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How Much Does a Decent Skateboard Cost? (Price Breakdown)

Decent Skateboard Cost

Do you want to keep your expenses low while shopping for a skateboard, or don’t know exactly how much skateboards cost?

Skateboarding is not an expensive activity. You can easily get a complete set of components for your favorite skateboard at reasonable rates. But what about the hidden costs?

You haven’t thought of some additional expenses of this hobby which make it overpriced. Here pro skaters have revealed some tricks to save you from these extra prices associated with skateboarding.

Different Types Of Skateboards

Before straightaway jumping to the cost section of a complete skateboard, you must know the variety of skateboard types for better understanding.

If you are looking for a complete skateboard that fulfills all your skating desires, then our cost breakdown section will become a decisive factor, and you can easily pick the best skateboard at a reasonable price.

But before that, just focus on the following types of skateboards:

Old School Skateboards

The traditional format of the skateboard is the most famous skating type and can be used for any purpose.

Old School Skateboards

They are the best boards for all skating purposes; you can use them for racing or downhill cruising with your favorite skater printed on its deck. You will see unlimited designs of these old-school decks.

These boards can be considered for transportation and are ideal for learning skating basics.

Cruiser Boards

The dimensions of a cruiser board are 8.5 inches to 10 inches in width and 36 inches to 42 inches in terms of length.

Cruiser Boards

They usually perform well on flat terrains, and most teenage cruisers use these boards for cruising on their college campuses or rocking streets. Again, these are stable boards and great for learning fancy tricks or skating.


You must hear about a longboard! Many pro skaters recommend longboards to learn the basics of skating because they are long enough to stand on it comfortably.

The wheels are also softer for easy maneuvering. Therefore, if you are looking for the best skating tool for longer commutations, you must pick a longboard from this list.

Mini Skateboards

If you have a kid fan of skating, you can get a mini skateboard for your children as a gift and start your skating career on it with full command.

Mini Skateboards

They are just made for little kids to learn the skating art and perform extravagant tricks. The mini board dimensions range from 6.75 inches to 7.25 inches, which is even great for teenagers to stand on comfortably.

Mini Cruisers

The mini cruisers are also just like the mini skateboards, but the wheels of these skaters are a bit wider and softer in nature. that’s why many professional skaters never recommend performing fancy tricks on these skateboards.

Mini Cruisers

Breaking Down The Cost Of A Complete Skateboard

The average cost of a skateboard depends on three major components: a deck, wheels, and trucks.

Whether you are looking for a custom-built skateboard or purchase a pre-built board, you will notice different types of skateboards with an infinite number of brands.

It’s quite a tough task to judge the skateboard price will so many options around you. To make things easier for you, we have broken down the skateboard cost into three crucial parts so that you can get an exact idea of how expensive a skateboard is.

Let’s get on to these points:

1. Cost of Skateboard Decks (Average Price: $30 to $90)

The cost of a skateboard is heavily dependent upon the price of a deck. You will notice some blank decks available in a sale; sometimes, the price of a well-crafted deck comes down to $30 to even lower.

As it is made of some maple layers, the number of layers is also varied in most cases, so you can’t precisely estimate the price of a deck in a shorter range.

You may see cheaper skateboard prices for this component and you can pick them also, but as it is the most important component of your skating tool, you have to choose according to your desire and skating ability.

If you select any branded deck, you have to pay a minimum of $50 for a quality board. Some pro models of a deck constructed with carbon fiber material can go up to $120.

2. Cost of Skateboard Wheels (Average Price: $15 to $60)

You must choose the right diameter and durometer of your favorite skateboard wheels. The average skateboard price may vary depending on the nature of these wheels.

Again, you will notice a huge price difference on skateboard wheels, and it is quite tough to estimate its price. The softer wheels constructed with polyurethane material are, of course, expensive.

However, if you choose the plastic wheels without any stickers, you might need to pay just $15 for this part of your skateboard.

3. Cost of Skateboard Trucks (Average Price: $20 to $80)

Quality skateboard trucks play an important role in the overall skating performance. A truck is made of various sub-parts: axles, hangers, bushings, baseplate, and a kingpin.

You can purchase these components separately or get a decent pair of trucks made with aluminum material. A single skateboard requires two trucks; one at the nose part of your board, and the other is fixed at its tail part.

