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Cool 70s Roller Skating Outfit for Beginners and Pros

70s roller skating outfit

Are you worried about your outfit during rollerskating? Or are you searching for an outfit that will make you cool during skating? Then you are at the right place; I will tell you a cool 70s roller skating outfit.

No matter whether you are a beginner or a pro at roller skating. This article will give you detailed information about roller skating outfits.

Many people love to wear 70s-style outfits that will help them to look cool and amazing. However, you can easily wear such types of dresses. But most people will not wear old-fashioned dresses.

Furthermore, this article is for those people who love to wear 70s outfits and love to look like the previous generation. If you are one of them, you should stick to the post until the end.

Roller Skating Outfit for Beginners and Pros

There are many outfits that match your personality. Most people prefer to wear cloth just like 70’s people. However, you can easily select what you want to wear. Moreover, we are going to disclose many outfits to you.

1. Vintage Denim with a T-shirt:

If you are interested in dancing during roller skating, wear Vintage Denim with a T-shirt. However, you can get roller skate easily and dance in it. You will not worry about this athletic wear and will surely enjoy this dress. You will appear unique and beautiful after wearing this dress.

Vintage Denim with a T-shirt for roller skating

2. Short Unitard:

As you know, a unitard is also known as a body suit or perfect for roller skating. These come with stretchable stuff and allow you to perform any trick.

Short Unitard for roller skating

So, after purchasing this, you will be able to learn new tricks and hacks. Don’t worry about how you can stretch in these amazing products. Furthermore, you will enjoy roller skating if you purchase it.

3. Frankie Flare:

As described above that this article described the fashion in the 70s. Frankie Flare is the old fashion of the 70s century, and people love to wear this.

However, this fashion will be amazing when you wear it now. The flare comes with extra length at the bottom. So, your trouser looks decent when you wear them.

Frankie Flare for roller skating

If you don’t like the above-mentioned outfits, then you should give readers the upcoming suits. Keep calm; we are moving to the next one.

4. The 70s Pop-up Costume:

As the name shows, the suit’s look will include a halter-top and bell bottom. This will give you a unique identity as a 70s pop star. However, you can easily perform any skating hack after wearing this suit.

The 70s Pop-up Costume for roller skating

Most of us worried about how one could practice after wearing bell bottoms. You don’t need to worry about performing tricks. Just wear this costume and perform any type of skating hack in it. You will be comfortable after wearing this.

5. Bell-bottom with Vintage T-shirt:

Bring a bell bottom to your home if you have a t-shirt and are worried about what you should wear with this. It will be more amazing and give you a 70s look, and you will look amazing after wearing it. But don’t forget to wear a men’s button-up.

Bell-bottom with Vintage T-shirt for roller skating

You will look stunning and cute in this outfit. Furthermore, you can skate well in this outfit. So, stop worrying about skating outfits. All you need to do is stick with this article because many amazing things are coming.

6. Hammies Short:

You may think of wearing various outfits during skating but can’t find them. But I will share hammies short, which is quite flexible and amazing for your skating journey. However, this short is similar to the 70s century.

Hammies Short for roller skating

Furthermore, it comes in various colors, and you won’t be able to choose because every color is captivating and eye-catchy. You can easily wear them when you go outside.

7. Pocket Denim Overshirt:

Have you ever heard of wearing a pocket denim overshirt? If not, then you don’t have to worry about this. This amazing outfit will look like 70s style if you are crazy about wearing such kind of dress. So, you should go for it. Its aesthetic look will give you an amazing change in your personality.

Pocket Denim Overshirt for roller skating

However, you will look unique and amazing. You can wear pocket denim and shorts with this outfit. It’s up to you whether you are in love with shorts or with bell-bottom. Both will look amazing.

8. Tall Bell Flare Jeans:

If you are tall and didn’t get any outfit for your roller skating journey, you should try tall bell flare jeans. However, you can easily wear a top or t-shirt with this outfit. Furthermore, it will give you an inventive look whenever you wear it.

Tall Bell Flare Jeans for roller skating

These groovy pants will give a great impact on your personality. So, you have to bring these pants into your wardrobe without delaying it so much.

9. Printed Flare Jeans with Shirt:

In the past, people loved to wear printed jeans that looked unique at that time if you were willing to look like those 70s people. You will prefer to wear printed flare jeans with a shirt (whether a shirt or T-shirt). It depends on you.

Printed Flare Jeans with Shirt for roller skating

10. Ringer Tees with Halter Neck:

Last but not the least, this product comes with amazing style. You can wear ringer tees having a halter neck. It will look unique and amazing for your to wear.

Ringer Tees with Halter Neck for roller skating

However, you can easily look amazing. Furthermore, you can add more amazing things to your outfit. This will look amazing and great for your skating journey.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Wear a 70s Roller Disco Outfit?

In the 70s, people loved to wear shorts with high-knee socks. However, they also prefer to wear bell-bottom. It also includes a crop top with vintage color.

Furthermore, many things relevant to the 70s are quite interesting and amazing. People will love the outfit that sparkle and get a more charming attraction.

What Can You Wear to a Roller Skating Party?

Sometimes, we have to go to roller skating parties and think about what we should wear in this. However, you can wear shorts, athletic pants, and sports suits. It depends on your choice, what you want to wear and how you can manage them.

Before getting an outfit, remember that the suit should be comfortable for you. Otherwise, you will not be at ease when you are skating.

Was Roller Skating Popular in the 70s?

Yes, roller skating was popular in 1930, 1950, and 1970s in the united state of America. However, it is still popular, but roller music was so popular in the 1970s. Furthermore, in the 1990s, inline skating became more popular than other skating techniques.

Can You Wear Leggings During Skating?

You can wear shorts and bell bottoms during your skating. However, you can also wear leggings under your skirt. It will protect you from outer injury. Bring athletic legging that is quite soft and amazing for skating purpose.


Roller skating is quite an amazing and interesting game. However, you can wear what is comfortable for you. If you want to look like a 70s person, give it try to the list above. Furthermore, you can wear soft and easy-to-wear dresses.

I have mentioned all the required information regarding the outfit you may need to look like a 70s person. However, if you need further details, you can ask us in the comment section. Our team will get in touch with you.

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