascent while keeping the contact point in your view.

04 – When you totally move from the ground, turn your board and concentrate on landing onto the sliding bar by the middle of the desk.

05 – Keep your body central when landing on the bar edge. Try to make the landing point is in the middle of the board.

06 – Use your arm to balance your weight in central. Then let the board slide naturally. Do not try to move backward or forward.

07 – When sliding on the bar, hold the position of your feed, keep the weight central and observe on the end of the sliding edge. Ready to dismount.

08 – When the board begins to exit the slide bar, use your feet to turn it to the original direction. Still keeping your weight central.

09 – Keep turning the board after it left the bar and is still in the air. This move should be fluid and smooth.

10 – Bend the knees when landing down with all four wheels.

11 – Continue to ride the board away.