Gravity – The Speed and Performance Centric Longboard Brand

Gravity – The Speed and Performance Centric Longboard Brand

Gravity longboards are manufactured and first innovated in the USA. They have been in this industry for decades now and still have been continuing as the leading longboard manufacturers in the industry. This year they have been nominated as the topmost longboard brand among the other 9 options.  They are in the industry since 1994.

They are very popular for their high speed and performance. Because of this, they are generally termed as the number one longboard brand of the year 2016.

Why not check out the detailed analysis that we have done in order to help you out to understand more about the brand and the products they are offering.

To know more about Gravity longboard features, make sure to read this review in detail with an open mind.

User Level  –  Expert

These longboards are expert levels boards mainly meant for downhill, bullshot, etc. The performance and speed are what expert looks for and Gravity has it all.

Design (14/15)

The Gravity longboards are designed in such a way that they accelerate the board as they move. Performance is the major criterion for this wonderful design. Besides that, they are also very much suitable for high speeds and reliability.

Riding Style (19/20)

Whether you are riding downhill or freeride or any other faster-riding styles, then these longboards are the best.

Wheels (19/20 )

The wheels are tiny or medium-sized and are designed for swift movements. Besides that, they are mainly meant for high performance. The design of wheels is smaller because they can cut through the air easily without having to push air from a larger area.

Trucks  (9/10)

These trucks of gravity longboards are very strong and durable. They are well crafted so they are mounted and unmounted easily and do not automatically fall off or loosen.

Deck ( 10/15)

These longboard decks are designed in such as way that they suit anyone’s taste very easily. You can even order custom-made decks for a slightly extra cost. Decks are separately available, just in case, you would want to buy the separate part and then assemble it to a complete longboard.

Bushing (8/10)

There is sufficient friction between the bushing and the longboard’s base. Hence there is a slightly lower chance that the bushings get worn out that frequently.

Bearing (9/10)

These longboards have relatively high-quality bearings which are easily used for expert riding. Also, they are mainly meant for riding downhill or freeride or any other faster movements.

Don’t forget to check these popular 5  Gravity longboard products!

Make sure to check out our detailed reviews of each of these 5 Gravity longboard products. This will give you some more information on each of the products.

1.  Gravity Tres Palmas Pintail Complete Longboard Skateboard New On Sale

2. Gravity Drop Carve 41 Olas Azules 9.5×41 Complete Longboard Skateboard

3. Gravity Double Drop Karma Complete Downhill Longboard Skateboard – 10″ x 38″

4. Gravity 45″ Spoon Tropical Splash Compete Longboard

5. Gravity Downhill 36 M3 Deck 10×36/27 28″ wb Longboards

Compared to various positive reviews, these longboard brands have a great future. The overall rating of this brand is around 4.5 stars out of 5.0 stars. Hence they are growing very popular these days.

3. Gravity Double Drop Karma Complete Downhill Longboard Skateboard



After reading various features of this Gravity longboard brand, check out the top 5 products in this brand, you must have got at least some information on what this brand is all about. When it comes to speed and performance, gravity longboards are the best in the industry and at present, they are not to be compared with any other such brands.  However, with cost comes the quality and various other features. These longboards may be pretty expensive, but they are of great quality which you can never match with any other longboard brand.