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05 Useful Tips To Avoid Longboard Accidents

05 Useful Tips To Avoid Longboard Accidents

Riding a longboard is not only a fast way of traveling but also might unwind your mind from all the daily chaos and stress. However, before even trying, it is vital for you to ensure to take the right steps in order not to end up bloody. Also you can check the best 05 Useful Tips To Avoid Longboard Accidents.

The reason is riding a longboard can be quite dangerous sometimes. I have known many people who have to stop riding the longboard since they get injured and scared, even though they used to fancy this sport.

I possess a longboard and often spend time with my friends riding it after work in the afternoon. So I might say that I have enough experience and knowledge to share with you some small but vital 05 Useful Tips To Avoid Longboard Accidents to avoid yourself suffering when you enjoy your fun time .

05 Useful Tips To Avoid Longboard Accidents

Apart from the proper safety gear, you must consider other essential techniques so as not to hurt yourself while longboarding. Following this short post of 05 useful tips to avoid longboard accidents till the end, I am sure you will learn some indispensable tricks for your own safety.

Essential accessories

This is simple. To take care of yourself and your longboard does not require many materials. You only need appropriate gear, good pairs of knee and elbow pads, and a pair of gloves.

Moreover, you definitely need a properly fitting and buckled helmet to protect your head from beating against the wall, the ground, or some similar tough objects. Apart from being physically well-prepared, you might need some common senses and a lot of self-responsibility.

1 – Wear the protective gears

The first and foremost tip is to carefully wear the protective gear. This is not to mention, your gear will bring you physically safe and mentally secure. In the worst case that you fall down your longboard, the gears will definitely save you from serious accidents. Among all the gears, wearing a helmet is the most important step for me.

This is quite obvious! If you unexpectedly fall, you might not be able to reflex quickly to avoid your head hitting possibly compact or sharp objects. The helmet will perfectly protect your head. Therefore, make sure to wear a qualified one before playing with your longboard.

The knee and elbow are normally more sensitive than other parts of the body, so using the safety pads is also necessary. They can serve as little shields, preventing you from getting scratches or minor harm if you fall. Moreover, if you slide and drift, you should prepare good pairs of gloves. Especially when you go with the high speed, those will protect your fingers.

2 – Take good care of your longboard

Even though other additional protectors are necessary, your longboard, on the other hand, is the main component. It is obvious that if you do not have a proper one, or if it is not in a good shape, it can lead to unwanted accidents. Therefore, you must check your longboard before using it. The first step is to examine the wheels to ensure their proper rotation, good structure, and smooth operation. More importantly, you should take care of your longboard on a regular basis to ensure its proper functions. There are plenty of do-it-for-me skateboard shops where you can have your longboard done. Otherwise, if you are not comfortable giving your longboard to other people, you can do it yourself at home by searching for tutorials on the Internet and following them.

3 – Do not ride when you are not sober

Similar to driving any other vehicle like a car, motorbike, or even bike cycle; riding a longboard while having the influence of alcohol or drugs will undoubtedly increase your chances of causing incidents. Therefore, make sure that you are in a good mental stage when deciding to ride a longboard, especially at high speeds.

4 – Ride it in proper places

This tip is also important. You should not ride a longboard on sidewalks, instead; choose the parking lot or an empty street. It is even illegal in some states to ride a longboard on the pavements where there are a lot of people. On the other hand, in such crowded places with plenty of traffics, people, it is obsoletely harder to drift and enjoy the speedy movements. The chance of getting yourself hurt also rises because of the inconvenient surroundings.

That is not to mention, you might harm others if you run into children or little dogs. Therefore, I rather enjoy riding my longboard in a spacy and airy place such are in the parking spots than squeeze in the crowd.

 5 – Do not wear headphones

Last but not least, do not listen to music while riding. I know it sounds quite painful for someone who is so into music. Listening to your favorite song while drifting freely will definitely be more enjoyable.

However, wearing headphones is considered a danger since you can not well notice what is going around. The loud sound from the songs might also distract you from riding, and therefore, lead to potential incidents. So, please remember not to bring your headphones along unless you do not care about getting yourself hurt.

In a nutshell, when talking about this subject, there are still a lot more things to be taken into account, but so far all these listed tips are essential. I write it from my own experience so I hope that you can get some helpful inputs. Above all, the most safety preparation is your own responsibility and self-discipline!

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