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Best Longboard Brands of 2023 - From Budget to Best

Is This the Best Longboard Brand you Would Ever Longing to Have

Are you keeping the momentum in your longboarding abilities and looking for the best longboard brand for yourself?

Longboarding is the most thrilling fun to enjoy and the fastest growing youth sport. Skaters use their longboards for different purposes. There is no perfect longboard in this universe that can be used for all stages. You have to decide its type based on some key factors.

What type of longboard should I get?

Choosing an ideal longboard according to your ability level and style is not that easy as it looks. The configurations of the longboard are versatile; you have to integrate these types which your ability level and skating style.

Here is the complete overview of these longboard types and the key factors that these types can influence. I hope that this informative guide will ease your choice of the best longboard brand to skate around.

Key Difference - Is it the Material, Shape or the Style?

Before going straight towards the types of longboards, let’s discuss the key factors and their differences encountered while purchasing the best longboard for money.

Based on Materials

The most common difference in best longboard brands is their constructions. They are made of many traditional, unique or environmental-friendly materials.

You will find maple, bamboo, and carbon fiber materials in the longboarding marketplace. The most expensive construction is absolutely carbon fiber. It is the lightest weight board available in the current industry. The major difference in maple and bamboo material is that the bamboo boards are laminated with eco-friendly material and contains more flex than wooden or maple boards.

If you love freestyle riding or downhill sliding, you should choose bamboo or carbon fiber. But if you are looking for a stiff board for long-distance commuting, you can go for classic wooden maple.

Based on Deck Shape

The shapes of your best amazon longboards are another important consideration to look for. Generally, the shape is classified into two different ways:

If you are a beginner and want to cruise in a single direction, pick a longboard that can only travel in the sole direction. This type of shape is referred to as directional shape.

Symmetrical or twin shape longboard is the second form in which you can enjoy the sensation of longboarding in both ways. The body of these types of boards is designed for easy curving and pushing. Check out any splendor longboard in this shape!

You might get more ideas about the shape of your best longboard brands in the upcoming section of this interesting guide.

Based on Styles

Finally, consider your skating style and match it with your long longboards. If you are a beginner and looking for an economical longboard, go for a top mount shape board. You can learn the basics of skating quickly!

You also have the option of a drop-through longboard. Pro skaters mostly take this flavour for their fancy stunts and skating tricks. Dimmable Bamboo drop through longboard is ideal for freestyle riding for better balance and stability.

What Type of Longboard Should I Get?

Longboarding sports provide you with endless options in their designs and types. I have leisurely considered all these options and summarized them into just five options. These categories will certainly cover all types of longboards. Must read these types intensely:


Downhill longboarding is the most popular form of skating. This kind of longboarding provides you with higher accelerations and sharp turning ability. With these longboards, you might hit the highest speed of 50-65 mph.

The design of these boards is flatter. It will give you comfortable foot space so that you can secure your feet and confidently go as fast as you can.

They are commuting lower to the ground with better control and stability. There is no tail with these boards, and they can be used as a vehicle of transportation.

Cruiser or Mini Cruiser

Are you still wondering about is the best longboard for cruising?

I have also added this type of longboard to answer this question to my list.

Cruisers are generally available in two different dimensions. Smaller boards are termed mini cruisers, and classic length shape is called cruisers. Perfect choice cruiser boards are around 35 to 40 inches in length. These forms of boards are available with a pintail.

You will see bigger wheels for cruiser boards to utilize as transportation. The higher wheelbase is, of course, for stable rides.

It is the cheapest form of longboards and is ideal for performing fancy tricks and cruising in streets like a pro.

Pintail or Fishtail

As the name suggests, you can easily recognize the difference between pintail and fishtail. Pintail longboards are the most classic form of surfing and ideal for any mode of long transportations.

You may sacrifice the feature of flexibility here, but this type of longboard gives you a secure and stable riding experience. These boards will never dangle out even on rocking terrains.  

Drop-Through or Drop-Down

If your streets are cracked and the roads of your town contain rocking hurdles, you must go for drop-through longboard options. It gives your most stable rides on all types of terrains.

Drop-down and drop-through decks are almost similar in nature. Pushing is extremely easy here, too, because these boards are lower to the ground. The lower nose provides greater stability to all types of riders.

Freestyle Riders

This discipline of longboarding gives freeriding experience to its skaters. They are great for curving on sharp corners but are less responsive flex.

The wheels of freestyle riding longboards contain better grip and sliding power. You can cruise through the streets or downhills without worrying about the conditions of roads.

Pro Tip for Skaters

Never think about the expensiveness or lifespan of your favorite longboard!

It is necessary to discuss this most important aspect of longboarding. Many longboard brands offer top quality longboards, but they may not suit your skating fantasies and skills. The best longboard for the money also doesn’t matter here.

The most important thing to consider here is that the skating style and ability should be well-matched with these types of longboards. Just remember this point, and you have the freedom of choosing any longboard brand.

The Bottom Line

I tried to provide you with a complete guide about purchasing the best type of longboard brand based on some key elements.

If you are again asking me what kind of longboard I should get, then I say that there are as many types of longboards as fish in the oceans. Just go through the two important sections again and select the best longboarding options that suit your favorite style.

This short and interesting article provides you a detailed discussion on these longboard types according to your needs. This will ease your decision of picking the right longboard for yourself. It’s time to choose an ideal longboard according to your skating style and ability level.

Enjoy Skating!