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How to 360 Flip - The Easiest Way

How to 360 Flip

After a time of getting to know your skating board and experiencing enough, you will feel necessary to a few new tricks. 360 flip is a great choice for most people because of its attempt and medium-skill requirements. Many people do love this 360 trick! 

 How to 360 flip - Best Overview

60 flip trick seems to be an easy and appealing trick when looking from outside. But when you get into practicing it, you’ll see some really challenging problems on the way to the mastery of this trick. So in order to avoid or at least ease down the problems’ hardness, you will have to be sure of your basic knowledge on a skateboard in general and this 360 flip trick in particular. That’s the point of this writing. We’ll show you how to do the 360 flips properly with the position, moves, and the right result.  

Some Positions You Need to Know 

If you have been skateboarding for a long time and you are so sure that you can accomplish this trick effortlessly, you are wrong. This trick has more new positions that you may need to get familiar with first. In other words, you must know some kinds of other tricks to accomplish this trick with ease. 

1. Atom Drop through 10.6 x 41 inches


Obviously that you must know how to skate before doing anything with the board. Skateboarding is the most basic move of sliding the board forward. Without this simple skill, no trick can be executed. Also, skateboarding fluency also gives you better balancing ability and awareness of your body parts’ positions while riding. 


This trick is about your jumping and making your board flip underneath your feet horizontally. This trick is very good for training your flipping skill. 

Pop Shuvits 

The pop shuvit is a kind of flip that is quite similar to the 360 flips because it flips 180 degrees vertically, halfway of the 360 flips. Moreover, many skaters say that this trick is very useful for the 360 tricks to have better proceeded. 

Learning The Jump 

Practice jumping, because jumping is an important move in this 360 flip trick. Notice and fix the positioning of your feet on the board. You should practice the jump until you feel no hesitation to the move. Then after this, you will watch your feet to see where are they and fix properly if it’s wrong. After these 2 steps, you can proceed with the jump. 

Learning The Positions 

Usually, there is one foot that puts forward and one backward. You can decide that to your comfort. To mention the front foot, the best angle of your stand should be 45 degrees. Take notice of the distance between your foot and the bolts. If they are too closed, you should fix them as long as the distance is about 2 inches. The foot in the back is a very important one. It helps roll with the tail to make them pop and flip. 

A good spin is an important factor for your 360 flips. You should train your feet, especially the back ones because they deal with the trick all the journey. You also need to pre-start with some simple movements so that your feet won’t get a cramp or something that prevents you from doing the trip. Remember the caution! Also, your back foot should tilt for making it easier and move to spin the board in the air. 

How to 360 flip 2

You will not feel comfortable the first time and maybe a few other times after that, not with only the positionings. But all results need practice. What you need is good skills and persistence to chase this goal. And gradually, you will feel less and less weird doing it and finally reach the final point of training. 

Making the 360 Flip 

After improving your knowledge with the order of your stance and proper positioning, you have known almost every necessary base on how to do it. What you need now is a little practice. How to do it? It’s quite like the other trick. First, you skate your board normally, then use most of the power of your back foot to pop your board up and spin it at the same time. The key point is the scoop. Let your back foot be a little underneath the board, but don’t overdo it. 

The jump in here uses the jump in scissors kick as mentioned before. The height of your jump should be calculated properly. The height of your jump should not be very high, or else you will be late for the landing and end up failing miserably.

It also must not be too low or you will land before the board finishes the spin and your feet and the board is mixed up which will cause you terrible accidents. You don’t want that! So keep an eye on the distance. The ideal distance suggested is 2 inches. You can apply it or adjust it to your very best comfort. 

 How to get an idea about Flip 360

Some very crucial advice when you land is that your knees are bent. This is important because it releases the pressure you put on your board while landing. If pushing too hard your board could be broken, so can you be in an accident. If luckily your board wasn’t broken, you can stop your board from moving which means you have failed your 360 flips. 

 There is also one special note for the landing of this 360 flip which is not to land with your feet near each other way too much. This is a very common mistake that many people make. You must keep your feet spread out and not be too stiff. Landing on the bolts is highly suggested.

Don’t be too rushed if you have seen to have made some of the mistakes stated above. Every skillful and professional achievement requires persistence and hard work to gain. So don’t be lazy or despondent, you will soon achieve what you want! 

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