If you love cruising in rocking streets and turning sharply on tight corners, then you must choose a high-quality pair of skateboard trucks which may cost you around $70 to $80.

Yet again, you can estimate your favorite skateboard rates after fixing the price of skateboard trucks.

4. Cost of Additional Skating Accessories

There are many other accessories too attached to your skateboard. You have to estimate the average cost of a grip tape for your deck, the bearings of a truck, the skating tool, and other hardware equipment for your skateboard.

Instead of calculating the skateboard prices of all its components, investing only $200 in a branded skateboard is a great idea.

Skating Accessories

It is easy to investigate the quality of each component of your skateboard and estimate its total price instead of going for a custom skateboard option.

It might go beyond your budget range of purchasing all the components separately and trying to fix them at your own identity to the company-fitted arrangement.

Some Hidden Costs Of Skateboarding

Whether you have invested in expensive skateboards or purchased a cheaper skating tool to fulfill your fantasy; you have to bear the hidden costs of various options. It will seriously affect the average price of a skateboard.

However, you can control these hidden charges and invest only on the right occasion to save some dollars. Let’s see how to minimize these hidden charges to control your budget:

1. Skating Shoes and Apparels

Currently, many skating brands are introducing their brand apparel and shoes to their consumers. Whether at the learning stage or looking to do advanced tricks on your skateboard, you must wear the right pair of skating shoes for your comfort.

There is no need to invest much of your dollars in clothing. A single trouser with two or three casual tees is enough to cruise in any skating park. Sometimes, you don’t need to purchase any special apparel for this purpose.

2. Protective Gears

Here check out the following table to estimate the price of your padding setup. It depends on your preference and skating skills and which type of protective gear you require.

Protective Gears for skateboard
Protective Gears Estimated Price Range
Knee Pads
$40 to $60
$30 to $50
Elbow Pads
Starting from $30
Wrist Guards
Starting from $20

It is not necessary to purchase all these pads. You should only invest in the gears which you think will protect you from falls and various accidents.

If you really want to wear a helmet, only you should purchase it; otherwise, there is no need to invest in it. Moreover, if you have a downhill terrain, you should buy a pair of wrist guards or elbow pads.

3. Training Charges or Other Hidden Fees

Lastly, you should consider the hidden fees of different parts of your area, or some training charges offered by different institutions of pro skaters or paying by joining the skating groups.

Here let me clarify one thing; if you have a thrill from learning this art, then it is easy to understand the basic phenomenon of skateboarding.

You just need to practice a few sessions on your friend’s skateboard and then buy your own after a few days to cruise it on. It is not necessary to add these training charges while investing in your first skateboard.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Average Price of a Skateboard?

A complete skateboard can cost you around $60 to $150. You may be shocked to see this big range, but it actually depends on the quality of your skateboard components and their types.

Some brands are also offering different rates for their various skateboard models, so the typical range may vary in this situation.

Is it Expensive to Skateboard?

Skateboarding is not an expansive hobby. Even you can get a decent skating model at $70 or lower. You can fulfill your skating desires on your favorite components and invest in them accordingly.

It is better to purchase a complete skateboard delivering all the basic components of a skateboard, instead of building a custom skateboard on your own.

How Long Do Skateboards Last?

The average lifespan of a skateboard is around one to two years. However, it depends on your usage and skating ability.

Some cheaper boards get broken within three months, but if you invest in the right skating model, it may last for many years, even on excessive use.

Does Skateboarding Ruin Your Knees?

Knee injuries are routine for a skateboarder because most falls occur at high speeds and cause hips or knee injuries. Investing some amount in quality knee pads to protect yourself is better.

How Hard is it to Skateboard?

Skateboarding is hard to get master. If you want to learn skating skills, you must protect yourself from falls, learn the tricks from a pro skater and maintain a high fitness level.

Final Thoughts

Now, you have a precise idea about this old-school skating activity’s open and hidden charges. If you can control the hidden costs of this sporting fun, you will save lots of investment by controlling our suggested points.

There is no need to invest in skateboard training or its hidden fees. It is better to purchase a high-quality skateboard deck, wheels, and trucks at the average rates mentioned above for each category.

If you save some dollars, you should purchase the best skating shoes or protective gear for yourself.