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How Many Calories Do You Burn With Rollerskating? (Answered!)

How many calories can you burn with Rollerskating

Do you want to know how many calories rollerskating will burn? Or do you want to know how much weight you will lose by performing rollerskating tricks? Then you are at the right place. I am going to tell you detailed information about the benefits of roller skating.

According to research, rollerskating is an aerobic exercise that burns 330 calories. You can increase the number of burning calories depending on how much exercise you perform daily.

However, rollerskating is the best way to improve heart health and burn as many calories as possible. Furthermore, it also reduces 50% of the stress on your joints. So, what are you looking for? Better than this? Then you should try rollerskating first.

How Many Calories Does Rollerskating Burn?

During rollerskating, your full body involves in performing the function. Due to this, it is famous as an aerobic exercise. However, burning calories depends on the amount of exercise done by a person or the body size of a person.

Above all, you can burn more calories if you exercise daily or rollerskate for more hours. This will increase the exercise of your body, due to which your body will involve more. After which more calories will surely burn.

On average, 200-300 calories are burned by an adult. But as discussed, it depends on a person or the amount of exercise performed.

An average-sized man will burn ten calories per minute, while average-sized women will burn up to9 calories in a minute.

But how many calories will you burn by a rollerskater in a mile? Let‘s find it together.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Roller Skating a Mile?

It depends on the amount of speed you travel during rollerskating. However, if you go faster, the consumption of calories will be higher compared to the slow runner. But you can burn 65 calories per mile. You should keep an eye on the number of miles you cover. So, you can measure the number of calories you burn during your journey.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Roller Skating a Mile

You will enjoy skating and feel like a kid. But you have to keep your protective accessories along with you. Otherwise, you may break your elbow or your ankle.

If you want to move easily or perform some tricks, you should wear comfortable clothes. Furthermore, it will give you ease and comfortable during your skating journey.

How Long Should You Rollerskate in A Day?

If you want to rollerskate in your free time, think about how much time you should give to rollerskating. It is an obvious question most people ask when starting a roller skating journey. So, you must be aware of this thing.

As you are familiar with, if you roller skate for the whole day, you wouldn’t be able to work the next day. You should know the time for skating in a day.

As a beginner, it is advised to skate for 30 minutes, but if you have the habit of roller skating, you can do it for an hour.

If you are experienced, go for 2 hours because it will build up your body and improve your muscles.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Rollerskating for An Hour?

Sometimes, you may become passionate about rollerskating and perform tricks for an hour, but you don’t know how many calories you burn during skating. For your convince, you must know about this.

Above all, calculating calories will help you to understand how much weight you will lose. However, it is beneficial for you to calculate it. If you want to lose weight, you must burn more calories.

To burn more calories, you have to perform more rollerskating for more time. Furthermore, you can easily perform this at your home.

But do you know the health benefits of roller skating? If not, then I am going to share the health benefits of performing roller skating activities.

Health Benefits of Rollerskating

Everything comes with many benefits same case happens with rollerskating. However, it has many benefits from the heart to joints. Let’s see how the benefits will affect your body and mind.

health benefits of Roller Skating

Improve Heart Health:

Performing rollerskating daily will increase the heart rate of your body. Performing roller skating will improve the muscular structure of your heart. However, the blood flow will also improve while performing aerobic exercise.

Furthermore, you can easily enjoy rollerskating new tricks and hacks. It will also improve your health. Rollerskating will also reduce the chance of heart attacks. Moreover, it will also lessen the chance of getting diabetic patients.

Above all, rollerskating will improve the flow of insulin in your body, which will lower blood sugar levels. In this way, you will not become a diabetic patient in adulthood.

However, doctors also recommend 30 minutes of aerobic exercise to diabetic patients. So, if you have diabetes or symptoms of diabetes, then you should involve yourself in rollerskating.

Improve Joint Health:

Running and roller skating affects your whole body. During rollerskating, your joints are also performing their function. Roller skating improves your joint health and strengthens your knee, joints, and hip joints.

You may think roller skating will affect your joints. But that’s not true, and it would not affect your joints.

Improve Your Balance:

Learning rollerskating will improve your ability to learn to balance. However, you have to do coordination during your skating. Furthermore, you will easily learn roller skating tricks if you learn balancing.

During balancing, you may fall down because of imbalance, but later on, you will become a pro.

