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Top 5 Longboards for Beginners in 2022 (Reviews)

Wanna Know The Best Longboards For Beginners?

With the cheapest longboards for beginners going trend, people are moving more and more to like the longboards for their transportation within the city, school, or just on the roads. Hence they tend to consider the best longboards for beginners if you are a newbie in this area. Also, it is quite challenging to ride a longboard in case you are a beginner in this field. Whether you want to ride downhill or uphill or just within the roads of your city, unless you learn how to ride, it will be very difficult to ride them without learning. However, you need to have the skill as well as some amount of talent in order to ride these longboards.

Why should you consider these longboards for beginners?

We are making an excellent selection of the best longboards for beginners. So if you are wondering why should you even consider these longboards, then trust us, we are experts in this field and we only wish you the best. We have considered various factors such as longboard brands, size, shape, deck, other accessories, parts, and how easy it is for the beginners to ride and those which are helpful for moving to the next level of riding, etc. Besides that, we have done thorough research online and over product reviews on store online, ratings and listing of similar categories and have selected the best ones for you.

Top 5 reviews of best longboards if you are a beginner

When you are planning for longboarding for beginners, then you should consider several factors.

1. Atom Drop-Through 10.6 x 41.7 inches

The main reason behind selecting the longboard is that it is highly durable. This stable deck longboard is something that can catch everyone’s attention. Although the deck size is 41 inches, it weighs more than 8.5 pounds. When you plan to learn or ride longboard downhill, this is the most suitable one for balancing as it offers excellent grip to people.

Besides this, the longboard has excellent kingpin trucks which makes the boards very useful for cruising on the hills. Make sure to try out this safe and smooth riding best longboard for beginners.

2. Quest Super Cruiser 44 inch Artisan Bamboo

This longboard has a 44-inch deck which is almost 5.5 inches wide. As a beginner, it offers a nice grip to ride downhill as well as go on cruising. Whether you are going for a ride inside the city or going for a boardwalk, or just moving around the city, then it is the best choice. The longboard’s maple plywoods are very stylish and have a trendy design.

The materials assembled are very durable and will batter before indicating any damages. These bamboo boards offer excellent stiffness and smooth movement.

 Best Longboards For Beginners 2

3. Yocaher Speed drop-down Stained complete

Although this is the best longboard for beginners, they are also ridden by professional riders simply because of the style and high speed they offer. With an optimal dimension of  41.2 x 9 x 5 inches, they weigh up to 8 pounds. The trucks and ball wheels are suited for heavy-duty. The wheels are pretty hard and give a good grip. The deck is made up of Canadian maple material fixed with chrome bearings at the front ends. Since it is a beginner longboard, the board is closer to the floor, so you get more confidence while riding.

 Best Longboards For Beginners 3

4. Yocaher Punked stained pintail

When you are thinking of buying a Yocaher pintail longboard, make sure that you select the one which has a unique shape as it prevents the wheel from not having friction and leaves sufficient foot space. The trucks are quite long enough to make the board very handy. Speed rings are fitted in every ring. It acts as a shield between large axles as well as the bearings. Because of this it always ensures a smoother ride when you use Yocaher punked stained pintail longboards. This is also the best cheap longboard for beginners.

 Best Longboards For Beginners 4

5. The 39-inch Atom longboards

When you have budget constraints, then this longboard can come in handy in many ways. They are not only cost-effective but also help you learn longboarding from beginner-level experts. Hence you don’t need prior experience at all in order to learn and ride this kind of longboard. Besides that, the board material is robust and is very much resistant to changing weather conditions. Besides that, the wheels have excellent grip and ride. These are good during high-speed rides.

 Best Longboards For Beginners 5


It takes a long time to figure out which are the best longboards for beginners. We have done all the research for you and prepared the list. All you need to do is read through our reviews, check out the links we mention, and choose the most suitable brand for you or your loved ones at home. If your kids love longboard too, see more best longboards for kids !!

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