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Cheap Longboard Under $50 to Buy in 2023

A longboard is sports equipment similar to a skateboard except that it is longer. Technically, the longboard is a type of skateboard, which is distinct for increased length. A longboard comes in a variety of prices, with the lowest prices below $100 and the highest ones reaching over $200. If you are a beginner, the most expensive and highest-quality longboard is not for you. You need to select something with which you can practice and subject to some use and abuse without worrying about the high price that you have paid for it. Thus, a cheap longboard under 50 is for you. 

 Considerations Before selecting a cheap longboard under $50

Before you jump into your first longboard, you need to consider a number of things that will help you land on the best cheap longboard. Here are some of the factors to take into account: 

     1. Your Ability Level:

For each level of rider, there is a suitable type of longboard based on shape, size, setup, and style. When assessing your ability, it is important to be realistic, as this will influence the experience that you will have with your longboard and longboarding itself.

     2. Your Riding Style:

In longboarding, there are different riding styles that each rider prefers, which are as follows:

Cruising or Carving:

This is the style that you are most likely to engage in as a first-time rider. You will be cruising on the sloped streets on your way to a location. This is the beginner’s riding style. 


This style is for experienced riders. You will have to assume the crouching position as you bomb hills at a fast rate. This requires stability and speed control for a rider. 


Just like downhill riding style, this is also aimed at experts. This involves riding down elevated places with a good amount of speed as you slide on curbs. This requires great speed control when a huge descent is on the path. 


This should not be confused with the freeriding style. Since unlike it, the freestyle is suitable for any level of rider. Beginners can engage in freestyling to learn how to control the longboard. On the other hand, intermediate and advanced riders can freestyle to develop new skills and tricks in longboarding. 

     1. Board Shapes:

No matter which shape of good cheap longboards you prefer, they are both suitable for beginners and expert riders alike. The Directional board is meant for only assuming a single direction, which is forward. On the other hand, the Twin or Symmetrical board can be used in any direction. It feels the same no matter what direction you assume. These two boards will only be better than the other depending on your riding style.

     2. Deck Styles:

The deck style choices are the following: Top Mount, Drop Through, Drop Deck, and Double Drop. The Top Mount is the type that comprises cheap longboards for beginners. Its center of gravity is higher as compared to other deck styles. While it is less stable, it is versatile.

The Drop Through deck is a more stable style, which is ideal for freeride and downhill longboarding. The Drop Deck has a lowered center of gravity as its trucks are constructed onto the board in such a way that the longboarder’s feet are sitting directly on top of these. This translates to better stability and reduced fatigue when riding and is perfect for downhill riding and sometimes, freeriding. Lastly, the Double Drop deck is the style with the greatest stability. It is the most expensive because of its difficult construction. 

The Best Cheap Longboards under 50 in the Market for Beginners Like You 

Here are some of your options for a cheap longboard under $50 for your: 

1. Best Choice Products 41″ Pro Longboard

You will think that a double drop longboard with reach hundreds of dollars, but the Best Choice Products 41″ Pro Longboard Cruiser is very affordable at its price of less than $50. The Maple wood board guarantees durability, while its aluminum alloy trucks together with its strong grip tape will help you achieve improved balance as your ride. Click here for more detail 

cheap Longboard Under $50

2. Kryptonics Longboard Complete Skateboard

The construction of the Kryptonics Drop Down Longboard Complete Skateboard is perfect for riding the streets as it guarantees durability, stability, and good response at play. It is ideal for beginner to intermediate riders who want a good amount of speed when cruising. Moreover, it is lightweight, which makes it easy to carry when not in use. Click here for more detail 

cheap Longboard Under $50

3. SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Longboard

The SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained is the longboard that is very affordable but feels like an expensive piece of sports equipment. It is perfect for a first-time longboard rider since it can be painted to add one’s personal touch to it. At its price, it is very reliable as regards its durability. Click here for more detail 

cheap Longboard Under $50

4. Kryptonics Complete Longboards 

Kryptonics Complete LongboardsThe Kryptonics Complete Longboards is a lightweight longboard at only 6.04 pounds, making it easy to bring. The board is made from hardwood maple, which translates to durability. It is also a flexible longboard, which allows great response when riding. Its trucks and wheels are made of durable materials which prevent cracking and breaking. For its price, it is a good first longboard. Click here for more detail 

cheap Longboard Under $50

 5. SCSK8 Professional Speed Complete Longboards

The SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop Down / Drop Through offers a smooth ride with a good grip tape, which makes turns more stable. The deck is closer to the ground, which means better stability and reduced fatigue for you as you ride this longboard. It can also deliver great speeds when riding. Click here for more detail 

cheap Longboard Under $50

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A good cheap longboard under $50 is the best option for your first longboard purchase. In choosing a longboard at this price limit, you should not sacrifice quality, just as you would with any price range. Longboards under $50 are also durable given the right care and maintenance. Since you will be using this equipment to practice your longboarding skills, be sure that the piece you choose will match your skill, goals, and preferences.