Build Your Muscles:

Burn Not only calories but also reduces your weight. The main benefit of roller skating is that it will reform your muscles and make you a better person. However, rollerskating involves your whole body, and it also involves your muscles, abs, and glutes as well.

You will understand how much your body is tuned up when you lose weight. Furthermore, you can easily understand how rollerskating improves your body and health. Your body’s muscles will get the shape and become toned.

Makes You Happy:

Rollerskating will make your mood good. When you go outside and meet new people, you will observe a change in your mood. However, it reduces stress and improves the body’s health.

Furthermore, you can easily skate at home because it is quite easy to learn and an enjoyable game. Performing rollerskating tricks will increase the number of endorphin hormones in the body, making you happier. So, you have to rollerskate when you are sad or depressed.

You may be curious about learning roller skating. Right! Then you can keep reading because I will disclose what things are required for roller skating.

Things You Should Buy

Before getting started, you should purchase a few things for rollerskating. No matter, whether you are a beginner or a pro-level person, you have to purchase them.

things to buy for Roller Skating


Purchasing a helmet is a necessary thing for your skating journey. However, if you don’t have a helmet, you can not protect yourself from a head injury, which will also lead to death. So, take a precautionary measurement before it is too late.

Above all, you must make it clear that your helmet fits into your head and that you wrap the chin strap. It will protect you from any further injury.


Most of us didn’t bother to check the quality of our skates. If you purchase comfortable skates, you can easily perform tricks after wearing them.

However, if your skates are uncomfortable, you can not walk in them for 10 minutes. So, you have to take care of these things while purchasing your skating shoes.

Mouth Guard:

A mouthguard during roller skating will avoid injuries like breaking teeth, chin, and soft gums. However, you can protect your tongue and inside cheek also.

Knee and Elbow Pad:

As a beginner or as a pro, you must have knee and elbow pads along with you. In this way, you can protect your knee and elbow during rollerskating. Rollerskating is quite interesting but dangerous when performing on a hard floor or at a rink. It may hurt your elbow and knee as well.

After knowing the benefits of roller skating, you must know the risks associated with roller skating.

Risks of Roller Skating

There are many risks associated with roller skating. However, you must be aware of those risks, which are as follows.

When you start learning to rollerskate, rollerskating involves a high risk of falling and scratches. However, a bad fall will lead to a head injury or a severely broken leg and joint. So, you have to keep your safety set along with you.

Risks of Roller Skating

Rollerskating involves some speed, due to which you may fall. If you are injured or feel dizzy, then you don’t have to rollerskate in this case.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Roller Skating Good for Weight Loss?

Yes, of course, because rollerskating burns calories. When calories burn, you will lose weight, and your body will be toned, as we all know that 30 minutes of roller skating will improve your heart. It will also reduce weight-related problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

Does Roller Skating Reduce Belly Fat?

As rollerskate helps you to burn calories and improves your health. However, when you roller skate, you will burn fat which will, in return, burn belly fat, and you will get a chance to reduce your weight.

If you are thinking of reducing belly fat, you can do it by performing a roller skating activity on your lawn or performing it for 30 minutes daily.

Is Roller Skating More Tiring than Walking?

Roller skating involves your entire body’s movement. However, you can feel tired when you are doing or performing roller skating activities.

You will obviously become tired when you are skating or performing some physical task. In skating, your entire body is involved, while only your legs and hands are involved in walking.

Due to this, skating is more tiring than walking. So, if you plan to perform roller skating, you should perform it just for 30 minutes a day.

Does Roller Skating Burn Thigh Fat?

Rollerskating is famous for burning calories. So, whenever you are willing to reduce your thigh fat, then you must give it a try to rollerskating. Furthermore, you will learn how to reduce your calories, which will reduce your body fat.


Rollerskating will burn calories in your body. However, you will tone your body with rollerskating. Furthermore, it will also reduce the risk of heart attacks and diabetes.

You can see the difference in your body. But before performing skating activities, you should understand the basics of roller skating.

One more thing you should keep in mind is that you must know the required accessories for your skating journey. If you bring them home, there will be less chance of getting injured or hurt by rollerskating.

That’s it, guys; I have mentioned all the information about rollerskating. If you still have issues, you may ask in the comment section given below. Our team will surely reach out to solve your issue.

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