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The Best Longboards For Girls 2022 (Girlie Reviews)

Get To Know Some Of The Best Longboards For Girls

With the changing trend, girls these days are trying to get themselves more and more into longboard riding. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you must choose the best longboards for girls as they are very delicate, and are potential expert riders. 

Although girls can ride the same longboards used by boys, they still have certain unique characteristics that every girl would love to have uniquely. Hence it might be quite challenging to clearly say which longboard is most suitable for just girls. Besides that, every girl has a different attitude and hence each one may like a unique longboard.

Criteria/Considerations for buying these longboards for girls

When you are trying to select longboards for only girls, then you should think mainly about the tastes, attitudes, and likings of a girl. Only then you may be able to figure out which type of longboard really suits the girl. Considering various reviews and ratings on shopping, we can conclude that most of the users really use these girl longboards. Not only this, durability is a very important factor as you don’t want to be replacing the parts every six months. Besides this, they are racing longboards which are relatively cooler in nature.

Here are those top 5 longboards which every girl would love to have!

We considered these top 5 longboards for girls considering various factors such as features, pros and cons, ratings of the product, and customer reviews.

Get To Know Some Of The Best Longboards For

1. Atom Drop through 10.6 x 41 inches

Girls are delicate and tender and so is this longboard. It very well goes with a girl’s personality because the board is very flexible, easily rideable, and safe to ride. Besides this, all the accessories as well as the board are highly durable in nature. This can be used for all types of riding including downhill, uphill, riding inside the town, etc. 

The reverse kingpin trucks are quite unique and found only in these longboards. The axles are super handy when you are trying the downhill rides. This longboard is very safe as they offer excellent grip for a smoother ride. Besides, it is very steady and can be ridden with ease.

Get To Know Some Of The Best Longboards For Girls1

2. Quest Super Cruiser Artisan

These are the best longboards for girls. Young women riders are very happy riding this longboard, as not much experience is needed because of its structure and the way it is constructed. The pintail deck is well laminated with vibrant colors and designs. 

The maple board protects from wheel bites. The aluminum trucks offer high-speed rides and are very durable in nature. Hence it can withstand any type of weather conditions and still remain intact. This is considered the most reliable longboard for girls and has been world recognized. Well, as the name says Arisan longboards are cruisers and can be used by both experts as well as newbies.

Get To Know Some Of The Best Longboards For Girls2

3. Yocaher punked and stained pintail longboards

Are you a girl who is fond of cruising and surfing? This one is suitable for experts and beginner riders. This longboard is the best-suited one for this purpose. These longboards are very flexible and are quite longer than the usual length. 

Since girls find it difficult to balance while learning to ride, these longboards are constructed in such a way that it balances your body and also move forward with great speeds. The trucks are quite amazing. These super cruiser boards are the best longboards for girls as they have inverted trucks that prevent wheel bites. 

The hardwood maple gives relatively good flex and is highly performant. People are attracted by their esthetics. No doubt they are highly stylish and have amazing looks.

Get To Know Some Of The Best Longboards For Girls

4. Yocaher Professional speed drop-down and stained

As an expert girl rider, it can be highly challenging to use these longboards. Dropdown is a kind of scary movie that girls might get scared of doing at times. When you are doing this with your longboard, make sure that you have sufficient practice. 

Besides that, a sufficient amount of grip is provided due to the concave nature of the longboard. It is designed in such a way that it is relatively closer to the floor, so even if you fall off the board, you will not be hurt much. The harness levels in the wheel support multiple types of riding. How to Clean Longboard Wheels, you should read now.

Get To Know Some Of The Best Longboards For Girls

5. The 39 inches Atom Pintail longboard high speed

These expert longboards are very well suited for entry-level riders who have no previous experience, as well as most experienced riders. Because of this, most of the new riders begin learning longboard riding with these. The laminated board is most fascinating and amazingly carved.

They are called the best longboards for girls because the aluminum trucks prevent wheel bites, even in adverse conditions, and do not cause any damage to the boards even when you ride very roughly while learning. Best quality bearings and urethane wheels offer excellent grip and durability to the board. Enjoy the safest ride with these longboards. Hence it is very well suited for girl riders.

Get To Know Some Of The Best Longboards For Girls


When you are learning how to longboard, you need to consider a lot of options and factors before you choose your board. We have tried to list a couple of longboards that you, as a newbie girl rider can make use of. In this male-dominated society, women are striving hard to compete in terms of all facets of life including longboard sports. 

What you need is the best longboards for girls. With the trend moving from bicycle to longboard, you can carry them wherever you need. You may have a lot of your own preferences. But make sure to consider various factors when buying the longboards. Besides this, it is the beginning of a new era that women are standing hand in hand with men and competing with them. Hence a superior quality longboard is very essential for you.

So girls, go pick up your favorite brand longboard from our list and begin longboard riding!